Is the blockchain a Realizable Social Utopia

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Is the blockchain a "Realizable Social Utopia"?

What is Utopia ?

The simple definition of utopia in a dictionary is a place or state of things that we imagine to be in harmony and perfection, opposed to the ideas of Dystopia as romantic vision of Utopia.

The origin of the word Utopia come from the Greek ou + topos meaning (not+place) and was used in the book "Utopia" (1516) by Sir Thomas More.

In this context I will consider the theories of utopia as defined by Yona Friedman (1) an Utopian visionary that had a real view of true libertarian anarchist.

Yona Friedman always emphasized the collective consent-based communication for a "realizable utopia", and it could be defined in 3 premises:.

1 - Utopias emerge in situations when people is not satisfied ----> Dissatisfaction..

2 - They only can grow if there is a way and solution to change peoples conducts to avoid dissatisfaction ---> Technique as the Method:

a) - to stop the root of dissatisfaction;

b) - re-evaluate the situation as a step to a better one;

3-There is no utopia without collective consent ----> Consensus.

Blockchain as a Realizable Social Utopia

What is an achievable or "Realizable Utopia"?

I'm writing this post to try to understand in the point of view of the Utopia, what is associated with total non-paternalist decentralized and transparent governance systems.

Yona Friedman to analyze social utopias, starts with act of "accusation and critic" to the 2 "evils" of our time the "State Mob" and "the Mass Media Mob" that killed the "bad" utopias of classic democracy and global world communication.

This 2 "evils" "act in our name and against our interests." .

He wrote the book "Realizable Utopia" to show to the average person, how bad it is to give permission and agree to sustain this modern "Mobs""It's not an invitation to revolution, but an invitation to resistance" Yona Friedman

This "Mobs" have a different attitude than Nazism to control "less brutal - and a more efficient" "they try to convince that it is us who want what they want"

When small groups of disappointed people tries to find alternative ways of survival in small communities, that substitutes by themselves the so called public services (and most now privatized) , than the Power call them "marginal movements" or in same cases "terrorists."

This movements are the solution for the decadence of centralized empires, living in a bureaucratic kleptocracy called democracy, where Power is becoming bigger and more distant from People

That's why the utopias of governs are not "realizable" with the State making "good planning for all the masses" and Media trying to deliver "global information and communication" and there is no ideology that can change this big social organizations .

So new utopias are necessary and the most ever successful of our times are the blockchain and ideologies of decentralization, anonymity and real democratic consensus as a strategy to prove the obsolescence of this sucking monsters of the collective rights and wealth.

A realizable utopia is an interception between a project and the utopia and its not at all a dream or a "wishful thinking"

Utopia by Yona Freidman

Key Premise : Information accessible to all

1- Project - Mister X is going to his behavior or conduct - it's just a project.

2- Wishful thinking - Mister X knows that by changing, he will get rid of that dissatisfaction, but he is weak, and start to dream that if he was strong enough to act he would be satisfied.

3- Resignation - Mister X imagine that a change of behaviors in other dissatisfied people, that would bring a better life to all. But changing a human being it's a hard job.

So he never try it . This an utopia because he gave up and quit by resignation.

4- "Realizable Utopia" - Mister X before thinking to change other people, try to find out the conducts he can really change in others and the ways to do it.

If he finds a way for the change he has a "realizable utopia"

Is the social and technological utopia of the blockchain a "Realizable Utopia"?

YES!!! - Science based Utopia of the blockchain has all the requirements to be a realizable social and technological Utopia in Cyberspace with ubiquity made possible by Satoshi, p2p, hacking and free source everything.

1- I won't loose words to describe the total dissatisfaction of the masses. but for most people is only a subconscious sense of growing delusion.

The Blockchain is now the virtual nation of the first conscious communities of the high level of disappointment on centralized structures and perfectly aware of the two dominating "Mobs"

2 - No doubt about the second condition of an utopia the technique is the blockchain solution for dissatisfaction socially and technologically.

