Celebrating 3 Years on Steemit!

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Hello friends!

I have already 3 years on Steemit, yay!

cynetyc 3 years on steemit photo.jpg

Well It was and is a fantastic journey, sometime in July of 2016 I joined this site and I must tell you there were some growing pains at the beginning, don't get me wrong there are still plenty things that I do not know but still after 3 years I learn some basic stuff...
So basically I joined the site after the bitcoin halving when it was massive panic.
I wanted to do something that made me happy, witch is and will be writing, editing, making stuff....small things creating, photos, trips and stories.
I saw some videos from various people that I did not know....on YouTube..I was skeptic I was thinking ....uf maybe it is another scam...and mostly I was afraid ...but still I watched those videos talking about Steemit community, about steem, SBD, vest, and slowly I become more interested and so I made my very first post witch earned few cents and then I made more and more....to be honest I earned little to nothing at the beginning but I dunno how to explained it....I was happy I did not really care because I was telling my stories...my opinion and sharing my travels with steemit readers.
I was not the first writer...nor I was the third one or not even the 100th one on the site ...but I did not care I was writing my small posts and I was receiving some comments too.
I try to learn as much as I could and engage in some fun activities like cooking contests:




Now I did not know mostly nothing about cooking but it was fun and I must say for few times I actually won some prizes.

Then my saga continued with a large variety of articles from a homemade KFC chicken recipe to melting tin cans at home in an handmade furnace:






If I learned something in all this years that I can share with you is just write about the stuff that you like and do it with a passion because if you do not have a passion for what you write your stories will be as soulless as a plain white paper is.

I hope that my words can inspire some new writers out there who still do not understand Steemit! But until next time I am Cynetyc and I thank you for reading this article!


Congratulations, 3 years is quite an achievement. Great!

Happy steemit birthday

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Nice 3 years is alot!

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Yep it is a good journey for me.

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Congratulations of your huge achievement @cynetyc.
Keep steeming next years.

Feliz aniversario amigo @cynetyc, muy alentadoras tus palabras, he observado que algunas personas en su primer post generan gran cantidad y le va bien, otros por el contrario escriben excelentes post pero casi nadie les vota o les votan con un porcentaje tan bajo que igual no hacen nada. creo que simplemente hay que intentarlo a ver cómo nos va, feliz tarde…

Happy anniversary friend @cynetyc, very encouraging your words, I have observed that some people in their first post generate a lot and do well, others on the contrary write excellent post but almost nobody votes or vote for them with such a low percentage that they do nothing anyway. I think you just have to try to see how we are doing, happy afternoon...

Thank you @jexys77 for your kind words!

My heartiest congratulation brother. You passed big milestone.
Nice celebration from your side.

Thank you very much @dragonking!

wowww congratulations I hope you keep growing and enjoying with us

Hello @cynetyc is nice to meet people like you, in a site like Steemit, maybe you don't know some things about how it works we all happen the same, but you are an example to follow are very few people who manage Steemit as it should be, I hope there will be many more years that we celebrate on this platform, Happy anniversary ...

Happy 3 th anniversary on steemit, Sir. Ur experience very inspire me. Have a nice day.

3 years, oh my...the years pass so fast!

Oh yeah it seems like moments ago....Time is so scary sometimes .

Congratulations on your anniversary on the Steemit @cynetyc and your fried chicken looks very appetizing!

thank you very much @serkagan!

Hello @cynetyc, that's great, I'll work much harder to achieve an account as powerful as yours... I want to wish you the happiest anniversary you've ever had, and thank you so much for all that support you give us constantly...

Hola @cynetyc, esos es genial trabajare mucho más para lograr una cuenta tan poderosa como la suya… quiero desearle el más feliz aniversario que haya tenido, y mil gracias por todo ese apoyo que nos brinda constantemente…

Thank you very much for your kind words @elmundodexao!

Congratulation on your 3rd year anniversary here on steemit , and I wish you more many more years of progress and continuity with this great community @cynetyc

Thank you @obest, much appreciated!

congratulation sir steemit 3year working. this is great enjoy and great photography .
Have a wonderful week.

3 years & still going strong! Congratulations, keep up the great work ;)

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Congratulation man well done for 3 long years!

Congratulations in your anniversary . it is great work.
yay! yay! yay!

Congratulations on 3 years. Happy Friday Cynetyc.

Looks like you are the one I should ask about earning potential on Steemit. On average, how much money did you earned in a month? Thanks for sharing this!

I still use Steemit as a way to escape and I write whatever I am passionate about, I do not have a schedule nor I write my posts on a regular basis, but I invest in steem and steemit as I believe that steem (in my personal view ) has a greater value that what it is now ( at some point it was more then 7 $) .
With that in mind my income is not the same every month but I am happy that my posts are visible and I have a voice ( a very small voice ) that can be heard on the steemit blockchain.

Congratulations sir ... For ur work... 3 years on steemit .. still indulging in it ... Is very hard thing .. w
I hv been here for 1 year .. i hv achieved nothing .. lol.. by the way keep going.. my wishes for u!!!

Hm curios , I saw your blog there....I think that there is potential there so I can give you one or 2 pointers:

  • always and I do mean always upvote your post and comment
  • try to enter in different competitions and contests on steemit or games, challenges,
  • write more about anything
  • always upvote those who leave a comment to your post ( but DO NOT encourage spam )

For sure with these points you will have some results, I can write more about the subject but for the moment this is just something to get you at lest to a reputation of 30, from there you can do more.
Good luck!

Thank you... Sir .. hope we will be in touch like this .via post...!!!

Congratulation @cynetyc for your Steemit Birthday!

C O N G R A T S!


Congratulation friend ;)

Three years and it seems like just yesterday everything started wow many congratulations to you for this journey many more years to come keep sharing its always great to follow you and see some amazing content all the best :)

Thank you @blazing it was and it still is a great journey so far!

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Cool thank you very much @steemitboard!

Congratualtion @cynetyc for 3 years on Steemit platform ... you wrote many cool articles and I hope you will continue to do so.

Thank you @xardas and of course I will continue, I love to write articles here!

Greetings sir @cynetyc. Happy 3th anniversary on steemit. Really great journey.

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Wow man that's great...i m also new i just opened my account yesterday...😅
I m all blank.. now i m just reading articles and scouting what people are sharing with their experience..
Wish me luck and if u have any tips for me i will be very happy ☺️😉

Good luck on the platform!

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Good luck @mohiminul ! Just be yourself and keep writing, be active withing the community and you will make a lot of friends and readers soon.