It’s All Good. Or Is It...?

in philosophy •  8 months ago

LIfe's kinda perplexing sometimes.

What we're doing here. Why.

Various people might be tempted to give answers on what the "meaning of life" is or such - probably more often than not a regurgitation of ideas picked up along the way. But c'mon. Who the fuck knows.

Any one of us could pose theories. Or make up some story that fits our needs. Or repeat a belief that was written in some book from hundreds of years ago, as though it were the sole answer to our deepest curiosities about why we're alive here and now on this rock spinning around the sun faster than we could probably imagine.

It's just kinda weird, really.

Nonetheless, we sorta gotta piece together a collection of beliefs to work from, so as to not float so far off into the clouds in philosophical ponderances - regardless of how accurate or based in bullshit those beliefs are. Perhaps this may be a journey of expanding consciousness, in which over time, we exchange our beliefs for consciousness - no longer requiring a map to attempt make sense of things, but ground into the actual territory as our senses and abilities open up to perceive what we couldn't earlier on.

But in the midst of this process... well, it's sorta chaos. (Or at least seems like it much of the time).

I mean, we got wars, poverty, starvation, water & energy "crises," ideological fanatacism, violence, hatred, fake news, Trump, Bieber, etc. *(Just kidding on that last one. Silly cultural meme. Personally, I found J.B.'s "Purpose" album to be a masterpiece).

If one were able to zoom way-the fuck out as see the entirety of this human drama unfolding over the timeline of infinity, perhaps things might make a little more sense - understanding all these odd blips and diversions from rationality as merely part of the evolutionary developmental process. But in the midst of it - except, perhaps, were one to be tripping balls on a psychedelic compound of some sort - it all seems a bit nutty.

And then there's the saying...

"It's all good, man."

Well... is it? I mean, is it REALLY...?

And perhaps again, that's an unanswerable question. Perhaps even a trap, luring us into the temptation of dualistic good/bad thinking.

Maybe it is all good.

Sure, there's suffering and chaos and discord. But even fucking Buddha preached that suffering is an inevitable part of life. So maybe that's just part of the package. And regardless of what we or others are going through, there are still enough blessings to counter-balance and make this life experience an amazing one we're grateful to be here experiencing, no matter what the setbacks.

Or maybe it is not all good.

Maybe we'd be deluding ourselves attempting to think so. Maybe adopting such a stance would equate to turning a blind eye to all the insanity and injustice being propagated on this planet out of ignorance, greed, and power games. Maybe billions of people living on less than a dollar a day and a capitalistic system bent on maximizing shareholder profit at the cost of our environment and health isn't good - and we are just as much to blame as the system, politicians, bankers, and CEOs that have become the easy scapegoats.

Maybe both are both true simultaneously.

Life ain't peachy.

Let's be real... who of the 8 billion on this planet haven't undergone their share of suffering, pain, and injustice, in some form or another. There are millions experiencing depression, anxiety, mental-emotional-spiritual illness, who've been the victims of violence, rape, slavery to an outdated financial-economic system. (That last one may be debatable, though I'll assume you know what I mean, without any diversions into the conspiracy extremes.)

It ain't all good.

Though, things are changing. And if that shitty stuff is just a part of the human experience, well, maybe we just gotta play the cards we're dealt, suck it up, and march on to be the agents of the change we'd like to see in the world.

So maybe it is all good.

It can be tricky, dancing in this dichotomy.

On the one hand, maybe we're not saints. Maybe we're not the ones bestowed with Divine destinies of saving mankind from itself. Maybe there's not all much we can do to change the world and the madness in it.

Or maybe we can make a difference. Maybe we are the key players in the game, the outcome dependent upon each small move we make while we've got our feet on this board called Earth.

Maybe we can't drastically transform everything in the blink of an eye. Though, maybe we radically underestimate what we can affect over the course of an extended period of time.

Maybe now is the moment things can change.

Or maybe we'd be delusional thinking we could alter the course of the entire planetary system unfolding as it is, with eons' of momentum driving nature's course of events.

Maybe we overestimate the power we do have, and our roles are much more those of passengers, actors, and observers than the directors and writers of the script.

Or maybe not.

