A Beautiful Old Lady.

A Beautiful Old Lady.

"A beautiful lady is an accident of nature. A beautiful old lady is a work of art." Louis Nizer.

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder and many classic car lovers will agree with me that this well worn, Ford truck is worth a second look. She made a memorable feature in the foreground of ancient Moreton Bay Fig trees situated on the grounds at Old Petrie Town in Q'ld, Australia.


In fact, I think she added class and dignity to this landscape as she enjoyed the warmth of the suns rays on her tanned body. Welcome shadows, (courtesy of those majestic trees) toned down the blush to her cheeks as she overheard words of praise and awe directed towards her from many admirers.


'Dance.' What an appropriate name for this Grande Olde Dame!

I hope she had moments to reflect on the days of her youth, in between listening to comments; worthy of her beauty. I hope she remembered dancing on dirt roads; kicking up clouds of dust as her passengers choked with laughter and adventure. I hope she is enjoying taking it easy in the eventide of her years and I hope her spirit dances long after rust ruins her once, flawless complexion.







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Love the images @trudeehunter, I just stopped by to give you some
Love, and you got the biggest upvote of the day.
Well done my friend.

Thank you Jerry for your comments and upvote. Glad you enjoyed the post.

My Daddy was a master mechanic and master welder, he had his own
Mechanics garage complete with junkyard. My first 6 yrs we lived next
To this business, then until I was 11, my life was closely entwined with
It. The junkyard was my playground, I found hood ornaments and car
Parts for my playthings to fit my rather forward thinking imagination
(Space ships and flying saucers etc). Daddy would put together car
front halves with truck back ends to make things that Ford and GMC
Later duplicated in the "El Camino and the GMC Sprint(that was short
Lived). My brother also became a welder and auto enthusiast, and HE took
To restoring old autos, he even had and restored a "Model A" one of the oldest.
Sorry for the history lesson, yes, I did enjoy seeing the "Beautiful Old Lady"

Beautiful indeed.

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Yes she is indeed.

What a beauty of a truck in her day. . Love your descriptions on the life of ‘Dance.’

Yes I'm sure she has had a very interesting life. I was thrilled to come across her at the trade fair. I see you have an appreciation for these old vehicles. Thanks again.

wow, old is gold.

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Very nice. Do you suppose it still runs? It would be a lot of fun to take for a ride!

Oh yes, they can still drive it as I notice the number plate is current, and they would have driven it to the event.

How awesome you seem to find the most interesting vintage cars i would crawl on broken glass to get my hands on that beauty and dance all the way home...lol :)

You would have to be keen to go to those drastic measures.lol. Very happy to have you drop by and check out the old Ford. Thanks very much.

I most definitely would that is a real classic that i would like in my garage..lol...and sorry for the late reply i have been so busy and am so far behind. Have a great weekend my friend :)

welcome to the 'So Far Behind' club @hangin 🤪 You're in great company......even though I say so, myself.

Haha...."We Are Not Alone" ...that is nice to know have a great weekend :)

What a seriously cool Find I love classics like this one and it seems to be in such good shape :)

She is definitely a beauty...........I love just love old cars! Each details is a piece of art 😍

Howdy Trudee! what a classic lady indeed, I love the style of her. It's a great advertising vehicle.

Thank you John. This was the style of sign- writing we used to do.......back in the day. Working with gold leaf is awesome.

Howdy again Trudee! who is we? Did you make signs by hand like that? That takes some serious skill!

Yes. John was a signwriter in the family business and soon after I met him they taught me how to write signs.......on vehicles, buildings, boats, shop front windows etc. It is all computerized now which takes a lot less skill.

howdy today Trudee! oh I see, yes the skill is taken out of so much of our work and daily lives now but I guess it's more efficient that way. Pretty soon we won't have to have any skills except operating the computers and software. Did you guys have plans for the weekend?

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