Adventures Around Acapulco: Acapulco Oaxaca Market Returns Part 2

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As promised I've got more pictures of the Oaxaca market that was on the Coastera a few nights ago. This was here last year and moved every few days throughout the city. At this point it's likely moved. This photo features some mole.

It's a delicacy of I haven't quite gotten on board with. I've got a hard enough time handling chile without the chocolate.

Oaxaca on average has larger tortillas available than Guerrero. Tortilla size does vary greatly across Mexico from very tiny to very large.

Snack of fried peanuts and garlic.

Yup, those are fried bugs. No I didn't try or buy them.

There's a restaurants featuring popular dishes in Oaxaca. Having been through the state of Oaxaca at this point I can say the spread is pretty accurate for the style of dishes you get.

Ice creams, many made with super tropical flavors or even chile.

Cute little jewelery.

Lots of flashy jewelery, stuff that was cool but not my style.

I purchased from this stand what is very likely my new favorite hair piece. Its a headband that fans out to act as a bandana too and fits perfectly around my dreads. If I come across this market again or anything like those I'm seriously buying at least three more.

Stay tuned, there's one more post to come.

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I once read a story that happened somewhere in Thailand, a Russian asked the seller of fried bugs: 'do you really eat them?' The seller said: 'no, we eat meat. Beetles are for tourists' xD

Only I totally see locals eating these...more often when they're of Oaxacan descent

oh, ok) i guess the seller from my story was just joking :)

Nice post. U also see my blogs and upvote my post and follow me if u want.

Did sounds like a pretty fun market to visit, keep on!