Steemit Value : Intangible Asset vs Tangible Asset Analysis

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Steemit Value : Intangible Asset vs Tangible Asset Analysis

Proposal for Dashboard or Scorecard with Key Performance Indicators for Assets Value Monitoring

1- Analysis and data collection

I've been reading a lot of excellent posts about Steemit with data/information about Tangible Assets with very good indicators ( most tangible), but I'm going to concentrate my analysis and focus in the Intangible Assets Steemit is generating

There very good quantitative reports made by committed steemit users have a lot of quality, as well as, there are very good qualitative indicators, that we should always support and collaborate

The good task would be to select and congregate the best indicators this steemians are reporting, plus new created good new indicators to help at the strategic level

Performance Indicators for leadership, creativity, innovation, image, reputation,and users satisfaction is the goal for future organizational success

The philosophy of this kind of indicators to measure systems and can be used for control or as a tool for discussion, strategy, trending and consensus

We should create a Dashboard with indicators both Tangible and Intangible to monitor and predict the evolution of Steemit and apply the surveys to the following groups

Main Groups of Stakeholders: bloggers, content curators, witnesses, miners, investors, supporters and alliances
Other Subgroups of Stakeholders - the Users: newbies, minnows, dolphins and whales built over Reputation/Steem Power

This will help the cohesiveness of users of the Steemian Community to remain united and solidary in the pursuit of a better perceived common goal

We know that the curve of value of Intangible Assets equals or boost/increase the value in Tangible Assets, even if it can be postponed in time

2-Definition of Intangible and Tangible assets.

Tangible assets are considered the goods of material nature and can be reflected in Accounting

Intangible assets are of immaterial nature, that cannot be touched, not easily monitored or valued, like patents, copyrights, trademarks, domain names

Intangible resources can be also called Intellectual Capital that can be divided in three components:
a)-Human capital includes the skill sets of the community and stakeholders
b)-Relational capital includes all the relationships between stakeholders
c)-Structural capital include all legally protected intangible resources as well as
(c1)Community operating processes and structure of the community; (c2) policies, information flows and content of its databases; (c3) leadership and culture (c4)distribution of its incentive schemes.

Other Intangible assets are very difficult to value like

  • The strategic model of development of the community
  • Relationship between all the groups Stakeholders
  • Operative processes
  • Systems/ Technology of information and databases valuation.
  • The future value of the pioneerism of new decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)
  • Capacities, abilities, collective competence, creativity and innovations of the groups of Stakeholders

We can create Key Intangible Performance Indicators (KIPs) for the the Intangible values of Steemit, like :

Dashboard or Scorecard of intangible indicators to help to measure performance of Steemit (Intangible Assets Monitor)
We could have 3 Main Groups of Factors :
(i)External Structure Indicators (ii)Internal Structure Indicators and (iii) Competence, and for each one design indicators of Growth, renewal/innovation, efficiency/utilization and risk/stability measures

We should create indicators to record the value of the research

The use of KIPIs or KIPs can increase and help to drive the Strategic value of Steemit 's competitiveness, market, product, reputation, and risks profile

3- Strategy

Steemit strategy shouldn't be following or benchmarking with the principles of oligopolistic social media markets with bad content and a lot of users

Their objective is not to create content or rich media, but to sell profiles of users and as feedback teach and help big corporations to induce consumerism with that data.

I'm going to mention just some of the strategic vectors we should focus our Dashboard and KIPIs

a) Focusing on attracting the best Bloggers

If we lower the quality of content creation, maybe we attract more users, but remember is very easy to choose go down the hole in the quality of content, because some day we will hit the ground like the other extinguishing social media.

