Thoughts about the importance of paying attention to our sadness

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For many it can be bitter, heavy and even tedious. It is different from any other feeling because it is the one that causes the most damage to our mind and body. This feeling has no mercy on its victims, but it is also responsible for countless stories, poems, songs and anecdotes of personal growth. Some avoid it, others consume it, but it is true that without it we could not appreciate many moments that life brings us because after a rain that we thought might be eternal, seeing the Sun again is something more enjoyable than otherwise.

The saddest and most difficult moments are the ones that lead us to true development, those that give us the great slap we need, to know how to measure what is right and what is wrong. A clear and common example is when we have a breakup, if we talk about a couple who after loving each other so much they realized that they were not for each other and they end the relationship in good or bad terms, there will be sadness on both sides, and each one will see this in different ways, they could decide to shut up and ignore that they once felt an intense love because the pain would be very difficult to face, or simply let their sadness be and think that for a future relationship they will know what to do and what not to do, kind of like a trial and error system.

There can be other factors of course, that will depend on the type of problems, but either way, if we ignore what we feel we will never end these cycles of mistakes. If there is no relief, there will be an emotional collapse sooner or later. We can see our mind as a cup with feelings that is filled with the anger, stress, negative thoughts, hatred and melancholy that we have in ourselves. It is easy to become addicted to being sad, that's why we have to attack our sadness quickly, but that does not mean to ignore it, but rather to recognize that we can give ourselves the courage to face dark moments that may come later on.

Sadness can act like a cancer when it spreads in our mind, we could end up depressed and then our life would take another unexpected direction, therefore managing these issues before our head explodes can then show us that we are capable of doing everything we always wanted. Each project we might have can become clearer and more achievable, each smile will have a new and unique value.

We should take control of our sadness, decide how to use it to our advantage so we can be at peace with ourselves, to let go of what we need to let go and with a clearer mind, figure out how to take the next steps in our life. If we learn to channel our emotions into prosperous actions, we will understand that our own sadness is nothing more than our mind and our environment giving us a potential warning that something is about to change and we should start to work on it. Emotions are something intrinsic for us human beings, either we admit that they exist or we forget about them and let them consume us from within.

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Controlling sadness, cancer.
Channelizing your emotions.
Good going bro, keep writing on this topic for me.


I am glad you enjoyed the read!

yes,everything in your head!

some great advice.. a lovely post, than you for this.

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Thanks @eco-alex I really appreciate it!

Hey @dedicatedguy

Great post.

PMA! Positive mental attitude. I never follow my own advice but I believe in it. There is a theory out there that you can directly change your life through positive thought, even in a materialistic way.

Health wise, I think it's crucial to remain positive because the alternatives, like giving up, have major consequences.

Cheers, Gaz


There is a theory out there that you can directly change your life through positive thought

I do believe our thoughts can change our reality.

Health wise, I think it's crucial to remain positive because the alternatives, like giving up, have major consequences.

Totally agree with this!

The work I do holds each emotion as important and vital and does not put them into a good or bad category. I find some overlap in what you say here. A lot of times communicating about emotions requires a definition of terms. In the work I teach sadness arises to help us let go of something and it does such beautiful and important work! I wonder if you've ever thought about that possiblity...


I wonder if you've ever thought about that possiblity

Do you mean sadness as a tool to forget about things and let them go?

I see sadness as a natural reaction towards something that is not good to us, even animals can feel sadness from time to time.

Well written and brings forth some valid points about dealing with sadness which should always be dealt with in some form or artistry to get it out, even if you are by yourself and get it out without others knowing.


Hey there @thegoliath I am really happy you could enjoy the article.


In the end we attract what we think. Focusing on sadness too much , makes us sadder and sadder. As depicted in this scene in The Neverending story ( that really moved me as a kid ), you will eventually drown in it.


Trying to ignore it, isn't a good thing either. Focus on it a little, try to see what is causing it and see what you can change.

No matter what, focusing on positive things, feeling good, is the best thing that we can do.

Enjoy your weekend :>)


Focus on it a little, try to see what is causing it and see what you can change

I agree with this, not obsessing about it, but surely paying enough attention so we can understand it, in other words, finding the sweet spot between thinking about it and ignoring it.

That video was a perfect way to show what you wanted to explain, but I have never watched that movie, should I give it a try?


If you can look at it through the eyes of a kid, it's definitely worth it. It was one of my very favorite films, when I grew up. I even wrote a post on it, 7 months ago: My Favorite Childhood Movies