For Yona Friedman in this axiom there was still a question about the production and ownership of the technique that can drive utopias to paternalistic autistic power

a) the person or community that created the utopia or solution is not part of the unsatisfied community that will consent the technology or conduct change - where the technique belongs to a person or group of interests that usually use propaganda.

b) the person or community that created the solution is part of the unsatisfied community that will consent the technology or conduct change - knowledge is shared with all the unsatisfied community and in this case the authors don't need marketing and publicity.

But never forget that non paternalistic utopias have several dangers of becoming paternalistic and cause "moral danger" that should be avoided.

3- The third axiom of realizable utopia in the blockchain is possible while we can maintain decentralized collective consensus, generating learning and education to the future citizens in a real democratic network.

Anonymity for protection against real life retaliations or hacking should be considered, as well to avoid future persecution from state for our memories in the ubiquity.

Is the blockchain a paternalistic or non paternalistic "Realizable Utopia"?

The Key for non paternalistic social utopias is that information is previously accessible to all, and to be sure that members or groups involved in decision making will suffer the same consequences of all the community and assume the risks of all misjudgments.

1- Community must learn all the solutions available and choose the best from a public repository.

2 - All members as decision makers must know the consequences resulting for each choice.

3- Know the infra-structure used to apply the decision(s)..

4- Preview the consequences of the individual decision or group choices over the others and the reflections in all the community sharing the same context.

In the non paternalistic utopias the decision makers are the only risk bearers

The Risk of the blockchain turn into a paternalistic Utopia

I've seen lately tensions and group confrontations on Steemit that deal with the problem of the system to decide to go in the paternalistic way or not, because some groups are acting in the interests of a few and not for the community benefit and will lead to the emptying of this beautiful community with a dream that can obfuscated by narcissism or financial interests.

Communication and influence is interconnected with dependency and hierarchy

Only participation in the generation of consensus in systems with a distributed nature, can create the values of a freedom, wealth, autonomy, efficiency, transparency, empowerment and equality of opportunity.

So that the dream of this realizable social Utopia doesn't transform in a simple romantic dreamy Dystopian World.

So let's make Steemit and the all blockchain philosophy a non paternalistic social Utopia through all for everyone.

The bolckchain decentralized everything can bring the Utopia of transparent Governance for education, justice, voluntary social taxes, with consensus as a healthy recognition and solution of conflicts of interests, under a frame of humanity, creativity, aesthetic and ethical values in a technology-based trust system.

Paternalistic social utopias will emerge in the blockchain, seduce by money or power working for the System, to make total controlled centralized systems, that shouldn't be called "blockchain" but "prisonchain" because it hasn't the principle of anonymity, decentralization and transparency, and consensus will disappear and destroy the realizable non paternalistic social utopia of a free responsible world for all.

If there is enough interest in the subject, by reading and commenting I'll develop this posts in a series to help to enlighten and discuss the actual state of growth, of this already super powerful big baby called Steemit in the blockchain, the little Davids that will defeat the Goliath.

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(1) Yona Friedman - wikipedia : Architect, urban planner, designer but also a sociology student, physics and science communications, Yona Friedman (Budapest, 1923) is back at the center of international architectural culture after having long been dismissed as Utopian. Member of the Hungarian anti-Nazi resistance, Friedman spent a few years in Haifa, Israel, where he sketched the first of his many theories, namely the Mobile Manifesto architecture in which special construction systems allow the inhabitant to determine for itself the shape, style etc. his apartment and to change it when they want it.

website: Yona Friedman

Interview with Yona Friedman: Imagine, Having Improvised Volumes Floating In Space, Like Balloons.

Yona Friedman 1000+ photos - Pinterest.

Books: Utopies réalisables by Yona Friedman.

The Politics of Utopia: A Study in Theory and Practice By Barbara Goodwin, Keith Taylor.

One Video among hundreds : Yona Friedman: You are obliged to stay Mainstream.

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a) - to stop the root of dissatisfaction
b) - re-evaluate the situation as a step to a better one
3-There is no utopia without collective consent ----> Consensus

1- Community must learn all the solutions available and choose the best from a public repository
2 - All members as decision makers must know the consequences resulting for each choice
3- Know the infra-structure used to apply the decision(s)
4- Preview the consequences of the individual decision or group choices over the others and the reflections in all the community sharing the same context

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