5 Thrilling Facts about Michael Jackson

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Who doesn't know the Kind of Pop? His music, his dance, his lyrics, everyone was and still is in love with. Personally, I am a huge fan of MJ too, so this is my post of 5 Thrilling Facts about Michael Jackson aka MJ.

5. MJ wrote all his songs with his voice

Much of his songs are composed by himself. Although MJ had knowledge of how to compose a song, he couldn't play an instrument or even read a sheet music. So MJ used to compose the entire song in his head and sing them to musicians.

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4. He is a king, LITERALLY!


He is often referred to as the King of Pop, but most of them forget the time in 1992 when MJ became a real king. In the early 90s, when MJ was on a tour of Africa, people of Sanwi made his crowned king of the nation. There was also a ceremony when he had to signed the papers and become official king of the nation.

3. He earns more, dead than most of the Celebrity alive.


Apparently, Michael Jackson made a billion dollar in 2016, ie 7 years after his death. He owns right to most of his music albums and they still make him money. You can read more about this here

2. New of his death broke Google


News that the King of Pop, The Michael Jackson is no one in this world, spread like a jungle fire around the globe. And of course to confirm this news people turned to Google. According to the stats released by Google, with just a few minutes after the news of MJ's death, millions of people searched his name and this brought Google on his knees.

1. MJ wore a glove to hide his skin condition


Every MJ fan knows that Michael was known for his unique styles of glove that he wore. While many thought that the glove was a style statement of Michael Jackson, in reality, it was to hide the early state of vitiligo. Vitiligo is a disease which causes the skin to change its color and usually starts from patches on hands and feet.

Fun fact: He had a glove custom made by the same person who made gloves for Kate Winslet in Titanic

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smoking trees or eating bee's?

What are you talking about mate?

His moonwalk was a masterpiece step .

@shubh007 yeah it was legendary <3

M j is best dancer and artist

Oh iam MJ fan but didn't know these all things thanks for sharing with us and don't forget to check out my blog

Your welcome, and also don't put your links on a comment, people might flag you and you can lose your ranking, just an advice :) @gurumetras

Thanks for your advice brother

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MJ was an odd guy...but I like his music...my childhood favorite

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Every one did, he is a god !

Nice content collected bro ..
All time hit MJ was one of the best talents of the earth ..
His dancing skills singing skills were brilliant ..
Very nice informative blog

Thanks a lot buddy, I really appreciate that comment :)

Mj was the legend and will be the legend forever

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