Reality Check: The Camera Roll

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I just became one of those middle aged people on Facebook who unload their whole camera roll for everyone to see, but bear with me, there is a purpose to this!

When I show you a series of self portraits, it's usually 5-10 pictures per set, and I get comments like "Every picture of you is perfect!", well duh, because I only choose the best ones out of the bunch. Today I wanted to share you a true full set of pictures, unedited, unfiltered and nothing removed yet. As you can see, it's a lot of tossing and turning and I have quite a lot of fun with my camera.

Enjoy my awkward poses, resting bitch faces and the snack break!

This is where I start the process of picking and choosing which pictures go to editing, and usually some get left out in there too and don't make it to the final post. I'll probably have the pictures from this set up tomorrow, let me know if there is a favourite you'd like to see ;)

I hope you have a good laugh while looking at these and let me know if you wish to see a set like this again.

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I love! It is beautiful.

Very nice, these are background wallpaper nice. :)

You buy votes for your comments!? That is truly pathetic. If you want to earn something on Steemit, post interesting content. This shit will not get you anywhere.

And kind of disrespectful to your post.. Fortunately for you, you're fucking awesome, so don't be perturbed by bs such as this.

No need to be so aggressive. Cut the guy some slack! Maybe he just wanted you to see his comment so he bought a vote to raise it to the top. I don't think his intent was to make money plus it's incredibly dumb to buy votes for your comments, so no need to be too harsh on him without knowing his TRUE intent. He of course could be desperate which then yeah it's pathetic, but I don't think that is the case. Hope you get my point :)

I did my research and saw that he bought votes for most of the comments he made, so, my statement stands.

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Made my week, the best camera roll ever <3

Mietihän sitä. Oot vaan niin... Niin.

Tässä unille menossa ja pulssi on ihan lepoalueella x) Nyt. Mutta älä viitti olla tommonen kuumio ^^

No, made my month. No, year.

You look like a monkey with that banana... haha just kidding.. There is so much to look at in this post, I love it!

Great idea to post all the pics. I think in addition to what you said, it could actually be an artistic piece just as you laid them out here because it tells a whole story. I LOVED it. I'm a bit familiar with the process you mentioned because I also take a lot of pictures of my models, to choose one (or more) as a reference to create one of my drawings, paintings, or sculptures.
Carry on and please keep sharing!

Thank you very much! I think you might be the first person ever to say that I’m adorable 😁

I really like sharing what happens behind the scenes, so that people see that I’m a real person and I really do this all by myself.

Hell yeah, you really know how to steem things up!
Might have to start putting on a strip show myself and see what steem thinks lol

Well, you did say you'd start to share a little more about yourself, right? :D

lol I love seeing these 'Reality Check" posts... I like when people can admit to being real.
This set looks awesome (as usual) but I love it also shows that no set is perfect. There are going to be awkward poses, or missed shots, or what have you, especially when you're doing all the work yourself!
I'm very interested to see which ones you will feel have made the cut/get featured in their own post.

Thank you so much, I'm glad to hear you like me sharing all of this :) This set was actually pretty good, even I think so, but I definitely have to share more of these, maybe from some sessions where I'm really struggling to get everything right.

Just need a few hundred more of these and you could make a calendar - an Eve for every day!

I think I have material for years worth of calendars!

impressed & terrific!

you are too cocky, my comment is never upvote

With shots like that you are most certainly forgiven ;)

Thank you, I feel blessed now😇

where is full video? ......:) nice thought to see this post deeply.. i seen it 2 time to understand it .

Very nice, these are background wallpaper nice. :)

I think I'll upvote, this is kinda brave..


consequently,the sexier the better. blew my mind, photography level-awesommee..

Great work there, love it! Going down thru photos gives some kind of clear script, nicely composed!

Pretttyyy & sexy 😊

I am a fan of puzzles. so yes
Most important question so far: It is a real hair and not a wig right? :P

Omg, why would you ever think it is a wig? 😂

without testing one can never be too sure:P
also when I first asked you to do dirty truth or dare I was planning on daring you to show how seductively you can eat a banana. So I guess I have to give you a + for that one.

Gorgeous pictures.

Woww awesome thats a very beautiful naked art photography 😍😍 @eveuncovered

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Ihan jees...mut niiiin nähtyä

Raw, provocative, beautiful!

i like this. It's like breaking the 4th wall of 'self' media. not an orginal concept but still creates a meta wakefulness as an art form.

Middle aged?!?! I don't buy it.
Nice banana, btw.

First, you seem to be a talented photographer. Second, you seem unrealistically critical of yourself. Third, you are certainly an extremely beautiful woman, and while I am not judging you as a bad person in relationship to any other human being, I would submit that you would be better served from a phsychological point of view by not showing off your good bits to everyone. Finally, I really do believe you are talented, but I personally cannot take the chance of seeing your good bits as it is unhealthy for me (spiritually and physically...because, wife) :)

I gave you a final upvote, and I wish you the best! I mean that sincerely.

I'm more of a realist, I know where my strengths and weaknesses lie and I use them to my advantage, quite well I might add. In a way it's sweet that you are concerned about my mental health because I show a little nipple here and there, but you should only worry about yours. For me, flesh isn't that special, I've always felt very natural with being naked, both off and online. I feel very free when I get to choose what I share for everyone, weather it's me in a turtleneck or me naked.

Don't worry, I won't tell your wife, your secrets are safe in the blockchain forever ;)

"I show a little nipple here and there, but you should only worry about yours"

nailed it !

I do like the way you are in full control of your own image.
This may sound like a silly question but do you use a self timer or a button clicker?

I like to be in control :D

It's not a silly question, you can see me hiding a remote in quite many of my pictures :)

what excellent use of grayscale and especially the photographs

Cracking shots all pass quality control i'd say ;P 💯🐒

the resting bitch face ones are the best.

Damn I think I need more bananas

I still have a couple left!

I like your hands and breasts in 3 , your face in 4 and your ass in 21 but I'm no expert !

I love the vulnerability. Great work.

What a beautiful photo set and fantastic idea! So much candidness with the extras. So inspiring lady. I would love to see more sets like these! LOVE the banana wink!

beautiful. i appreciate true beauty

"I just became one of those middle aged people on Facebook who unload their whole camera roll for everyone to see"
I usually hate that shit but this time I enjoyed it! Maybe because of the small photos or nudity or both :P

Keep it real honey!

Oh, the lines are not perfectly aligned omfg ! :D

As my recent comment suggests, I kinda figured you must take a lot of shots to get such good ones. Good job having the dedication and eye to take so many and pick out the best.

Im a photographer and Im just in love with the simplicity of these ones, good job girl. Even if they're not edited, they're on fleek.


Thank you very much :D You've spend too much time on Instagram if you use the term "on fleek" 😂


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