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RE: My Witness Pay-it-Forward Delegations Have Been Set

in #payitforward3 years ago

oh wow! Thank you @krnel!

I shall be continuing as normal, not voting for self but providing for others producing good work across the Blockchain.

Have a great holiday!


I'm trying to upvote you but getting this message... lol I guess 1400 SP isn't enough

What the hell! hahaha :D

That cant be right! I saw a gateway error earlier, but i've never seen one of those!

I'm sure it is a glitch, otherwise the whole place is gonna go dark... :P ... @simplymike got it too and she also has 1400 sp.. her's said she was going to be out for 34 hrs to wait for it to recharge.

You deserve it Ash! I'd delegate to you if I could :) And I saw that @krnel is one of our witnesses...that's awesome! I knew you were the best choice for my proxy :)

aww :)

Yes he is, I do like the generous / no BBot types! :D

I know you do :) Fine choice! And fyi, I had Brian make you his proxy as well!