My Witness Pay-it-Forward Delegations Have Been Set

in #payitforward3 years ago

Here are the delegations I have made as part of my pay-it-forward initiative as a Steem Witness.


Total Delegated: 39,400 SP

39,4000 according to Excel addition, 39,100 according to Steem... If someone above doesn't have their delegation, let me know. Thanks.

Enjoy the extra SP everyone!

I'm off for about 6 days, on vacation. I hope you make good use of it.

Like many features on Steem, delegation is a double-edged sword with positive and negative potential. I could have "rented" out my SP to bot services like many do to get paid for delegating, but I didn't because I don't view that as a positive path forward for Steem and the community in the long term. I'm no saint, but I can delegate SP when I'm away and not using my SP myself ;)

If you like, appreciate or value what I did, or what I normally post about, please consider supporting me as a witness by voting for me. See the bottom of this post for info on my witness declaration and how to vote.

Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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My goal is to share knowledge, truth and moral understanding in order to help change the world for the better. If you appreciate and value what I do, please consider supporting me as a Steem Witness by voting for me at the bottom of the Witness page; or just click on the upvote button if I am in the top 50.


@krnel, I would like to thank you for the community support you have shown steemit. Infowars, I am sure Steve is just tickled pink about that, Asher, I know he is thrilled, he loves helping people out, and tending to the new users and encouraging steemit participation. And @apolymask, I know he is thrilled also, as will be all those enjoying and playing in his IFC games. All those on that list, and so many of the names I have seen, it is once again, a great thing you have done.

Super glad to see the support for Asher's League 2 members, they can now spread the votes to even more. @abh12345, and @davemccoy, helped me get to that 500SP magic number to get the slider and make voting easier, and it really spread my votes out to so many more people and has made a big difference.

My Sp has and continues to grow and with that growth I was able to spread,(delegate), a little SP out also. All rivers start with a little run-off, then soon they are a raging unstoppable torrent, that is what the delegations that people like you @abh12345, @davemcoy, and others do when they support the users of steemit. So thank you again for keeping the rivers flowing and peoples steem dreams alive.

I am using my SP a little differently this week @bashadow... I still want to focus on the community, but I want to do things like this and help get you to the top so that your message is very visible. I want messages like yours here to be seen so they can educate and maybe convince a few people to join us in trying to build something special here!

Very good comment... and you are right:

All rivers start with a little run-off, then soon they are a raging unstoppable torrent

Great job as always and happy to be your teammate here and growing this river together! :)

Thank you for that, I was really happy to see so many of the different people on there I know or have helped, or have helped me. The growth of newbieresteemday, and @apolymask IFC, the numbers of people in both discord channels just keep growing. And @Informationwar, I know he (Steve, @stevescoins) has got to be just blown away by that delegation. They help keep the new flowing with very few filters.

Looks like the right group to follow here on steem it!

Yes @cryptoj215, there are some real good communities on steemit. @newbieresteemday, (dave above is a cofounder), for news @informationwar is hard to beat. And for finding and learning about other people the "Pay it Forward" contest is a really good place to start. To track your progress in engagement or curation rewards, @abh12345's two leagues are simple to join, and he lets us know weekly how we did. (he will be gone this week) but next sunday he will be back posting the results.).

Education and engagement on steemit is what most of us are here for, so we try to help each other and new users.

oh wow! Thank you @krnel!

I shall be continuing as normal, not voting for self but providing for others producing good work across the Blockchain.

Have a great holiday!

I'm trying to upvote you but getting this message... lol I guess 1400 SP isn't enough

What the hell! hahaha :D

That cant be right! I saw a gateway error earlier, but i've never seen one of those!

I'm sure it is a glitch, otherwise the whole place is gonna go dark... :P ... @simplymike got it too and she also has 1400 sp.. her's said she was going to be out for 34 hrs to wait for it to recharge.

You deserve it Ash! I'd delegate to you if I could :) And I saw that @krnel is one of our witnesses...that's awesome! I knew you were the best choice for my proxy :)

aww :)

Yes he is, I do like the generous / no BBot types! :D

I know you do :) Fine choice! And fyi, I had Brian make you his proxy as well!

Thank you so very much @krnel!! And congratulations to everyone on the list!!

What a beautiful and selfless thing you are doing, and I am honored to be one of your recipients and included with a list of such fine steemians! I will do everything I can this week to show my gratitude to you.

