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RE: My Witness Pay-it-Forward Delegations Have Been Set

in #payitforward3 years ago (edited)

Massive thanks, I did not even enter and received 1000sp and nearly fell off my chair, abh12345 has my witness votes via proxy, here is hoping you are on his list, again thank you.


@krnel is on my list :)

Well done to you and all who have received this kind SP boost for the week!

You may have freebornangel to thank. They mentioned you as deserving of the delegation. Something about not being anti-social. :) Asher nominated the leagues, so there's that, too.

Superb, I will thank them both later today, for now I need to calm down and stop voting, I have just gone a little crazy on the new people in introduce yourself and taken my vote down to 83% which I never normally do. :-)

You might look in your feed and vote all the posts that are gonna round down.
I had been given erroneous info two years ago and thought it only rounded down in the ui, but that wasnt right.
Im wondering now where the money from those millions of roundings went.
I was told that 'the system keeps it' by someone that should know.

It's definitely easy to do. Thankfully, the slider adjusts up and down. :)

Nice of you to campout in the introduction tag. I'm sure the new folks will be happy you did.

awesome job delib! I'm sure you will make great things happen as you always do! :)

Thanks bro, I noticed you are on the list also, awesome job.

thank you too Delib!