The Dragon Bridge - DA NANG's Landmark No.1 [EN/DE]

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Hey guys! Meanwhile I have arrived in Vietnam and would like to tell you about my first impressions today. The very first destination on my itinerary was Da Nang. In this city I was especially looking forward to a building that was actually my favourite place there: The unique dragon bridge.

Hallo Leute! Ich bin mittlerweile in Vietnam und möchte euch heute von meinen ersten Eindrücken erzählen. Das allererste Ziel auf meiner Reiseroute war Da Nang. In dieser Stadt freute ich mich besonders auf ein Bauwerk, das dann tatsächlich auch Lieblingsbauwerk dort war: Die einzigartige Drachenbrücke.



Da Nang is located in central Vietnam and is the fourth largest city in the country with almost one million inhabitants. It is regarded as an aspiring economic metropolis and with its beautiful sandy beaches, countless hotels and spectacular buildings it offers more than enough reasons to be interesting for tourists.

Da Nang liegt in Zentralvietnam und ist mit knapp einer Million Einwohnern die viertgrößte Stadt des Landes. Sie gilt als aufstrebende Wirtschaftsmetropole und bietet mit ihren schönen Sandstränden, unzähligen Hotels und spektakulären Bauwerken mehr als genug Gründe, um auch für Touristen interessant zu sein.



In the vicinity of the Dragon Bridge one almost gets the impression that Da Nang wants to be a small mini Singapore. This is especially due to a water-spouting sculpture, which reminds very much of the famous "Merlion".

In der näheren Umgebung der Drachenbrücke gewinnt man fast den Eindruck, dass Da Nang ein kleines Mini-Singapur sein möchte. Das liegt besonders an einer wasserspeienden Skulptur, die sehr an den berühmten „Merlion“ erinnert.


The Dragon Bridge itself was opened in 2013, making it the fifth bridge across the Han River. At night, it is illuminated in bright colors, making it appear even more spectacular.

Die Drachenbrücke selbst wurde 2013 eröffnet und ist damit die insgesamt fünfte Brücke über den „Han River“. Nachts wird sie abwechselnd in bunten Farben beleuchtet, wodurch sie natürlich nochmals spektakulärer aussieht.



As you can see, I concentrated in my old style on long time exposures and crystal ball photography. I hope you like my pictures!

Wie ihr seht, habe ich mich in meinem altgewohnten Stil wieder auf Langzeitbelichtungen und die Glaskugel-Fotografie konzentriert. Ich hoffe die Aufnahmen gefallen euch!


The next stations in Vietnam for me are Hue and Hoi An. Of course I will continue to tell you about my impressions and present you my best shots!

Die nächsten Stationen in Vietnam für mich sind Hue und Hoi An. Natürlich werde ich euch auch weiterhin von meinen Eindrücken berichten und euch meine besten Aufnahmen präsentieren!

See you soon/Bis bald!


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Hey, Du wurdest von @altobot gevotet!

Wonderful photos! I like the idea of using a glass sphere in some shots.
Which gear did you use? Camera, lens...

Posted using Partiko Android


Thank you! 🙂 I'm using my Sony RX10 for all my shots. It has a fixed 24-200mm Zeiss lens.

Hallo Stefan, danke für die tollen Bilder aus Vietnam. Die Brücke ist echt sehr schön. Weiterhin gute Reise. Alexa


Hey Alexa, danke dir, freut mich, dass dir die Fotos gefallen! 🙂

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Thank you! :-)

Hi travelshots,

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That's awesome! Thank yo so much @curie! :-)

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It's like you were a magician with that crystal ball :) Your photos are absolutely stunning. I like all of them but those made with the crystal ball are the best! How long have you been focusing on this style of photography? It's unique and very special..

How much time will you be spending in Vietnam?

Oh, and five bridges across the river don't sound like much to me. Or is it only in this city? I can imagine that otherwise people would have to travel long distances to cross the river :)

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!


Thank you so much! :-) Haha, yes, crystal ball photography looks quite magical sometimes and that's one of the reasons why I like it so much! I've been focusing on it for almost one year now already and I still discover new possibilities very often!

I will be in Vietnam until the end of February.

Yes, it's only five bridges in this city, I should have mentioned that...

Thanks a lot once again, wish you a wonderful day! :-)


Then it sounds reasonable - five is fine :) Do you travel full time or is it just an occasional things for you?

I'm not that familiar with the crystal ball photography but I would like to try it as the results that you show are amazing. Is it a special crystal ball or any crystal ball would work? :) Might be a silly question though..

Thank you for getting back to me! :)


Yes, I travel full time, I always loved to travel and at the beginning of January I started my new nomadic lifestyle :-)

It's not a silly question, I get questions like that very often, as I'm selling a book and a video course about this topic :-D If you buy a crystal ball, it's important that the product description says something like "photography quality" or "suitable for photography". So you can be sure that the crystal ball is clear and free of blemishes. Some are more suitable for decorative purposes...

If you have any further questions about this topic, just ask me :-)


Congratulations! I love to see people following their dreams :) You must be ecstatic to do it :) I know I would be :)

A video course? Can you drop a link? Or maybe you can make a post with some tutorial here? It would be cool to see how it works :)

Thank you for the tip! It looks like I've been living under the rock :)

Wooww, this is what you call a real dragon bridge 😍
Love it how the sun reflects here, real dragonfire 🐉


Thank you so much! I'm glad that you like it! :-)

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Thank you so much! :-)

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Thanks a lot! :-)

So pretty! This reminded me to ask my mom if she saw the Merlions while she was in Singapore. Very cool to know that you can see some in Vietnam also. I hope one day I can come to this same place, your photos are so well done too! Nice post!


Thank you so much, I'm glad that you like my post! Yes, that place reminded me so much of the Merlion in Singapore! Da Nang is worth a visit for sure! :-)

As you say, that is spectacular. What a way to start a tour!
I have a great deal of admiration for the Vietnamese people. When read and watch images of the devastation caused by years of wars, first against the french, the americans, themselves, you name it; and then we look at their booming economy their infrastructure, their tourism, that concern about beauty we can't but admire them.
Some countries have not faced wars in recent history and are devastated.
Looking forward to your next reports from Vetnam. Stay safe


Yes, exactly! It's so impressive how this country is developing! Thanks a lot, more reports will follow soon! 🙂