Report ~ List of Phishing Accounts , STINC Need to Remove Delegation

in phishing •  7 months ago

List of Phishing Accounts that STINC need to Undelegate.
Reason , They Redelegate to their main Phishing Account @copyit
Why? Is STINC supporting Phishers ??? Urgent Matter !


chenie delegate 4.020 SP to copyit
chenie transfer 0.368 STEEM to gregoryoo24

Report Base on Delegation to @copyit
Please double check if not sure.

Other Associate Phishers Accounts

Removal of Delegation @warrentto @stecm @stcemit

I have follow their activities long enough to know , which accounts have been contaminated.
Please Co-Operate STINC.

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Terimakasih @bullionstacker .
Atas semua informasi penting yang telah anda berikan..
Ini sangat penting untuk menjadi sebuah perhatian khusus bagi para steemians.

Saya member whalepower bisakah saya di undang ke discord??????

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Good job in pointing this out.

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does whalepower have discord?


You Rang?

Whalepower Discord is by Invitation Only!


I plan to join the whalepower

I hate scammers they should be punish.

It's very interesting article. I have subscribed to you, I hope for mutual subscription



You shoudl also add @stcem in the list. He is also a member. I think removing delegation from their account make no difference. Because they are stealing money. They are not misusing delegated SP. The only way I think is to educate people who use steemit.

Please read my post and comment on my post. Thanks in advance.


Yes, I know
Forget to update it.

Tolong jangan blecklist saya


???? . Sila baca pesanan Saya

have you posted this to github?


oh, well maybe I can do it for you. I know @themarkymark has done a few


because there is a git project and with a pull request to steemit inc the delegation will be removed :-)

I will look through these and if appropriate submit them for delegation removal. Thanks!


There will be more but in different category.

You always share good informations to us @bullionstackers.
Thank you very much