Source of the emerald River / Quelle des smaragdgrünen Flusses

Maybe someone remembers my postings from the emerald river Soča in the Triglav National Park in Slovenia.

Vielleicht kann sich noch jemand an meine Postings vom smaragdgrünen Fluss Soča im Triglav Nationalpark in Slowenien erinnern.

Source of the emerald River / Quelle des smaragdgrünen Flusses

This morning I hiked the last part of the Soča Trail from a parking lot beside the road to Trenta to the source of the Soča River (Izvir Soče). The walking time was not too long at about one hour and most of the trail was in the forest above the river.
However, it was already relatively warm at 7 o'clock in the morning, and after I've been photographing at the river for over an hour before the little hike, I've also had a good sweat.

Heute morgen bin ich das letzte Stück des Soča Trails von einem Parkplatz an der Straße nach Trenta bis zur Quelle der Soča (Izvir Soče) gewandert. Die Gehzeit war mit etwa einer Stunde nicht übermäßig lang und die Strecke verlief großteils im Wald oberhalb des Flusses.
Jedoch war es um 7 Uhr morgens bereits relativ warm, und nachdem ich vor der kleinen Wanderung bereits über eine Stunde lang am Fluss fotografiert habe, bin ich auch etwas ins Schwitzen gekommen.

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Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

Info: You can also turn from the road over the Vršič pass to the small valley at turn 49, drive to the inn "Koča pri Izviru Soče" and park. From there it is only about 15 to 20 minutes to the source. Pass the inn on the left and then walk along the path in the forest. Entrance is free.

Zur Info: Man kann auch an der Kurve 49 von der Straße über den Vršičpass in das kleine Tal abbiegen, bis zu dem Gasthaus "Koča pri Izviru Soče" fahren und parken. Von dort sind es nur noch etwa 15 bis 20 Minuten bis zur Quelle. Man geht links am Gasthaus vorbei und dann im Wald den Weg entlang. Der Eintritt ist kostenlos.

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Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

The last part of the way leads a short via ferrata over the rocks, and there is a steel rope stretched, on which one can hold on. However, you should wear good shoes, be sure-footed and careful. I would not take smaller children with me. The source of the Soča is just behind the rock.

Das letzte Stück des Weges führt ein kurzer Klettersteig über die Felsen, und es ist ein Stahlseil gespannt, an welchem man sich festhalten kann. Man sollte jedoch gute Schuhe anhaben, trittsicher und vorsichtig sein. Kleinere Kinder würde ich nicht mitnehmen. Die Quelle der Soča ist gleich hinter dem Felsen.

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Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

The water of the Soča comes from a cave in the mountain and collects crystal clear and greenish iridescent in a basin, before making its way as small river over the rocks down to the valley.

Das Wasser der Soča kommt aus einer Höhle im Berg und sammelt sich kristallklar und grünlich schillernd in einem Sammelbecken, bevor es sich als zuerst kleiner Fluss über die Felsen auf den Weg ins Tal macht.

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Canon EOS R | RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

From the source I had between the narrow cliffs a beautiful view of the valley, which was already brightly lit by the sun.
Of course you also have a nice view on the way. Here you can see the mountain Bavški Grintavec (2347m) at the end of the valley.

Von der Quelle hatte ich zwischen den engen Felswänden eine schöne Aussicht auf das Tal, das bereits von der Sonne hell erleuchtet war.
Natürlich hat man auch eine schöne Aussicht auf dem Weg. Hier kann man am Ende des Tales den Berg Bavški Grintavec (2347m) sehen.

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Canon EOS R | EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM


Locations / Standorte Google Maps:
Soča Source / Soča Quelle Gasthaus "Koča pri Izviru Soče"
Soča River / Isonzo (Wikipedia)
Soča Trail
Bavški Grintavec
Soča Fluss / Isonzo (Wikipedia)
Soča Trail
Bavški Grintavec

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have a nice evening,
Johann Piber

Photos and Text: Johann Piber
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Thank you so much @pixresteemer, I always appreciate your resteeming :)

Great scenery shots @johannpiber, love your shots with wild mountain streams that look like blankets between rocks. But these or no macro shots and I haven't sad anything ;)

Sometimes there has to be some variety, but tomorrow morning I want to do some macros again, until you say something ;) ... thank you so much @tijntje :)

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Wow, thank you so much for choosing my post of my short trip to the Soča Valley. I really appreciate your support very much 😀

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It looked like a lovely place. Thank you for using our #travelfeed tag!

Such beautiful views over the rocks, what amazing scenery and how cool to trace a river to its source

Good morning and thank you JJ 😀
I was there and thought I could try it, found the right path and then I was there, early enough to be alone, because on the way back I met the first tourists 😎

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Thast greta timing getting in and out before the tourists and it getting crowded,
I am not sure if its just me but in a spot like this the tranquility and beauty is kind of spiled when there are noisy tourists chatting away

Yes, especially on such places I like to be alone, don't need any (noisy) people around to enjoy 😎

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Me too, when taking photo I am very Antisocial I must admit ;)


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Thank you @steemitboard 😁
I would love to photograph the Rocky Mountains - all I need is time and money 😊

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Wirklich schöne Fotos !! .. da würde ich auch gerne einmal entlang spazieren ^^

Danke dir, es ist dort auch wirklich schön im gesamten Triglav Nationalpark. Mir fehlt leider die Zeit, um längere Touren in und auf die Berge zu machen.

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Amazing scenery of the mountains and the source of the emerald river! The water looks clear, clean and refreshing. Great trip! ;)

The water doesn't only look that way, it is just like you say 😄
Thank you so much for this nice comment @tangmo 👍

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It's comes out right there, out of the mountain? That's fantastic! The water is so beautiful. :)

Yes, the crystal clear water rises in the mountain and first gathers there in the basin before it plunges down the mountain ... thank you very much Ross :)

It is so very different from other sources of streams and rivers, which I have seen before - great, as you say 😄

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I'm trying to remember if i've ever seen the source of a river... I don't thing i have. I have seen a few springs. I guess that is close.

I haven't seen many either, but a few, and these were really nothing against this one. They were just water, coming out from the ground or so - just like a spring.

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Its really awesome river over the rocks down to the valley photography.

Thank you very much @kamrunnahar, it was really awesome to watch the clear water coming from the mountain and then falling down the rocks.

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Thank you very much, @treeplanter 😊

Amazing sir johannpiber! I love that beginning of the river. I bet that water is delicious!

Thank you so much, @janton, I didn't drink the water, but you can drink it, of course. It has been filtered and cleaned by a whole mountain 😆

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lol..yes, at the source out of the mountain it has to be the best and cleanest water anywhere! I'm surprised that you can go all the way to the source of the whole river, that's amazing.

They have even made a path for the tourists, and there are a lot of them, visiting the source every day, but not early enough for me, because I was there alone :)))

I can see why sir johannpiber, those tourists don't get up and hike before daylight!

Right, and I don't mind to be alone, and don't have to share the best time of the day - a calm and peaceful morning in the mountains :)

Howdy again sir johannpiber! Well, some of us should stay away from the public view anyway. lol.

This would be me then, I don't like the public, and the public does not like me :)

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