(@khackett Birthday Special One Day Challenge) My Entry to @khackett Birthday Bonus Random Challenge!

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Hey Steemians, guess what up? Well, if you had read the title you already know what's up! but for those of you whom like to read the same line twice!; Today is @khackett birthday and being as awesome as she is, she wants to share some of her happiness with Steemit and so, she has posted in her blog a special one day challenge.

Birthday Bonus Random Challenge! by @khackett

Here is the Challenge in her words:

Here's what we're gonna do: Take these words from my magnetic poetry kit...

Image in her post go there
(and wish her a happy birthday too)

Arrange as many or as few as you like together to form a sentence, sentences or a story. You may reuse any word as many times as you'd like. It doesn't even have to make sense. Sometimes they turn out pretty funny...

Se we are going to arrange a certain group words to form a sentence, sentences or even a history. Without further delay this is my entry:

A toast, for cool dead human zombie, a cool prophesy zombie that screwed with internet hell, drive a meteor destruction, downfall of ammo, make us look cool, it was plenty dead, plenty zombie, plenty human, plenty cool.

Haha, ok at first I wanted to write a long cool history, but I was always missing so much words, you don't how much you can miss the word "and" and the word "the" haha, so i choose the next best thing, to write the coolest sentence i could think of, and nothing is more cool than a cool dead human zombie, you can come out with the history if you try, overall I had fun with this flash challenge.

Thanks @khackett it was a fun challenge and,

I wish you a Happy Birthday

Thank you for reading thus far, you can go ahead and give it an up-vote if you like it, it helps me a lot and I can keep creating new content for Steem.

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Haha. So cool! Love it! 😊


Glad you like it : D