Why You Shouldn't Take The Bus and Walk and Hike Instead When Staying 8 to 10 km Away from the City Center of Grindelwald, Switzerland

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Where we stayed is 8 km away from the city. Is that a long walk? To a person who's not conditioned to even lift a finger, then .. it would be. Taking the bus to the city center would be a better option for you then.


However, if you do, then .. take the bus ...

You'd be missing out on ...


Yes, these things still exist there and for some reasons, they seem to add more character to this place.

They kind'a correct my impression of this place to be just modern everywhere and is so ahead of this modern time. Of course, that may not be the case if I were in Zurich or Interlaken.



Anyhow, I love the countryside because I grew up in it and walking on foot to the city took me back to precious pastel colored memories of going up and down clay rich and forested mountains back where I grew up .


Never in my whole life of living for so long in cities had I ever imagined that I would in this what used to be just my imagined future, (now a past) be ... re-living those moments of greens, very few and old houses that stood the test of every weather and time on the hills, very clean air ... plus an overwhelming display of nature.

There were more nature display than human encounter on the way down to the city center. Aside from the fact that those two mountains with a glacier in the middle were zoomed in for me every time I take a step closer to it, I bumped into animals and plants I rarely see in flat land.


He, was striding his best under the hot sun moving towards where the cars and buses pass by so I had to led him to the other end of the car park. I have to admit, I didn't dare touch the guy, not because he was scary but those very thin long legs look so fragile so I just blocked his way with my sneakers and made sure he gets to the other end instead.


These, I've seen them in Austria but then I suppose Stubai, Tirol is an extension of the Alps.

These, I've seen the yellow version in flat land and if you have been reading my posts since last year, I featured it in one of my bilingual posts. I never thought I'd see a white version of it here and I have to admit, they look more appealing than the yellow ones.


The most overwhelming part was seeing 10 to 20 butterflies nipping on every bush of lavenders along with bumblebees and honeybees there. I admit to gushing about it again and again even on the second and third day of seeing it. I've had days when the biggest lavender plant in my backyard gets 4 to 5 butterflies and yes, I count the honeybees all the time but 10 to 20 cabbage butterflies! There's no such thing as "decrease in insect" in Grindelwald!


I agree, I should have taken a video instead of a pic but you see, I was there to enjoy the moment, really, really experience them and not just have them on pics. I would like it that when I take a look at these pics am sharing with you now, I'd remember how much they've made me gush and send goosebumps to my skin when I've first seen them. BTW, these are not even half to what I've seen there but don't let me rob you of the chance to see it for yourself when the universe offers you a chance to.


In my whole week of staying in Switzerland, I've had too much bread for breakfast and it's not cause they don't have cereals there, unfortunately, they too, were sugared. We took with us berries from our gardens during our stay here so I still had fiber in my stomach before taking all those thigh fattening bread in for breakfast.


Because the road is like this, and it would make you climb up and descend at times, your thighs and legs would really be busy finding balance while walking on a scorching hot sun specially when it turned 30 degree Celcius and clouds went awol that day.



Because I was re-living my childhood memories, I ran down the steep path realizing later that am near 40, it's no longer the same, the back of my legs automatically had a cramp. Well, in times like that, it's time to halt and distract your brain from feeling the pain and take pics instead.


Even though I slowed down, because I was wearing long sleeves and a shirt underneath, I sweat my butt out but it wasn't just me, some locals on shirt and shorts we've came across with did, too. On my second day, ten houses away from the city center, I was sweating like a pig, I had to stop and find a shady place to fan and dry myself. Surely, I must have burned and sweat out much fat that day and every day, I walked down town.


Most people think going on vacay in Switzerland is quite expensive and most of them are right but if you are social enough, you may bump along folks that are eager to help tourists do as locals do and unconsciously save you lot's and lots of mow - ney for your trip.

If locals are not friendly nor helpful enough, it's possible that another couple from where you came from who has been going back and forth the place may get send your way and if you happen to bring some dust of friendliness with you, it could work like a charm.

Yeah, we had such encounter, while we were trailing the path to the city. I'm not a thick face but in flat land it's our habit to greet everyone; "hi" just because we're friendly and we think it's polite - so there! Who would have thought that bringing along such habit with you on trips like this would earn you tips on where to go and what to do and make you less ignorant about the place and the prices on every activity in it without checking out the net.


Remember, we're on the mountains, having a good net connection seems to be luxury in there or maybe it was just our hotel. Anyhow, because of that one encounter, we've only spent 1/3 of the budget we've prepared for the whole time we've spent there without sacrificing the activities that we wanted to do there. It does pay to bring good habits with you, be kind and amicable anywhere you go! (wink, wink!)

Well, obviously, walking down to the city also saved us so much bus fare cause remember we are two and almost everything there cost much, almost ... cause the water closets happen to be free anywhere. Well, for now maybe, these are all based on my encounters during my visit there, this summer of 2018.


So, unless you have heavy luggage with you to carry, walk ... , instead of take the bus when in Grindelwald, Switzerland.


You, have you ever also taken a hike somewhere where you had your holidays, too? Would you share what it's like and what unusual things you've experienced while you're on it? I thank you already.

This content's 100% mine . I took some of the pics with my D Eye . and some with my other cameras and smartphone cams.

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Thank you for posting from your holiday @englishtchrivy.

This location has given you opportunity to shine with your artistic talent.......lovely photographs of such a beautiful place.

