Exotics at Redmond Town Center (07.14.18)

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Would you like to see a few pictures from yesterday's trip to the car show at Redmond Town Center?

Exotics at Redmond Town Center is a car show that takes place every Saturday in Redmond, Washington (USA). These meetings are great because Redmond is the home of Microsoft (several wealthy car owners), and the event is completely free! You can find additional information on their official website.


The featured car this week was the Porsche 918 Spyder. This is the first 918 I have seen in person, and it is quite a bit bigger from the standard 911 coupe.


Costing a cool $845,000 USD, the electric motor and gas powered engine work in combination to produce 887 horsepower.


The top pipe exhaust design provides weight reduction, improved aerodynamics and increased theatrics.


This is definitely not your average hybrid.


If you are looking for more bang for your buck, the Dodge Demon may give you the most power for your money.


My brother-in-law has an SRT Challenger, and the interior is surprisingly comfortable for one of the last remaining modern muscle cars.


Roughly $85,000 USD will get you 840 horsepower, 0-60 in 2.3 seconds and a 9.6 second quarter-mile time. Quite the bargain when compared to most other supercars.


The engraved demon is a nice touch!


Next week is an Italian themed car day. Hopefully we get to see a few classics.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures from this week's event. You can view posts from previous events below:


Thanks for reading!

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Looks like a rad event! Are you familiar with cars and coffee in Portland? It’s something you’d probably find interest in.


No, I will need to look into that. My friends and I typically get crepes at this French bakery after the event. We are "Not Comedians Looking at Cars Getting Crepes" :D


I'm not one to post on other peoples pages to tell them to check my stuff out but I feel like you would appreciate this.

thank you for sharing just upvoted your post



Cars will be always a great theme and this kind of shows are the best, I'm sure you have a really great time there. Thanks for share, great pics!




Я с вами очень согласна!

Beautiful photo! I really liked it. Please visit my blog and do not forget to vote.
Thank you.
Красивое фото! Мне очень понравилось. Пожалуйста, посетите мой блог и не забудьте проголосовать. Спасибо.



how amazing must be the experience , there is an auto expo nearby my area, i visit there every year


Nice! Do you have a favorite car that you've seen at the expo?

Why does this never happen when I go tubing...

This is the best car ahows ever


Yeah, it's pretty good!

Fantastic work with this one, kudos



A pretty good money for a luxurious car .. Only few are lucky to have it


Yes, probably not worth the trouble!

waoooo amaizing card saludos desde venezuela papi



Bro I would love to own this car , it’s looking amazing and beautifully designed


Yes, it is very nice.

car shows rule.


I agree!

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Not qualifed ... :(

pls upvote to uplift my mood. :)

I love Porsche!


Yes, I want a 911 Turbo!


Yes, Washington State.

very interesting


Yes, very!

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