Steemit : The Shrinking of the Money Pie and the Rise of Human Pie

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Steemit : The Shrinking of the Money Pie and the Rise of Human Pie

The Steem Coin (Money Value) vs. the Self-Esteem Coin (Human Value)

First of all this post is not targeting specific people or actions on Steemit, but is just a reflection about the changes I have been feeling, on the time I have spent on Steemit, writing , reading, voting and curating, and it is a contribution for reflection and to find ways of improving the most important thing in a Community....People

When I started on Steemit, the friend who showed it to me, was an idealistic person and told me about the place where there was a crowd of bright people writing and building a community, the best minds in all the subjects of arts, science, computing , decentralized systems, cryptocurrencies, digital economy and so on.

After I signed I saw that had 3 Values of Steem in my wallet, and I tried to read and understand te concepts.

Soon I found out that posting or curating, voting or "roboting" had financial repercussions on Steem values that were very inflated when I joined.

This fact started to interfere with the feeling I had before I signed, because I started to notice that some people, was most moved by the vectors of the materialism, instead of focusing on being themselves and writing freely their opinions, commenting their own feelings.

Sometimes people were writing in the name of what the public expects, the desire of whales, the wish of sharks and in some small cases finally the ones becoming "kiss-ass-writers/curators/voters"(Materialists) with very low self-esteem

So, I tried to keep more referenced to my self, then to the totem of Money, because writing for me is pleasure not business, but when I receive votes, comments or rewards, I really felt fulfilled because I saw it as Esteem to myself

Well but in life we can choose a path between the the Idealistic way and the Material way , because the kind of balance you choose between them, it will always have implications on your personal freedom and self-esteem

But anyway it was a funny good feeling that writing for pleasure, could have a financial feedback, because I have allways done it for free after all these years.

First thing I decided was not to use "robots" because I wanted to focus on writing, and I didn't want to receive or do "bots votes", because this was not people reading or commenting, and above all I don´t want some robot to express or comment in my feelings (it's gonna be a long time until a robot can approach the understanding of human feelings)

My second decision was to write the same way I have been writing or curating in the Internet for more than 20 years, usually without disclosing my identity, and just for the pleasure of it, feeling the sense of participation in the construction of the Re-Evolution for a free world wide, the most strong actual gun in the battle field against the Power (Centralized Soul and Money sucking with authoritarian systems)

"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other."
Carl Jung - Psychiatrist

I saw people getting angry when the value of steem and rewards where becaming scarce, but it was good to see the idealists that stayed for the fun of it

I saw people arriving to the "El dorado" with the only goal of getting rich very fast, without the pain of working or contributing, to get the 15.000 dollars post

I saw people coming talking about leaving their jobs and I got apprehensive

But I saw too that there where people that was there just for the fun of it (the Idealists) , that actually read the real valued posts, to surf the stream of the best writings in evolutionary arts and sciences

I saw steemit welcoming or attracting Stars to supposedly bring visibility to steemit, when we need to be more visible to the ones, willing to contribute, to stop the actual garbage bits written on the internet today

In other words Steemit reverted the pyramid of the quality of content in the Internet and some social media,

Internet : 97% bad content <----> 3% excellent content

Steemit: 97% excellent content <----> 3% bad content or Less

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes"
Carl Jung - Psychiatrist

Every community has growth problems and crisis , and if everybody gets angry because of the material value, as a consequence the spiritual value will be lost and it's the dissolution of steemit

I see that after the storm of the scarcity of material value, is bringing the people of community, more united and focused in the main task: To produce Great Content for Great People

But, has I comment in one post when the ship seems to be sinking, maybe all the rats that abandon it, are the necessary weight loss for the ship to navigate again

Let's improve this beautiful community. by discussion and involvement, to prove the difference of decentralized social media, because it's very difficult to find a pool of brilliant people out there in social media

Thanks to all people that contribute for this great community, because I know the energy needed to contribute, sometimes, even leaving behind some personal private tasks

Thanks to all the people that gave me Tokens of Esteem, that read and voted me, and specially to the ones that personally encourage me to write more

Thanks to all the wonderful enlightening + 1000 posts and comments I had time to read in Steemit - Please keep on writing

Steemit its the better place to hang out on the Net

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Firstly I use voting bots, the reason I use a voting bot is purely to motivate authors. I read on Steemit and my eyes can only travel so far and wide per day. Reality says " RoBOTS LIVE HERE " now I am flat out technically challenged by the process of buying Bitcoin, so reality is I have no idea what these currency miners actually do nor how they function.

But while I do not understand BOTS and find it amazing they can type : ) I like using them to throw my voting power around. Bots are here 24 hours a day, I cannot be voting 24 hours a day. I posted under anarchy and politics for a month it seemed before anyone heard my tiny minnow voice . . .

People need to be noticed, respected and validated. I try and post comments on peoples posts, and I try and upvote and REsteem stuff I feel connected with.
Remember there will always be trolls and there will always be nasty people who fail to respect anothers realistic opinion, then there is me when sometimes it get to into the booze and have these amazing drunken thoughts of clarity that i just must share : )

See you on the BlockChain ; )

Thanks a lot for your comment:)
I have nothing to criticize on "boting" or "roboting" as long as it is good for the community, as well as the actions of people. It's the same
Anyway machines are programmed by people :)

i like the comparison to the majority garbage on the net lol agree- hq here

Thanks for your your human comment a nd for the esteem token :)

Fantastic post @charlie777pt,
I share your experience and feelings.

Doing it for the ...
Love & Peace & Freedom

Thanks a lot for fueling my esteem:)

I do not thing that we have already reached a level of 97% excellent content on steemit. But at least this seems to improve proportionally to the drop of the steem price.

Nice co-relation between steem price and content
We are in the way of the Tao , never reached just a path
Thanks for your comment

Brilliant post. Thanks for sharing. Happy to upvote and share this on Twitter✔ for my followers to read. Following. Stephen

Thanks a lot for your boom on my self-esteem and the spread of global Steemit-Esteem
That's the spirit