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RE: Pay It Forward Curation Contest Entry - Week 11

in #payitforward3 years ago

Well Well Well!!!!!!!!!
I can make you laugh!!!!!!!!!! And now... the truth is finally out there. for all the blockchain to see forever and ever and ever! hehehehehe

my jokes. they be funny!

and so... here is a limerick in celebration of this day!

There once was a robot named @bengy
Not a word even rhymes with @bengy
Things sorta go south
When he covers his mouth
Withhold giggles from Dreemie - can he?

I'll just leave that there for you to revel in all its beauty. hehehehe

Thank you for the kind words :) Our graduating class will forever be the MOST best-est-est!



LOLLOL, I sometimes feel like that ^^^^^

Did you know there is a haiku bot going around at the moment?

well.... all i see is laughter. so... hehehehe GOOD FOR ME!

AND...i got visited by the haiku bot!!!! it turned the most inappropriate sentiments into a haiku. I think this bot has no home training.