Wishing you all the best. ^__^

A bientot mon ami.


thank you for checking it out mon ami !
'yes, it's really a beautiful place
specially in summer I guess

I love it there
even though it was a bit costly

I hope all is well
sorry for the late reply

the heat is ultra on in here
so I'm very busy tending to my two gardens
but all is well
I hope on your side of the earth, too

i am not a mountain person, but .... it's strikingly beautiful.
i love your travel blogs, have to admit.
i passed through Geneva airport on my way to Berlin, and the only thing i remember ....
7 euros for a sandwich.
Whaaaaat! You got to be kidding me.


hey you
long time no read
am hope you're doing okay

well, the 7 euro is actually a normal price for a sandwich in Central EU
double that when you go to where I went ..

Very nice pics. Love the mountains.
Have been skiing closeby there; once in Wengen and twice in Sörenberg.


dank je wel
Oh, at least you can skiiiiiii!!!!

I can't !
I want to go back in winter to do exactly that
maar eerst skiles nemen :D

noted die plekken
bedankt voor de tip!


Actually, it was in Sörenberg some 25 years ago where I learned how to ski.
It was not a very large resort and not that many difficult/slopes. And most of all, not overcrowded.
Good Luck!


I see.
I could take ski lessons nearby
probably cost less :)
but we both know the real deal is different :D

thanks for wishing me luck!

Nice! I always prefer to walk while I am traveling. I've never been to Switzerland, but I will try to go this year.

If you ever come to Brazil, read my posts! I am new here, but I will try to show people different points of view of my beautiful country :D

A pleasure to meet you and hope you like it as well.

To be honest at my current position I would choose to go on foot and all these amazing places and beautiful scenarios are sure a blessing to watch and like you said re living those moments like you used to do are indeed worth all the hassle.

In few places in your travel diary especially the MOUNTAINS they were amazing.I believe anybody would sure love to be there at least I would be :)

This will be some memories that anybody can cherish once the walk is over.

It does reminds that our nature is indeed amazing !


hmm.. they have them in the Himalayas, too
you're close to it aren't you?
you can go there, too :D

Wow wonderful place and nice photo.

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Switzerland is amazing place to walk:) This country is on my Must visit list. I think i would do like this man, it's a crime to take a bus when you are surrounded by such a beauty!!!


that man is my husband :D

I hope you get there, soon!

what a nice scene..and also your photography is too good.

Incredible views of beautiful sanga
I felt great when I saw the place



thank you

edit : I suggest that you cast your vote at exactly 30mins after any post has been posted
it'll earn you more curation rewards ;)


Wow, Thank you for advising me

Nice trip. It is very nice to be surrounded by such amazing nature for a week, breathe the mountain air and enjoy the magnificent scenery. These descents and ascents are like good training. I probably would have enjoyed such walks, but I do not know how long I would have had enough , probably still would have to use this bus.
The landscapes of the mountain slopes look very beautiful. You probably took a lot of interesting photos and we can still see them :) Thank you for the interesting story


thanks for reading thoroughly :D

oh, it's not for everyone to do
but can you see the bench on top of that hill?
it's a view point, there, the two mountains would be staring at you and overwhelm you with their beauty
I've seen an old English couple (cause I talked to them haha) picnicking there
taking a short break from the ascent
they were at their 70s but pretty fit
that time I told my husband, I want to grow old fitter than we are now, too
and do that sometime, somewhere

they looked very very romantic and sweet at their age
so I couldn't help but say hi and we ended up chattin' a bit
they still look very much in love with each other ... :D


I think that having come to this amazing place, all people have free time and everything depends on people: choose a bus or walk, enjoying the beauty and mountain air. There's no hurry, I'd choose to walk, heh.
It's really romantic to grow old together and keep such feelings for each other.
I've been watching your cable car video with pleasure. I really enjoyed your trip, but I just want you to know that I don't comment just because I don't understand the speech very well, it's easier for me to understand the writing . But I'm learning the language :) I hope that soon I will understand you speaking on video :)


thanks for watching :D
don't worry, I don't really interpret anything in the web
I don't find any need to do that
I appreciate you trying your best
thanks a lot and have a great day
off now ...

@englishtchrivy share with you that 8 or 10 kilometers can be a lot of walking, however in a panaorama like that, surrounded by beautiful places I think the walk is enjoyable and especially if you have contact with people of the place that can help you to ahirrar money in your stay.
the images as always are truly beautiful, congratulations for the good shots
Thank you very much for including us in your travels
I wish you a happy stay


oh, I forget to mention, it took us almost half an hour going down on our first day - but then that's cause of a lot of pic shots and short stops to behold the beauty around us

thank you


I would have taken more hours in the descent, with what I like to relate to people and take pictures, maybe it would take me half a day
excellent travel choice


ha! I put some trap there and you really saw it
thanks for always reading my post ;)

This is not going to be forgotten ever simply ever lasting memory what a great nice post by you today :D

your trip is really beautiful, the place you visit is amazing, I really enjoy the photos and stories you share.
thanks @englishtchrivy

I think I'll need 2 means by the time I reach town.
Then out of memory of the phone to take pictures of my meal.


you're so right about that
but surely you'd manage to control yourself, too
plus, you won't be able to help but stop and just live the moment
I did take so many pics but it took me so many days to do that
but I won't be sharing them all here don't worry :D
you should go man, many Asians there
it felt like I was in Venice :D


Perhaps, some day another trip to Europe. :-)


crossing my fingers and toes for you ;)!

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flag you you want?
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take it down or get flagged

Those pictures are quite lovely and make me even more exited for my upcoming trip to Switzerland!