Steemit: Altruism and Financial Scarcity and the rise of Advertising

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Steemit: Altruism and Financial Scarcity and the rise of Advertising

On Steemit and Advertising/Sponsorship

As always I'm writing without focusing in people or actions, but to create a richer content for reflection on the "mood I feel" on Steemit

To start this post I will say that I never liked publicity on the Net and I have add-ons on Mozilla to stop it

I spent the last 24 years of my life on the web trying to create content sites, where there was no publicity, of course I was paying for the servers (altruism vs. publicity )

When I arrived to steemit I didn't see, that media thing called publicity and rich content in some of the random post I saw and I immediately subscribed

I love Steemit the way it is, without the virus of advertising of centralized capitalist propaganda, but with age i become a more reasonable person and I want to contribute for the discussions and even give some ideas about that

"Anyone who's parading under a $100,00-plus video is not free from corporate. That's just the MTV advertising agency. I find them all to be just a bit of a sham". Johnny Rotten - Sex Pistols

After the fall of Steem value , more posts are appearing on the matter of Advertising, Sponsorship, but we must see that the relationship of people is more strong now then ever, because materialism is a weak link that can be broken easily and affect our own Altruism

"House, where there is no bread, everybody is angry, but nobody is right" - Portuguese Saying

In financial crisis altruism becomes more flexible and people are more ready to make changes and sacrifice some Ideals in the name of Money

I'm a user that can't take more time of my life to do Steemit as a job, but I want to write for a bunch of people that can read and understand my content (some of my posts are difficult to read ), but i try too to make posts about the mood i feel on steemit

If I write to please people and get financial rewards, I will loose my Self-Esteem that worth much more than Steem

The main Objective of steemit is Create rich brand new content with quality curating, not selling products or advertising

"This search traffic creates organic advertising for the Steem network and grows the network effect."....Steemit White Paper page 33

I believe that outside financing in steemit, can in the future constraint development, like publicity controlled TV - Publicity killed Journalism and Freedom of Speech

About Google Adds, I agree maybe for the visitors of steemit, but not for users after login .

Steemit is a Library and we need Silence

As I commented at @thecryptofiend

"Just an impulsive impression on publicity and sponsorship."
"I don't really like publicity in sites , but Steemit could start by putting publicity visible only for non users coming to visit steem from Google..and possibly ask them to join to stop seeing it.
" For sponsorship publicity we should use companies of new technologies and crypto actually discussed and posted in Steemit. The income could be use to improve some features or go to null"
- charlie777pt

Advertising/Sponsorship - Pros and Cons

"Replacing Advertising with Blockchain-based Content Rewards Under most content monetizing models, content creators leverage advertising in one form or another.
Many creators recognize how advertising may diminish their work’s value to the consumer, yet creators very often must seek returns on their time by monetizing.
Advertising represents a double-edged sword: With ads, a creator can make money most easily. Without ads, monetizing is difficult but the content is richer.
" Steemit White Paper pag 33

I can't figure out how I can read rich content in an environment were there are animations or splashes pumping in my eyes, good for normal media shit where there is nothing to read anyway

The use of generated value could be directed to in a xx % content creators and curators, xx % @null to make Steem stronger or xx % to very interesting NGO organizations in Africa that can with 10 or 20 dollars can give food to babies, create schools, and pay education, medical assistance and food for kids for 1 month ..I can even present a project for this

About the content that is buried after 24 hours , its not good the up-vote should be working for the new comers to Steemit
or we could put a target were a number of votes in an post after behind "dead", would be resteemed automatically (but with bots this might be confusing)

Another way of monetizing posts, with be the statistics of visits generated by google, that could be paid in steem or steem power, that could as well be used to Resteem the posts after a targeted number of visits generate

But it could be created a Advertise Window Panel where each user could opt or not to connect and people freely could pick up and choose 1 to 3 badges to put by knowing the value of the contract and benefits

But I believe that Steemit contributing for social causes is a must for the kind of ideological frame of the people in the community

Use Advertising for outside visitors and Sponsorship for steemit users for example

But the users would decide if they want to use their Media Generating Value, besides the main objective , creating Rich New Content

All advertising /Sponsorship contracts should be paid in Steem

All of life is a dispute over taste and tasting.

I 'll keep trying to create content the way I feel like and if some financial reward come from that I'll be very happy, because I'm exercising my Idealism of life, really writing what I want

Because when a man kisses other man's ass, he/she looses all is dignity, and no money can compensate that

"Money is human happiness in the abstract; he, then, who is no longer capable of enjoying human happiness in the concrete devotes himself utterly to money". Arthur Schopenhauer

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Interesting post, I appreciate your point of view my friend @ charlie777pt. Congratulations on this great job
I want to thank you for your valuable time in visiting and commenting on my post. thank you very much

Thanks a lot for upvoting my posts
I'm keeping an eye in your posts, good to read spanish in steemit
I have to post in portuguese one of this days
And keep posting'a long but safe path for steemit

You see a great enthusiasm in you @ charlie777pt my friend, if you give it forward. many successes

Thanks a lot , same for you , the best luck helped by work :)

Agree with you, sometime money kills the idealism that we have.

Thanks a lot for your comment
To Have or to Be ..That's the Question
If everybody keep on being themselves, I think we will have a lot of Esteem with a small Steem

I am as well not sure advertising should be the way to go! I like, as you said, the calm atmosphere. And I hope we will keep it.

I love people commenting, it means people read and care about the things we write
Thanks and keep your Esteem Up