Have a fun, relaxing and well-deserved week off :)

Massive thanks, I did not even enter and received 1000sp and nearly fell off my chair, abh12345 has my witness votes via proxy, here is hoping you are on his list, again thank you.

@krnel is on my list :)

Well done to you and all who have received this kind SP boost for the week!

You may have freebornangel to thank. They mentioned you as deserving of the delegation. Something about not being anti-social. :) Asher nominated the leagues, so there's that, too.

Superb, I will thank them both later today, for now I need to calm down and stop voting, I have just gone a little crazy on the new people in introduce yourself and taken my vote down to 83% which I never normally do. :-)

You might look in your feed and vote all the posts that are gonna round down.
I had been given erroneous info two years ago and thought it only rounded down in the ui, but that wasnt right.
Im wondering now where the money from those millions of roundings went.
I was told that 'the system keeps it' by someone that should know.

It's definitely easy to do. Thankfully, the slider adjusts up and down. :)

Nice of you to campout in the introduction tag. I'm sure the new folks will be happy you did.

awesome job delib! I'm sure you will make great things happen as you always do! :)

Thanks bro, I noticed you are on the list also, awesome job.

thank you too Delib!

Thanks, @krnel. This was a very generous thing to do.
I hope you will enjoy your vacation :0)

that's an interesting idea...delegate when you're not using it.
oddly enough...I don't take vacations...oh well.

I am so very thankful to have been gifted with this delegation! You're kind to have allowed the use of your SP while you are away to the various projects and people who are working to make Steemit a place for everyone! Another bonus from your contest was that I was able to find out more about a few terrific groups that I'd not heard of before! 😃 I hope that you enjoy your trip and have a fantastic day and again, thank you!!🤗

You got my witness vote because of this post. I hope you can inspire more of the wealthy here do do the same.

Thank you so much for my delegation @krnel. I just stumbled across it when I noticed my vote suddenly jumped up for no apparent reason! 😊

Looking at the others in the list I'm guessing you found me via @abh12345's Commenting League.

I'm off to find out more about your pay-it-forward initiative and to cast my witness vote.

Have a wonderful vacation! 😍

Congrats to you @gillianpearce! I'm very happy to see you get some recognition and also be able to reward even more people! :)

You and me both. I was barely logging on when I saw this delegation appear on steemworld. I didn't sign up for it, and was actually trying to encourage delegation to Ash, which did happen, so I'm happy for that. I guess I'll have to find things to do with it. :)

I'm sure you will find many ways to grow other people here @glenalbreathsen! You always do! :)

I don't know what I'm doing to grow other people. Apparently my $0.02 wasn't necessarily making it through, right? What are you going to do with yours? Maybe I'll follow you for a week. :)

lol.. yes go with $0.03 it should keep it from becoming "dust"... And you are doing a lot... You are leading us all (even passing decrees on our food selection). You should recognize by now that you are showing many how to get involved and spark a thoughtful conversation. There is a reason that you are number 1 3 weeks in a row. Since the day I first met you, you have always been thoughtful and genuine. On top of that, you manage to elicit responses by the way you respond. You have the natural gift of gab.

So it stand to reason that if people grow by communicating with others and making new friends and connections, then all of your interactions together mean you are growing other people. With a little more SP to cast a slightly larger vote, you can reach even more people than you otherwise could've. I think you are the perfect person to be delegated SP... You always use it to give respect to the people you are communicating with! (At least I should say that is what I have witnessed... since I don't follow you around every day)

And I am happy to have you follow me around any time you like, maybe you could teach me how do 10 things at once... I struggle sometimes :P

Like I'm going to teach anyone how to multi-task. On good days, I manage one at a time. :)

I suppose the impact of what any of us are doing will be measured by it's accumulative effect over time. Right now, I can't see much of what I might be doing, but hey, I'll take your word for it.

I am trying to keep conversations going for as long as the other participant wants to, while trying to be respectful of their time. I ran newspapers for 15 years, so I learned a thing or two about how to do that.

I don't know that I was quite ready for the delegation. Since I didn't apply for it, I wasn't expecting it. I'm still trying to figure out how to feel about it, but for now, I'm just trying to do what I've been doing by hitting as many people as I can come across that have good content or engage and see what happens. I think I'll be relieved when it's withdrawn and it's just me again.

