Adventures Around Acapulco: Motorcycle View Shots

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With the arrival of new people in town every week or so we find ourselves house hunting for others quite a bit a recently we went took some pictures while on the motorcycle with our D3300 (Lily took the photos while John drove). We were taking advantage of a trip across town we already needed to make. These photos are of the outtakes so to speak, not of the phone numbers from rental signs we took to share with our friends.

We've stayed here before and I know some anarchists are interested in this place. It's in Coasta Azul and is generally less than 35 dollars a night, making a good option for people interested in coming to the fork.

This lot looked terrible when we moved here and has since been cleaned up to just look like this, which is full of wildlife.

These aren't the best photos but this and the next few are of a building that was recently for sale (seems to have sold) that we really liked. Seems like an old hotel across from Villa Vera.

This is a below shot of an old iconic hotel I'm a little obsessed with. It's the Panoramic and it's currently owned by Carlos Slim. It's my Pie in the Sky building that I'd love to own.

A little of thick Acapulco traffic.

You can find view spots all over the city, including the end of residential streets.

I found both the color and style of this vehicle appealing.

And I couldn't help but get a vibram on footpeg while driving shot.

These walk the Coastera with horses at night, but they're parked on this street and in a few other small spots around the city when they aren't being used.

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The Coastera photos are very interesting. Good catch.

I love this city :)

It seems that you have a very enjoyable and productive ride... Congrats!

Always interested in seeing your Acapulco pics. Looks like an interesting ride through town. :)

Great post, nice photos! Greetings from the other side of Mexico (the Caribbean Coast) ;) Hopefully I will visit Acapulco too.

Greetings! I love Acapulco but admittedly haven't been to where you are.

I can only recommend this area, the sea is amazing and there are many impressive Mayan monuments here. You should come to see for yourself :) I will publish some posts about Mexico too ;)

So... the black stuff on the walls of the hotel near Villa Vera. Are we looking at mold there? There are some architecturally attractive buildings in town that seem to suffer the same problem.

Yep, moist as hell. They replace the maintained buildings with the same white paint they paint the trees with which actually is a fungicide.

it's some amazing photos. Your photographing trip seems so fun @lily-da-vine

Looks like someone's having a blast! Enjoy. :)

beautiful photography, special these clean and green views are amazing

Amazing post really nice.....I like it.thx for share😍