Photoblog #001

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The lonely path.


Location: People's Park, Davao, Philippines Camera: Fujifilm XT20 Post edit: Lightroom CC app Settings: 35mm, F2, ISO 1000
I want to share my settings to share my little knowledge to my fellow hobbyist, I will be very glad to hear your suggestions on how to make my work better.
>*Practice makes perfect.*

I will leave my pictures with no explaination since THE BEAUTY OF ART is in eyes of the beholder. Feel free to have your own emotions towards it.

Make it as a habbit of taking pictures each day, capturing moments are easier this days and it is a one tap away. Photography is a good hobby and can be a good stress reliever cause it will give you the moment to appreciate your surrounding and its little details.

Follow me as I build my gallery or random photos, well I believe there is beauty in everything.


I would love to your photos too.

Keep posting


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Im a fan! Im excited for our photo sesh 😍

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