There's generally more than one way to do things, and there's generally unintended consequences to everything, too. Knowing that, I'll find myself cautiously optimistic while trying to prepare for worst case. So, when it's called for, that's generally where I'm coming from in any argument. I go in with the idea that most people are good and trying to do the right thing and that a few words in a text box isn't enough to get the full picture of anything. Especially when most people are pretty tight lipped about who they are and what they think in the first place. Then, I just try to share things about my life or what I think I know and see what happens.

Vote things with .02 payouts, stinc gets to keep the money from rounding all those down.

agree with you completely! To be safe, 0.03 or higher

I didn't sign up for it either. Just came out of the blue. I was considering playing with a bot while @abh12345 was away but decided against it when this came in. Also, by the looks of it, I didn't really understand how it worked! Nothing new there. 😂

Playing with a bot? Now that would have been fun to see. :)

Glad you changed your mind, though. I haven't tried to use a bot and from the sounds of things, I don't really want to. So many variables to consider, even if there's info on that, too.

Yep. It sounds pretty complicated. More so than it looks.

The rebel in me wanted to try something a little different while the boss was away. However, it turns out he's still keep tabs on us in the background! 😂 😂 😂

haha :)

Would I do that!

Be a rebel for a week!

Nah. Three self votes was enough @abh12345. It well and truly cocked up my VP and I'm still trying to recover it!

Seems like you can't do 100% self-votes and the number of 0.02c comment votes I was doing, with the level of SP I have.

When I've got my VP back to 100% I'll start a new experiment! 😁

Great iunitiative @krnel, we need more guys like you here on Steemit.
I added you on my witness voting list.

Contrats to everyone who got Delegation.

I guess there's only one thing to say when you don't know what else to say: thank you for the delegation. I didn't ask for or expect it, but thank you all the same. Safe journeys and happy vacation. :)

Very nice everyone! Lots of names I know on that list and very cool that they will all have more SP to upvote my Seriously lots of very deserving people on that list and it's great to see!

:) You won't be forgotten. The good thing is that most of the people are all over the blockchain, interacting and spreading out upvotes! Most of them are followers of you, so you it will drip down to you :)

Funny how everyone locked into my joke...but any extra weight to the contest would be great! Wonder if we can get it to the Hot page this week. Think a lot of newer bloggers use the hot and trending to figure things out and getting a quality contest in front of them over paid for crap would be great.

haha... good one @thedarkhorse! :D

hahaha good one! But since I am a judge and part of your "Pay it Forward Curation Contest", I now have more VP to upvote the entries! I love how your contest is taking off; it show me that more and more people are valuing the whole concept :)

@krnel to be honest I am speechless. Thx for the vote of confidence. Enjoy your holiday.
I do see a lot of familiar names on your list, so I do think that the extra power you gave us will be used like it should be used!

You deserve it buddy! You can definitely add this to your list of "ups" on steemit!! Have an awesome day :)

congrats to you @fullcoverbetting! Glad to see you on the list for sure!

Glad you are also on there! Lets use the power like it should be!

Delegation are really need when steem cross SBD

Wow very nice names included in the names of the people that is very active in @abh12345 league of Engagement.

You could have not picked a most excellent way of making use of SP but those people who are out there trying to.make Steem better by engaging and spreading the vote.

Haha so does this mean that Glen will be commenting up a storm!

Hey Mav... I can pretty much assure you that Glen will be commenting up a storm! Thank goodness too, or we would be overrun by the ladies :P ... speaking of which, how are the is your fan club?

Just awesome @krnel, and Congrats everyone!! I see some amazing Steemians on that list!! <3 <3 Thanks for BEing the change you wish to see on STEEM Krnel!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

You said it @lyndsaybowes!! I love to see this kind of thing too :) And thank you for the congratulations as well :)

thanks @krnel! you've got my vote and what a nice surprise for monday morning. enjoy your vacation :D

Wow @krnel, this is very impressive... I want to say thank you so much for paying attention to the communities here. It is an honor to know that you are reading our words and focused on the communities like @abh12345's Curation and League of Excellence. To see so many receive your recognition is very uplifting for sure!

Also thank you for my individual delegation! It will be used to support the community in some way while I have it! That you can count on! I hope you have a terrific vacation and again thank you so much for paying attention and helping to grow the community from the bottom up! :)

I am very active here for over 11 months and only know two of your picks, and these two are not bad picks.
I bothered to check your first three places and I can only speculate why you picked them for their places.
Still better than what 2 other delegators that I know about did.

