HELPIE and its projects are CLOSING - Effective Immediately

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Hey, Helpies.


It was coming...

It's sad, but true. We here at Helpie loved running a witness and supporting the blockchain, but found with the crypto winter it was very hard to maintain. While I had been doing weekly posts (Wacky Wednesday) and we had Spanish Curation posts (thank you @victoriabsb!), we just weren't making enough liquid Steem to pay for the witness. In January of this year we disabled our witness in hopes of saving our funds for the curation initiative (@helpiecake and the Bakers).

Fast forward to today

A LOT has happened in a few months! And now with the launching of HIVE tomorrow we had some decisions to make, and fast.

We have always been aware of how small @helpie is, but still important. But now, more than ever, it's more important to combine our powers of good rather than spread it out. We decided to transfer all Steem Power from both @helpie and @helpiecake to a couple of already thriving excellent curation projects.

Steem Power to go to @minnowsupport & @c-squared!

@minnowsupport is near and dear to our hearts as @helpie was born from it. Located in the PAL Discord, the Minnow Support Project offers upvotes and encourages content creation and community building. If any of our Bakers want to start curating there - Please do! Tag @crimsonclad or @juliakpondford (in PAL Discord) to get started! Say you're from @helpie 🐟.

PAL Discord - Minnow Support Project

@c-squared & @c-cubed is another great curation project cofounded by @carlgnash, @justineh, @markangeltrueman, and @randomwanderings. @c-squared is the curation project and c-cubed is their blog. Plus, the 'cubed' account does 10 100% upvotes a day of high-quality content that was found by their curators. This project is very similar to Helpie's. In fact, if any of our bakers want to start curating for them - you can! Simply join their Discord, pop in General chat and say,, "I request the curator role",, or something like that. Boom. You're in.

C-Squared Discord

To our Delegators

THANK YOU SO MUCH! It's hard to believe, but our little project had over 12,600 SP delegated to us! That's amazing! We truly hope you are all able to delegate to another project, perhaps even one of the ones above. 😉 Again, THANK YOU. Delegation is so important to our curtation projects.
After a few weeks, if we notice we still have delegations I'll start to reach out to those I can to make sure they know our project has closed.

Our Bakers

We will forever be grateful for all of your hard work in sharing the love (and the cake) around our blockchain. It was wonderful to see, even during these very crazy times, many of you still baking (curating) amazing undervalued posts. No matter what someone tries to tell you, ya'all are ROCK STARS. 🤩

The Discord

We will be shutting this down as well. There's no need to spread out so much across so many different channels. Most all helpies had a 'main place' (often times, PAL Discord 🥰) and Helpie's Discord was only a secondary thought. Eventually, as habit we notice less and less action in a place and then WE don't participate and then it just kinda pitters out. But no fear! No one left (I don't think), we are all just other places.

Notable Mentions

While we say goodbye, we cannot forget @helpie's beginnings. @meno really brought @helpie to life. He had a beautiful idea and no plan, 😂 but a lot of really amazing people to help get it started. He brought in his brother @pechichemena, who did DAILY Steem Trivia posts for a long time. @paintingangels was brought in quickly, as well, and truly brought a light to the community.

There are a TON of amazing Helpies from over the years! Many who come and go and some who are mere memories, but special to us nonetheless. I could tag everyone here... but that would take forever! And I'm likely to miss someone, feel bad, and cry. No one wants that.

And now, our dwindled team of Helpies, @carrieallen, @isaria, @eonwarped, @swelker101, & @bflanagin, close the doors for the last time. Good night, friends. Continue the great work!

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Beneficiaries for this post set 50% to @c-squared & 50% to @minnowsupport.


So sorry to see you go, thanks for sharing so much delicious cake with so many deserving authors! I know how much work it is to keep a project like this going, totally understand. And a huge thank you from myself and everyone else at @c-squared for the vote of confidence and donation of steem. We will be powering down both the @c-squared and @c-cubed accounts to convert all Steem to Hive, and are looking forward to continuing curation on the new community focused, decentralized and censorship-resistant Hive blockchain! Much love <3 <3 <3

Thank YOU for keeping on keepin' on.


Bye helpie i will miss you and i won't forget u

Sad to see but understandable. You really helped me get the Atom Collector Records community get started on STEEM and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
We will continue to support musicians on both STEEM and HIVE so all your support will continue indirectly!

Good luck for the future!

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To sum it up,



This is so sad :( Thanks for everything!

Thank you for all you've done... 🧡🍰

It's not easy to say goodbye, but sometimes there is no choice. And you have to move forward. You were doing a great job!

I think it is not the end, the platform can change, but the relationship we build, we will always have that!

Thanks for all the helpie in my steemit journey! It’s time to so much change this week and I guess we never know where the fork in the road will lead us! Hope to see everyone on the other side

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