Exotics at Redmond Town Center (07.28.18)

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Would you like to see a few pictures from yesterday's trip to the car show at Redmond Town Center?

Exotics at Redmond Town Center is a car show that takes place every Saturday in Redmond, Washington (USA). These meetings are great because Redmond is the home of Microsoft (several wealthy car owners), and the event is completely free! You can find additional information on their official website.


This week's event was a bit slow due to a chance of rain, however a McLaren 720S still made an appearance.


In my humble opinion, McLaren understands how to design the interior of a supercar. Elegant simplicity.


It could use some new wheels ;)


I would LOVE to get behind the wheel of a Jeep Trackhawk.


The Trackhawk is equipped with the same engine used in a Dodge Hellcat. That means 707 horsepower, 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of around 180 MPH.


While I certainly wouldn't shell out $86,000+ for a Trackhawk, I wouldn't mind driving a new Jeep Cherokee.


Here we have a Ferrari 308 GTS.


It's always nice to see an exotic car with some mileage on it. Cars are meant to be driven!


The owner was nice enough to let me take a picture of the engine.


This might be one of the last Ferrari's that still utilized carburetors.


This little guy was easily the highlight of the show :)


I hope you enjoyed the pictures from this week's show! You can view posts from previous events below:


Thanks for reading!

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uhh those cars

Which car is yours? ;) lol


An older SUV - not pictured XD


I like SUV. Can you share pic of your SUV?

That little dog has some nice wheels!



wow amazing beauties

I never heard about Redmond town centre, but this post help me know about Redmond town center.
I'm googling about this event. And Red Ferrari 308 GTS attract my attention.
My favourite cars are "Ferrari" and "Bugatti". So would you like to tell me that there was any Bugatti for the show or not??? And IF yes then can you share the real picture of that "BUGATTI".

And I got this picture from the official website.

this is really a best event for Car Show.

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I wanted a Chiron but the cost is a "bit" high. lol Plus the oil changes are probably super expensive. It can cast $20,000 to change the oil on a Veyron.


It's luxury car. we can compare Chiron with private jet. So it doesn't matter about maintenance.
Only few lucky person on the earth having own Bugatti.. luxury never matters money..

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Yes, that's it. Sometimes they even fill the inner courtyard of the shopping center with cars. Next week is a British themed day and there will be even more cars.


I would like to be happy if you try to capture a picture of Bugatti and share with me on my Facebook or what's app.
I'm googling about this.

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Unfortunately, no Bugatti. I would love to see a Veyron or Chiron in person.


Yeah, that is British car day on Saturday, so Aston Martin will be in focus..
Latest Aston Martin models will be for display..

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Beautiful cars, really liked the wheels the little jack russel had, nice ride. : )


Yeah, it was pretty sweet seeing him interact with the other dogs there.

Sir, I did not really understand what was done using the dog here. If you were to explain!


The dog was hit by a car. He had one leg amputated and the other doesn't function well. The wheels are to help him move around on his own.


I was curious to know when I saw the dog too. Your explanation is appreciated.

@jo3potato I'm falling in love, that McLaren!!! O_O


Yes, they look so good.

Considering this is a weekly meet, you get to see some out there cars, especially the Hellcat powered Jeep, wonder how that compares to the Viper powered Ram, be interesting to see.

Great to see some classics too, especially naturally aspirated cars, there quite a rare sight at todays meets and shows unless it's a classic.

thank you for sharing


Ohhh...Dodge Ram SRT-10. I haven't seen one of those, yet.


Me neither, there are a few Dodge Rams around not seen an SRT though.

I admit that those cars look great. You were a participant or just went to observe?


Just an observer :)

excelent post!. love u the new jeep trackhawk, is really perfect.


I agree!

I not like this car because i have BMW car


Nice, which model BMW?


2017 model plz vote me and support me bro

wow this are really smooth rides


I agree!


Yes, very super.

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Thanks for sharing .........nice pics by the way.




I agree!

I wish you will touch your dream. Please Votes my post & best of luck

That's was Looking Like very awesome and my favourite experience


Yes, it is a nice thing to attend in the summer.

wow what a car.
this is not only car this is hahacar.
amazing cars.
i like all

Sir this is the role model in world.So innovation.

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I love the car show! Really love the color and rims!

Your post is always good...........You will continue to have such a good post
steemit is a platform where everyone works together and achieves success

its dream car to have it , i will own this car one day for sure , what say ????, will you come for long drive in this car ?????/, pictures are good and looking amazing , thank you for moving me away from my chair ,

upvote my comments and reply

lovely collection thankyou for sharing

I love super Car.

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Ughh! Nice cars! Hope someday I'll drive some exotic cars.

This whips are bloody, gonna have mine soon..lol. I just don't know how McLaren always get me crazy when ever I see one.

wasn't there a Lamborghini?
anyway, those cars are good too, especially that unique Ferrari :)

I love it

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I love McLaren's exterior styling but not so much the interior. But I understand your point about a supercars interior being simple.

Wow,,,Amazing, good cars, in rare countries very rarely use this car, especially in Aceh province.

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These are beautiful machines😘. Thanks for sharing



Great photo, love the background


What did you love about the background?



Nice car ....and cool

those cars are soo cool!

uhh those cars

Wow..... In love with those cars.... The dog is also sweet

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