Is Nothing Real?

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Based on what I tend to believe now, every-thing that exists (or at least my perception of what exists) is nothing more than my own thoughts, ideas & concepts being experienced in consciousness, and it is all happening (or seems to happen) in nothing (expressed in math as the number 0), and I have determined for myself from a 1st-person perspective that I am either nothing (expressed in math as the number 0), currently experiencing awareness as consciousness OR that it's impossible to know what I actually am other than knowing that I am not what I perceive my self & me to be.

In summary, I am not able to determine if nothing is the absolute reality or if that's just the closest I can get to the truth, but it is most likely useful to consider every-thing else (outside of nothing) as NOT the absolute reality, the truth or even real.


To Prevent, Reduce & Eliminate Suffering.

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It is the joy of experiencing life thats what make life worth living.

Illusion there is, but we creat it.
We are life, chosen to experience life itself.

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I tend to find more joy in seeing through the illusions than I do (or could) find though experiences, but it's not joy in a tradional sense, it is a prevention & reduction of suffering.

Thank you @guruvaj 😊🖐️

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