Photochain Photography Contest By @runicar, THEME- ANIMAL PHOTOGRAPHY


This is my entry for the contest by @runicar , contest name is #photochaincommunity. This is photograph of a cat in the theme of animal photography.

LENS- AF-P 70-300


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Beautiful creature! Well done, my friend!

Thank you my friend for your support

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I love cats
I have two hehe

Hehe .. yess cats are so cute animals ..

I love your fhoto!

Oh.. thank you dear friend your appreciation .. i m glad that it has reached you .. nd you have a very nice profile ..

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Thank you friend, I appreciate your comment

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Wow! Gorgeous!
I like to think if I had a nice camera, my pictures could look this dazzling. :) But I know, it takes patience, vision, and skill, not just good equipment, to capture a cat portrait of this quality.
I am smitten with this kitten.

Wow lovely...a good pose thouhg

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Thank you for your contribution to the "pc-animal" tag

@photocircle Team

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amazing photo! such a great talent you have!

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