Forest in Macro - Moss, Mushrooms and Fungus (11 original photos)

in photography •  last year

In the autumn forest you can see not only orange leaves, but also many other interesting things right under your feet.
Just bend over and look closer.


I love mushroom hunting and for several years I have gathered many photos of mushrooms and fungi, both useful and edible, and poisonous. Some I do not even know what they are called.
Let me share with you my findings.












Nature creates amazing things. It's only necessary to go a little further beyond the threshold and you'll see:-)

As always, only original pictures. Thank you for your time!

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Amazing shots!!!

This Is Really Original Picture @erikaflynn

Beautiful photos. I love seeing all the moss and mushrooms close up! Upvoted, resteemed, and made sure that I am following you @erikaflynn!

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