An Ode to the blockchain - the Dialectic of Liberation

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An Ode to the blockchain - the Dialectic of Liberation

Blockchain , Media, Power, and People

We are in a time of total delusion of collective power - still in the denial phase, because people nowadays are still based in acephalus belief in populist, demagogic, redentor and savior political speech, that took us to the death of all ideologies and the rise of extremist new ideologies that are winning election all over the world with the most recent examples of Trump, Le Pen, Neocons and others

This is the ethics of the sign of the times, in the castration and mystification of public opinion, by a media, that just provide us fake news in the interest of a few, generating a big crisis in public trust

They are oriented by right wing and fascism extremism of racism, supported by oligarchic business interests, to justify their actions in manufacturing guns and wars all over Africa and Asia, and that can lead in the future to wars in Europe (already happening internally)

That's the kind of ideology , that demobilize poor native populations, because rich countries just want to suck natural resources for free, without considering the destruction of local environments, plants , animals and people.

People are still fighting for their rights for citizenship citizen in a in a process called democracy : the participative bureaucratic act of voting, under media controlled debate, with oligarchic lobbying oriented values as the only winners in elections.

That leaded to the destruction of the dialectic of liberation of all the ideologies related to changing the politics of centralized systems, because what counts today is the ideology of the Money God being directed to the 1 % of vampires sucking the blood of the rest of the 99%

But citizenship is reached by decentralization and consensus and learn to live together in a collective unstructered way

Power of corruptocrats today, has nothing to do with Politics, created to defend the people, but nowadays it's just to control and suck people's jobs and wealth and deprive them of their fundamental rights.

Because there is no "Revolving Door", politicians, bankers, and financial interests are all in the same House of Cards.

Bankers were created to lend money to improve economics, but today the people by public debt are lending money to banks to play poker, and in a magic night (that will never happen) they will recover all the money they have lost

Big corporations trying to privatize the nature, agriculture, health, the air we breath, genetic codes that is leaving a trace of destruction all over Planet Earth

Instead people should be fighting for the rights of citizenship by organizing in decentralized self-governed communities to reach consensus and act in the real collective interests

The Death of all ideologies in the centralized World and the Rise of the New One - Blockchain XX.0- decentralized everything

The blockchain is a wonderful promise of a New Universal Order to return to the politics of citizenship rights, painted with ideals of generosity, tolerance, humanism, respect for other human beings and opinions, cooperation and the right to be different that exists in this beautiful Nascent-State of the Blockchain Community

The community is guided by generating value in the blockchain, with creativity and learning of the autonomous agents in the new anarcho-capitalist decentralized, organizations and corporations using decentralized apps

Transparent Governance for education, justice, voluntary social taxes, with consensus as a healthy recognition and solution of conflicts of interests, under a frame of humanity, creativity, aesthetic and ethical values in a technology-based trust system

Only participative consensus systems with a distributed nature can create the values of a freedom, wealth, autonomy, efficiency, transparency, empowerment and equality of opportunity

The Blockchain is bringing science as the ultimate Gun against the System, with the new possibilities of a total decentralized transparent governance, with smart contract transactions with decentralized money,decentralized justice and open education practices for all

The Risks of a Centralized "Prisonchain"

I thing the System didn't understand yet - and I'm very happy - the kind of change the blockchain will generate and impact the actual structures of money, Power and centralized government systems

Coinbase is one the signs of future risk - in US it's always the IRS that catch the "bad guys" - so the next best models will be the anonymous decentralized systems and coins

If Power strikes, I'm sure it will force the community to go this way as the only solution

Otherwise I think they will make us escape goats and call us terrorists ( It's this as a possibility in the future).

On the other hand I'm afraid some people that are creating this new technology, get seduce by money or power and start working for the System to make total controlled centralized systems, that shouldn't be called "blockchain" but "prisonchain" because it hasn't the principle of anonymity, decentralization and transparency

By creating blockchained centralized systems to totally control us, because all our actions would be recorded in perpetuity, and only seen, managed and manipulated by Them and not by Us

We believe the blockchain and frame of decentralized autonomous and anonymous agents and organizations is the future, and will be a proof of work of the obsolescence of centralized systems

So let's keep on making it, sometimes ideals come true, at least in some part of it, by building the paths of future human civilization.

"We are the autonomous agent soldiers of scientific resistance that will never die, because our deeds will be perpetuated in the Blockchain forever" charlie777pt

Encrypting Bitcoin and the Blockchain for anonymity and untraceability as a fundamental pillar for Freedom, seems to be the solution for the dialectics of Liberation, otherwise the IRS in the future will target bitcoiners and altcoiners. I think that going underground will increase the value of Bitcoin as well the effects of the ideals of Free Open Source for a Free Open World

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies must be opaque to centralized systems, because any connection to them is against the actual ideological framework decentralization of the Blockchain

Steemit is one of the first living proof of the "New Universe Order", a victory of the Conspiracy of "Open Source-Everything" to make the "Old World Order" implode and collapse

Free Anonymous Internet for ultimate freedom and liberty as the project FIA I mentioned in my last post , that unfortunately has disappeared, and was the first all-in-one blockchain apps with total anonymity in personal and transactions data, and included an anonymous browser that could have replace Tor

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