Vlasina Lake - a few more from this beauty [Photo of the Day #418]

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Vlasina Lake, 12 kilometers long and 35 meters deep, is a place of exceptional beauty and interesting flora and fauna. The lake is situated on Vlasina plateau in Southeastern Serbia at 1,213 meters above sea level.

Vlasina Lake, Serbia

The mountain ranges of Čemernik and Vardenik surround this true paradise for nature lovers, fishermen and everyone looking for recreation and bird watching.

Čemernik mountain range, Serbia

Small villages, perfect for relaxation in nature are set among the vast meadows, pastures, forests and streams. Surrounding mountains offer perfect conditions for winter sports, while idyllic surrounding of the Vlasina lake with tree shades is perfect for hot summer days.

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Text: resarched from https://www.serbia.com/visit-serbia/natural-beauties/rivers-lakes/vlasina-lake-discover-the-floating-islands/

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