You got a 20.00% upvote from @proffit courtesy of @stimialiti!
Send at least 0.01 SBD/STEEM to get upvote , Send 1 SBD/STEEM to get upvote + resteem

@krnel - stumbled upon your post and really love what you are doing. It is obvious that you care for the Steemit community.

I took a look of the users that you have delegated to, and I, of course, had to look into informationwar, since that particular user got by far the most SP delegated.

Look - I like conspiracy theories as much as the next person, and I have not much love for either the left- or right wing media. Being a socialist myself, I am way left of left.

However, I read a few posts from informationwar's blog, and the crap that's posted there is beyond belief. I would almost rather see a shitload of re-steemed Haejin posts!

I only took the time to reply to one post of his, where he clearly indicates that the Clintons have murdered some doctor to cover up some shit. It was not researched and basically just taken from various conspiracy sites. Problem is that Clinton's emails were leaked and the truth comes out.
Spoiler alert: The Clintons and their foundation, did in fact, not murder this poor soul. His "murder" has also been ruled a suicide since then, but I am not going to argue that the almighty powerful Clintons, didn't cover that up and paid everyone to change the cause of death.

Anyway. With this handsome delegation, for free, informationwar, will now be bale to post more shitty conspiracy theories, who are probably just as badly researched, and profit from it.

Not sure if that's what you had in mind.


Wow. thank you so much for the delegation. I did not expect that at all!! Thank you!!!

You see that it is an interesting project, I will enter your blog to see how it would be great to try with you

Completely forgot to enter this, congrats to the winners! Awesome of you to do @krnel while on vacation, enjoy your time.

Wow krnel! Thanks for supporting us in @informationwar!

That's a big boost for spreading the truth!

Great idea for large accounts such as yours!
Thanks for changing the game!


Upvoted Followed and Resteemed!

You have my vote as an appreciation for your choice to delegate that amount of Steem Power to organic curators rather than bid bots.
Great to see this kind of behavior. Followed you for some weeks now, but haven't read too many of your posts...
Will change that though.

This is a very amazing delegate, everyone wants to like you @krnel maybe they do not yet know how to be a witness for you. I myself still do not know how to be a delegate from you. as you mean the delegate is a two-edged sword with positive and negative potentials, can you give me an answer what is meant by positive delegates and negative delegates. I am still confused with what you mean, forgive me if you ask this to you. Peaceful greetings from me @hendrawahyuni.

I pray for all of us to be always in the shelter of peace

I don't fully understand all this yet but it sounds good..

@krnel, i don't have the right word to describe you, but you simply humanly someone in his truest person. Thanks for the delegations.

Enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

I hope i receive a juicy upvote from the receivers

Thank you so much for delegating to @brisby and @mariannewest


sir @krnel, i found one sentence in your post that is "delegate is a double edged sword with positive and negative potential".
double-edged sword is inside my post tonight .., i was shocked when reading a double-edged sword .., if there is a chance visit my blog to see a double-edged sword. happy sir @krnel, hope you and your family are always in the protection of the Almighty .., we are here always faithful waiting for your presence.
greetings from me @muftii.

sir .., I want to ask a little about Witness .., at Witness there are 30 votes .., whether 30 votes that we can give all for 1 person ...? I have chosen you by voting ..
thank you..

Thank yo so much for supporting AirClinic!
We appreciate your contributions to steem!
Promise to use it as well as possible!

wow ! - thank you matey. - I will not let you down for this act of faith in me.

(oh, I might give you my witness vote , to. 😂 )

Thank you!

Im gonna put a bunch of it to preventing stinc from robbing the poorest users on the platform.

Were you aware that .02sbd and lower votes are rounded down and stinc keeps the money?

Thanks so much! You did the right thing, and I’d think so even if you didn’t choose me. I sent you’ve a message on discord about this, but I want to know more about where you want to see steemit go. I’m trying to put together a witness support list for our two communities and my followers.


Curated for @informationwar by @richq11 And a BIG thank you from us all!

Thank you for delegating to some of my favorite steemians! I hope they use their new-found power responsibly! @ironshield

Excellent. Seeing which Steemians are among your choices is reason enough to give you my witness vote without much digging, which I never do.
don't upvote me, just keep supporting those whose mission it is to offer a path out of the madness like you have done here.

great post sir...thank you very much

Nice. Very generous. Inspiring even.

