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image source; @pifc

The Pay it Forward Curation Contest is a weekly contest organized by @pifc and @thedarkhorse. This contest is finding new under-valued steemians who have the reputation level 55 or below to promote their valuable post.

If you have some interest, here is the contest link.


Today I picks "travel" tag to feature. Following bloggers are my selections for this week. Please visit them and show your love to encourage them.

Selection 1. @shahin577 ( reputation - 25 )

My dream travel


He is a student from Bangladesh. He writes about his trip as much as he can in his post. So I apologize any inconvenience in reading his post. This is because I can't understand some sentence in his post. But I like his effort and want to support him. This is why I pick his post up.

His payout is $ 0.01 when I feature his. Please give a heart to help him.

Selection 2. @nicoleli ( reputation - 40 )

Discover Chongqing Food: Try The Mala Hotpot If You Dare!


This post is her second post in steemit. She can create a good post and has a good community. She writes about Mala hotpot in Chongqing. I don't like hotpot. But if you like hotpot and tasty food, you should do follow her and can make discussion this food with her. 😜

The post payout is $ 1. 36 and please support her good things.

Both of them have a good skill at writing. I think they will be a big whale on steemit in one day. So We have to support them as we can for their best effort.

Note : All images are theirs whose I featured.

MSU no. - 022


Thanks for your entry. 1 blogger upvoted. Reason given from my personal account as you know.

Your first entry is actually likely using stolen content and then translating it...very poorly at that. If this was actually his vacation he would have photos from the vacation and not be using stock photos. Can't prove this is the case as the words make no sense in the order they are, which often means "spun content" where they use software to hide the fact it's stolen content by swapping out words. This avoids the "word for word" match that can be done by plagiarism checkers...but then it leaves a post like this one where nothing even comes close to making sense.

PIFC won't upvote that post, but we will take the entry as valid and let others make their own decision if they want to support it or not.

Thanks you @thedarkhorse. I think I made a big mistake for this week. I really don't know he is doing that.So sorry. I promise I don't do it again. 😢

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It's hard sometimes to tell, but as you see more and more posts you start to notice patterns like the words that make no sense at all. A few of them aren't a dead giveaway, but when something reads horrible like the point that much makes no sense at all then it's probably spun content.

To be honest I felt it was and posted in the judges room to see everyone's opinion. They agreed, but as it could have just been someone writing in a language they don't know well I figured it was worth checking with them. So it wasn't as obvious as some are.

One thing, people who are writing outside their normal language tend to stick to simple words. These are the same words someone with a lower level education would use even in their native language. So when odd words that don't make sense and are less used words get inserted instead of a common word it really raises questions about the post. Hope that makes sense. Just picture if you speak 2 languages how you write in your native language vs your secondary language which you don't know nearly as well.

They also tend to write shorter posts as the words are harder to figure out for them and sentance structure is more of an issue...not using random words that make no sense.

It's always a combination of things put together to see a spammer.

Don't feel bad, it happens and that is why your entry is considered valid. You can remove the link to the spammer if you want or let others decide for themselves if it's worth a vote.

I've supported the second blogger, skipping the first as per @thedarkhorse's advice to you. I looked at the post earlier too, couldn't find any overt plagiarism, but noticed that the photos didn't really match the context of the article. (He's in Bangladesh and the beach picture was from the Caribbean...) So, I agreed that it was highly suspicious. Sorry for that! We all get fooled sometimes though - they get smart!

Thanks a lot !! @viking-ventures
I didn't notice the photos doesn't match the content. It 's ok for that @thedarkhorse forgives me. Next time I have to be careful more. 😢

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Very nice post and good entries. Thanks for participating in the contest!

You are a good man. Thank you for supporting. 😊

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your first blogger has a bit confusing story but I supported him because I hope he would do better in the future and love your second blogger with her spicy food adventure really fun to read, thanks again @aggamun for your entry

Yes madam @cicisaja
My first blogger has a big problem. Whatever he is, I thank you a lot for your care. Wish you a lovely day!

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Hey there, @aggamun! I supported your second blogger.
I myself featured a stolen content in one of my previous entries. I was in a hurry and didn't google the post to see if it appears somewhere else. back then @trinkowski alerted me that it was plagiarism.

It happens sometimes to miss it. Don't beat yourself up about it :)

Thank you so much. I am really inspired because of your comment and #pifc community. @insight-out
I had a worry when it happens. I had been upset at this time. I had made a decision not to participate next week. Now I have more confidence and feel good.
Wish you all have a lovely day!!

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I hope you decide to participate. I am looking forward to seeing your next nominations! :D

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Hi I visited your features.
Can't wait to see what you come up with for next time.

Thz u so much for your kindness.

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