Maybe things haven't changed and we're still stuck in old karmic loops because of our own doing. Or maybe the program just needs to run its course, certain lessons can't be rushed, and the defragmentation shall complete within its own perfect timing.

Sure enough, nature can't be forced or rushed.

But then again, there are probably alot more responsibilities for working harmoniously with nature to exert constructive influence than we've been accepting, more opportunities we've been neglecting than we'd like to admit. (I could confess that'd likely be the case for myself, at the least).

Of course, we can't know everything. So trips and falls are inevitable.

Though, we can't always use that as an excuse to procrastinate on what we're here to do - if there is such a "purpose," or whatever terminology one might choose to use for crystalizing the concept down linguistically.

So is it all good...?

Yes. No. Both.

Perhaps we can never fully side with the "yes," for doing so would tip us too far into the comfort zone where laziness might get the best of us, blinding us to some "callings" for where we're needed to contribute giving back something on this planet to make it a "better" place for those less-fortunate.

And perhaps we can never fully side with "no" either, for it'd lead to a debilitating pessimism and throw us off-balance with distortions of recognition where life is good. Things may not be all gravy, but there is undoubtedly value in acknowledging and remaining grateful for the good that does exist.

So here, we dance, in the middle path.

Neither on one end of the spectrum or the other, attempting to convince ourselves or anyone else of the truth of that one angle. But being the entire spectrum. Embodying the truth at both ends and all throughout the middle.


Good. Or not. Or both. Or neither.

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My cynical part answers: Well, your questions are a first world problem. To much time on hand to crack your mind over this.

The other person opposes: Wait a minute! That's exactly what I DO CRACK MY MIND over!

The analyst answers: Well, you should exchange all the "we" expressions with an "I" expression and see how your text alters. For sure you'll come up with a satisfying view for yourself.

The adventurer says: Woahh! What a trip, man! But yes man, it's a dance! You never will find an answer! But hey, life is a miracle and a journey.

The pessimist: You'll never find the answer. But yaahhhh... it may all be not good.

You see my problem? I am having multiple personalities talking at the same time.



ha ha. this is one of the most brilliant replies I've gotten in a while. :-)


Thank you, I enjoy compliments oh so much. :-)

Your text somehow caught my attention while I was scrolling down the "psychology" section. Couldn't resist to be smart.


Wow - this really connected with me!

I do try and am trying to build that harmonious relationship with Mother Nature, to walk the 'narrow path' of sustainable development and integral and responsible communities.

I am continuously and constantly both heartened and disheartened, an emotional roller-coaster between the depression of reality and the ecstasy of the possible; constantly seeking to center and ground my chi so that I don't fall off either side.

Keep writing great content my friend - I love you philosophical meanderings ;p


thanks. t'is a challenging balance to walk sometimes, this human experience... 💖


Agreed! Thanks for the sparkly heart ;p

And isn't that the fun of it? That its not clear-cut, but a mysterious, dark, beautiful, scruffy, diamond in the rough type of existence.

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

very very nice
good post

beg beg respect for me bro


Do not misunderstand me I'm your opinion talking about the subconscious and no one spoke about him in this site, if you want to support you but do not misunderstand me, I do not beg of anyone but God is merciful


ugh... some major miscommunication with the language barrier here. really don't know how to translate your meaning into proper English, or how "beg beg respect for me bro" relates to the subconscious or who "him" is you're referring to.

" probably more often than not a regurgitation of ideas picked up along the way. But c'mon. Who the fuck knows."

You nailed it.

Perhaps the answer is that we aren't meant to know the answer. That's it.

So... live.

I prefer to live in ignorance.

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It's all good bad neither yes no yin yang masculine feminine.

It all kinda depends on which perspective of truth you are looking from at what moment.
And also what truth you want to hold onto at that time.
It's a weird fucking ride this life we have.
But I'd like to think that it's all good for something.

my shittiest experiences in life have ended up becoming the most beautiful experiences.
they have become the ones I have learnt the most from, creating tsunamis of positive change within myself and helping me move forward in life.

So the shit is good
the good is shit
the duality makes you realize the non-duality.

Or atleast that's my perspective of truth right now ;)

Damn, man!

Another Great post!
IMO We all have some responsibility or "mission" here, if you will. Else we wouldn't be here. What "that" is however, is ultimately for us to decide.