Fears are stories we tell ourselves

Fears are stories we tell ourselves

The fears we don't face becomes our limit.
The fear behind the fences. Was it on both sides ?


This is my entry in this contest, initiated by @juliank, @runicar and @photocircle
This is also my entry for #photochaincommunity Photochain - ANIMAL PHOTOGRAPHY contest, by @runicar

Have a great day.. !! Upvote and follow if you like the picture

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Thank you very much for promoting my post :)

Thank you @pradeepdee6 for joining Photochain's photography contest. We appreciate your support and will reward you for each entry.

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Perfect photo, my friend! I'm nominating this post for the @dailyspotlights, by @pixresteemer!


Thank you so much. Feels so special and honored. Best thing happening on Steemit for me :) :)


I wish you always succeed!