Street Art Part 5 – Underwater Theme

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These beautifully decorated walls can be found in a restaurant where we had dinner one night. There is a children's playground inside the confines of restaurant property where the children can play whilst waiting for the food to arrive. The walls surround the playground have been beautifully decorated with this ocean theme. So technically this is not street-art but we should probably call it “Restaurant Art”, lol. Either way I though it was worth sharing

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Otherwise dull and dreary walls have been transformed into an underwater scenery, which everyone in the restaurant admires and takes photos of, just like I did.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing this with me.

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Photos were taken by @claudiaz

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What a lovely decoration. Very cool and amusing! 😃

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They are very cute, Finding Nemo movie in 2003 made this form of art very popular @claudiaz


yes it seems to have been very influential @joanstewart

You' ve been selected always in support of good work

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Cute photo.
Thanks for sharing

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you are very welcome and thanks for visiting @bboyady

I love Nemo :)