So it's better to go in the up in the direction of quality and rich content creation, because in this case the limit for Steemit is the sky

b) Focusing on attracting the best Curators

We should create a qualitative analysis of curating and upvoting, to avoid a set mechanism of psychological operations based in financial goals

c) Focusing on the value of the Investigation/Development /Research/Innovation and attract Researchers/Innovators

We can create a scale of valuing all the innovations/research projects inside steemit and correlated supporting and allied steemit systems

d) Conduct polls /surveys/questionnaires to find out the level of satisfaction of all groups of Stakeholders and Users

Polls determining User satisfaction by groups newbies, minnows, dolphins and whales

e) Other Strategies

Create a voluntary Reception Committee and Manual and Guidelines for new comers, to help and facilitate the integration process.I've seen already pretty good work about this on steemit

Strategy of creating decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplace, paid in steem but independent for Steemit blogging content

In the question of advertising products I think it is better to let it respond to by the Creativity and Inovation in Intangible Assets Value, than to get in the cycle of selling user profiles and expose them to publicity

4- Key Intangible Performance Indicators (KIPIs)

Key Intangible Performance Indicators (KIPIs) can be:
Financial values like economic growth, liquidity, inflation and decentralized economy distribution of the global value created and Non financial values like content and curation delivery , quality/productivity and service volume, that are the pyramid support of Steemit evolution

Lagging Indicators - Reflect the past/consequences of decisions (10% increase in quality of content implied a 20 % on steem price )
Leading Indicators - for future orientation (strategic) - satisfaction of stakeholders or steemit version cycle time

- Questions of Key Performance to measure intellectual capital and build key indicators

How well are we sharing our knowledge in the steemit community?

• To what extent are we retaining the talented bloggers and curators in our organization?

• How well are we promoting our values and objectives?

• How do users perceive the service of the platform?

• How effective are we in managing the relationships in the community?

• How well are we innovating?

• Are we continuing to attract the right people?

• Is the culture of innovation and continuous improvement high?

• How users feel committed in working for the community?

- Design of Key Intangible Performance Indicators (KIPIs)

a) - Non Financial - Intangible assets like:

Competences of all the groups of Stakeholders, Users/Stakeholders Satisfaction, Users/Stakeholders Retention, Inovation, Motivation and Ideals
Users- ( Users lists, Users commitment. Users relationships )
User rights (such as mining rights or witness rights)

Artistic- Intangible assets ( Performance events, Literary, Musical and Painting works, Pictures, Videos and TV shows)

a) Financial - Intangible assets like:

Marketing ( Brand Value & Trademarks, Internet domain names, noncompetitive and collaborative agreements, Newspaper heads

Technology-based intangible assets - Patented technologies, Computer software

Indicators for Users Behavior like level of Participation, Retention and Frequency

Examples of Indicators about content

Nr of posts Flagged/Total Numbers of posts
Nr of post without votes/Total Numbers of posts
Nr of posts not clicked/read /Total Numbers of posts
Nr of post without picture/Total Numbers of posts
Nr of Replies vs Upvotes
Nr of visits from outside steemit by search engines/Total visits from guests/visitors

5-Project Steemit Dashboard Assets Monitor

First of all we could start asking the actual users working in Steem Metrics to collaborate , and choose the best already created indicators to be on the Steemit Dashboard Assets Monitor

I could start a series of posts for people to help elaborate the questions of polls/ surveys /questionnaires by groups of Subjects to create new metrics, as well as create formulas of better significance, using the actual beautiful work in Steem Metrics made by lots of Steemians

We could try for create Polls/ Surveys for Strategic Guidance to generate the data to calculate the indicators the Dashboard of the Steemit Assets Monitor
To collect the data with the actual capacity of posting polls we will use the method like this using the Replies to collect data

Question 1 - value from 1 to 10
Question 2 - value from 1 to 10
Question 3 - value from 1 to 10



Example of outside Lagging Indicators of this week
Bounce Rate: 41.20% up 10.00%
Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 8.40 down 19.47%
Daily Time on Site: 11:21 down 20.00%
What percentage of visits to this site come from a search engine?
Example : 10.50% + 45.00%

To this post finish I'm putting one of my mantras for all the systems involved in Strategic Thinking and Tangibles/Intangible Assets, values and Indicators, to meditate and create brainstorming for new ideas and insights
This is helping me to think about a lot of new combined metrics

Suggestions, voluntaries and ideas for this project in Steemit

Please Read (intangible) and vote (tangible), and propose new ideas

Example of recent posts with lots of data - Excellent Steem metrics

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Thanks to all the people that everyday keep us updated with lots of interesting Steem Metrics to help us drive in our very young Steemian City

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