Exotics at Redmond Town Center (06.16.18)

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Would you like to see a few pictures from my Saturday trip to the car show at Redmond Town Center?

Exotics at Redmond Town Center is a car show that takes place every Saturday in Redmond, Washington (USA). These meetings are great because Redmond is the home of Microsoft (several wealthy car owners), and the event is completely free!

This weeks car of the show easily went to the LaFerrari!


The LaFerrari is Ferarri's hyper car which retails for $1,000,000 USD. Ferrari is notorious for being extremely selective over who can purchase their limited production cars. You don't choose a Ferrari, Ferrari chooses you!



One of my favorite cars, currently in production, is the BMW i8.


The i8 is quite the head turner because it looks like a concept car.



As far as classic cars go, someone brought a really well kept Mercedes SL.


I would definitely rather drive an older, classic Mercedes than one of their newer cars!


One of my favorite Japanese cars is the first generation Acura NSX


In 2006, you could buy a used one for around $20,000 USD. This one is being sold for over $100,000!



I hope you enjoyed the pictures from this Saturday's event. I will try to post pictures from the upcoming meets as well.

Thanks for reading!

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Excellent choices to post, thank you. I agree the BMW i8 is very stylish. Ferrari still hasn't picked me yet. I just visited a car show yesterday and posted some shots ifbyou want to check out my blog at @rawruss. Not as many zeros in the values, but nice vehichles none the less. Cheers.


Nice, thanks for sharing your blog!

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Wow! That classic Mercedes looks awesome!!


Yeah! The classic mercs are awesome!

Really great shots @jo3potato!

We love going to the weekly car meets in our area. The bar in California is set so high. I've often seen more than one LaFerrari at a show. Most recently we saw two Agera R's!


Thanks! Yes, it's crazy the cars you see on the roads in the more affluent areas. I have been to a few car expos, and the cars at this casual meetup are much more impressive.

Great pics! I just moved to the PNW from Orlando, FL, and these types of cars is something that is rarely seen out here, as compared to Florida. Where I am from we would also host car races for exotics. I went to one in Ocala, FL called WannaGOFAST 1/2 mile shootout. They host it at a private airport runway, and it is amazing to watch the lambos, what a rush! I hope you enjoyed.


That's awesome! I still have yet to go to a track day. I have a few friends that have modded muscle cars, so hopefully we can plan a trip soon.



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