CONTEST! My2018: Just a normal day | 100 Steem in Prizes

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One year is made of 365 days and let´s face it, most of those days are normal days. We wake up with our family, we go to work, we meet our friends, do some chores and then head back home to spend time with our loved ones.

These days for us, sometimes they may seem like too rountinely and maybe sometimes boring but, have you ever wondered how different it is a normal day in the Philipines compared to a normal day in Belgium? Do you know how people get to work in Canada compared to how people drive home in Japan? I´m sure the food Steemians in Indonesia eat very differently than how Russians do it...

And that is exactly what this contest is about

Show other Steemians how a normal day in 2018 was for you. You can include whatever you want from your day, it can be a normal monday or a casual Friday. Show us what you have for breakfast (is it at home, is it at the office, at school or where?), the route you take to get to your morning responsibilities, what do you do in your job/school/office, the challenges you face everyday, but most importantly show us...

Just a normal day in 2018

The rules to participate are very simple:

  • Do not use to post your entry. We have plenty of options like @esteem, @busy, @partiko, @steeve, @steempeak, @exhaust and @engrave so use one of them. Let's support the different DApps of our Steemcosystem!
  • It can be a video, a set of pictures, a narration or however you want to depict your normal day. Just bear in mind, the more visual your post is, the better chance it has to win.
  • You have to Resteem this post (Let´s get to more Steemians! I want to know how is a normal day all over the world, don´t you?)
  • Please use the tags blocktradescontest & my2018

**The entry must be submitted before the 27th of December at 23:59 PST and the winners will be announced on the 28th.


The total reward pool will be 100 Steem and we will have 5 judges and each will pick one winner.

Each winner will get 20 Steem each.

I will be voting on every post that participates in the contest and follows the simple rules stated above.

Some of the Frontends cited above might be voting on the entries, so do your best and make a great entry!

Remember I can only make this contest and vote on the posts thanks to the delegation I got from @blocktrades so, if you want to show them your support vote for them as witness here, it will only take one minute!


Nice to see a rule being don't use :D

Great contest, I look forward to getting a little glimpse into the lives of some other steemians x

I hope we get to see a glimpse of yours!

I will take part for sure, thank you @anomadsoul

Just curious why you are telling people not to use in a post here on Steemit?

It's a post on the Steem Blockchain, published through @esteemapp. Let's not confuse which is just one of the various frontends, within the Steem Blockchain.

I believe after the recent listing of Steemit on #stateofdapps it is better if we keep using different dapps to make some flurry and show the potential that steem Blockchain is giving to developers and other users.
Just my thought 👍

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What was listed was steem as a Blockchain and it's different DApps, not steemit. Indeed we need to use the different frontends and not focus on the beta version of Steemit.

Thanks for bringing clarity to my thought...seems I was bit carried away with post from taskmaster4450

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Thanks for bringing clarity to my thought...seems I was bit carried away with post from taskmaster4450

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Thanks for bringing clarity to my thought...seems I was bit carried away with post from taskmaster4450

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Ok, I understand but that doesn't answer the question as I didn't see you ask this before... maybe I'm wrong but I'm curious by nature :)

I think he means use another user interface dApp. is a user interface App built on the Steem blockchain. Just like steampeak, etc are apps built on the Steem Blockchain. They are just different front ends to use the blockchain. This post isn’t posted on, it’s on the blockchain.. and can be viewed there on any front end.

Like here

Just many different ways to use the blockchain, which many users aren’t aware of. I think he’s trying to spread the message about them.

Looking forward for to it...let see if Santa get happy on me this time😉...resteemed👌

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Thanks for the resteem and yes, best of luck to you!

Hey mate, I've got something super unique for you:

This was written using the @exhaust front end... which I'm sure no one else in your comments section has used yet. You can find the front end here ( and it's a new platform created by @mstafford for dudes and chicks who like to be active and post about it and are total stats nerds about it.

Thanks for the tip, already included it in the post!

Do not use to post your entry.

I'm out then. I'm just too happy with the restricted design of the UI not to use it. ;)
All other UIs are just too interactive for my taste, displaying notifications and such.

Valuable contest nonetheless. :)

Have you even tried Or any of the others for that matter. I was the same, steemit is very simple and easy to use but once I tried the others I realized what I was missing. You should give it a try!

I did try Busy indeed. :)
And I felt overwhelmed.

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I also find it interesting that we should not use for posting if we enter! I've been seeing so many of my friends posting through various other mediums so I guess it's high time I get with the program, thank you for making us sit up and think ;) Have used a while back but old habits don't die easily not so ;) Interesting contest, hope to enter!

Thank you so much for mentioning us!

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joining contests is starting to become my everyday task beside my everyday job 😅

Nice subject for a contest again! Like the rule to use another dapp, promotes them a bit more and makes users aware of other possibilities.

Who will be the judges?

Oh, Eric, this is a very interesting idea! We live our lives without even thinking that it might be interesting to anyone! And this is really a priceless experience!

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Great contest! <3

Buenísimo, como todos los concursos que has realizado, éxitos para todos, yo uso para publicar steempress , seria valido publicando desde allí?

Small error in the dapps you've listed, you've mentioned @steve, while I think you meant @steeve ;)

Thanks! Those typos damn

Happens to the best of us :)

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Id like to have a word, if you can send me a DM over discord I'd appreciate it. Best regards!

This looks like a fun one to record, but I won't be able to do it in time I'm afraid, living on the road atm so internet access can be difficult.

2019 should be a good year!

Hello thar,

Happy holidays and here is my entry:

Thank you for those contest,

Eagle spirit

Yikes, I missed this post... hoping to be able to submit an entry :D
Happy Holidays @anomadsoul :D

You still have plenty of time!

Planning already :)

Nice !! Especially promoting the DApps !! Merry Christmas :-) 🎄🙏🏼😇

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Wanna have chance to submit mine.
Merry Christmas @anomadsoul

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Great idea for a contest. Sad that I missed it.

But will keep your posts in my feed..

I'm not leaving my post here, but I made my submission. Also... Dtube counts, right?? 'Cause I made a video, @anomadsoul.

Of course it counts! Thanks for joining

I think you did right things, then we know how every steemian passed the day, not only make good self apperasce, but also the daily activity.
Here my entry
Thank you @anomadsoul
Thank you @esteemapp
thank you steemit
warm regard from Indonesia

This is an awesome idea! Can I make a suggestion? Today is already Friday and I am going to be celebrating the holiday season and be off work for some time. That isn't going to really give an accurate depiction of a normal/average day. I plan on trying to remind myself to take some pictures on the 26th though so I can definitely enter.