Thank you so much! I'm honored to get to be part of this group of people who are making an impact on the platform. Thanks for the faith you've put in us to help you continue your mission of making Steemit a better place!

congrats blondie! You deserve it for sure!

Great choice of people here! :)

You have great articles on a consistent high level, and bring in all it needs to be a great witness ;)

Best wishes,


I am proud to say that I know some of the people on the list . They give me encouragement to push forward in the right way . They set the standard on how one should conduct themself on this platform . Everyday I do my best to emulate their actions . well done to all . And to you sir for supporting them .

You got my vote. Blessings. @ krnel

Congratulation all

As I learn my way around Steemit, I have sloooowly been learning as much as I can about the Witnesses, and voting for those that seem to be doing the best for the community at large.

After seeing this post, you have my vote @krnel! I haven't been around very long, but recognize many of the names on this list and know that it is well delegated and in good hands. Enjoy your time off. 😊

Although I'm not among the beneficiaries as I only got to know about this just late, I want commend your efforts. This is really beautiful, good people like you still give us faith and hope in the system, well done @krnel.

I look forward to receiving some SP delegation someday as this will be very useful and helpful to me and the community in many ways, especially towards supporting my project tagged PRODUCTS OF HELP INITIATIVE, a steem powered project that focuses on providing educational support to school children in rural communities of Nigeria.
I'm giving you a witness vote right away, you deserve it. Well done

The Informationwar salutes you good sir :)

Have a great vacation!

I didnot made it :(

@krnel thanks for the support of the @asapers main account and so many others in that community you sir are a freaking champ.

Congrats @shai-hulud! You guys deserve it and happy to see @asapers get this kind of recognition! :)

What an awesome surprise to wake up to!!! :) I thought the same thing ;)

I know a few of these people on this list, and they are all great people. And I appreciate the fact that you helped them through your delegation. As a matter of fact I love a few of these people and trust them enough, that if they receive delegation through you and it's good enough for me to vote for you as a witness. Thank you for helping this awesome community. And also thanks so much for being generous. It is people like you around the community to inspire me to keep going. So, please continue to be yourself and don't change. I sent you and all of yours all of my love. And may our creator bless yous.

OT: I also really hope you enjoy your break. And I hope that it finds You somewhere relaxing and enjoyable. And surrounded by loved ones and Friends. I asked that our creator protect you and keep you safe until your return.

Thank you so much for delegating 300 SP to me! I've been recharging my VP for the last two days so it seems like I was doing the right thing!

I will make good use of this! Stay blessed!

My witness vote is yours.

Thanks a lot for the assistance @krnel! I really appreciate it. And I'm sure our players do as well since that's where the vast majority will go to. If you help again in the future maybe we can do this on the @ifc account that we're trying to build up? Then it could purely go towards the IFC related content as I still vote for other things on this account sometimes. Either way, this will be a nice boost and I've already had a few people mention appreciation, one of them thanked me for the big upvote before I even knew that you delegated some! So.. It's definitely being appreciated. Also, I'm going to start mentioning in our rounds that you helped us along with the other witnesses and ask people who support the IFC to vote for you as witness as well. Cheers and hope you have a great vacation!

Thank you my friend! Imagine my surprise- in a year and a half on Steemit this is the first time I've won anything!

I cannot thank you enough was a pleasant surprise yesterday. Perfect timing for #fruitsandvegiesmonday contest. I was able to give a generous upvote to all participants and it felt really good. I am very grateful to you for giving this opportunity. Enjoy your vacation @krnel .


Congratulation @abh12345! You deserved it. This definitely will help and support further more on the League of Excellence & Curation League.

@krnel I love this and will resteem soon along with sending a vote through my bid bot!

Thankyou @krnel. I really forgot about my application. :) Voted for you.

Thank you so much for this! I shall dedicate my time daily for curating fiction like I always intended to. Thank you and hope you have a great vacation!

Great post @krnel. Thank you for sharing these info !!

Happy trip friend, I wish you the best of luck ..

Please what is the delegation all about it don't seem to understand

Uff, overlapped with exam period and I was shameful, sorry :(

Great work krnel! Very good to see this kind of altruism happening! Cudos