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Introducing @travel-trail – Brought to You by @steemtrail


Are you a globe-trotting, flight-hopping, backpacking, sight-seeing adventurer? Do you enjoy road trips or have a favorite vacation spot that you love to visit? If you have experiences to share while you’ve traveled the world, we’ll read them! Not only will your posts be read by the curators of @travel-trail, but if your posts meet our guidelines, you may gain our support and have your posts recommended to other users and curators!

There’s much more to this than voting, however. We want to build a great Travel community on Steemit – and we want you to be a part of that community! Our team will work tirelessly to make sure that happens.

The @travel-trail Curating Team

These are the initial @travel-trail team members. Many of us have traveled the world or even lived in multiple countries, or have worked in the travel industry. Please browse the posts of these users if you want to get to know them better or to see their activity on Steemit. The following data is rounded and current as of October 19, 2016.

UserReputationSteem Power

We will post an introduction containing short bios for each of the team members next week.

The @travel-trail Guidelines for Posting

Please review these guidelines for the Travel category. These are not strict rules, but following these guidelines will certainly improve your post quality and your chances of receiving support from @travel-trail – and also receiving recommendations for curation by @steemtrail.

Original Content – We appreciate enthusiasm about places you’ve visited and places you want to visit. More than that, we would like to see original writing, images, and personal touches in your posts. Your knowledge, experiences, photos, or tips will add content that readers will desire and value. Show us something unique or personal about your journey and your posts will have the chance to jump to the front of the curating line.

Accurate Tags – If your post is primarily about travel, then please tag it accordingly by using “travel” as your primary tag. This will help sort the posts that we curate for the travel category. Posts that are not properly tagged will have a lower chance of receiving upvotes from the @travel-trail account. But don’t worry! We will help guide you and offer our assistance along the way.

Proper Citations – Content that is copied or plagiarized will not be eligible for curation. If you’re using images, quotes, or copied information from another source, cite those sources accordingly. If you use your own imagery, please let us know. It will not only make our job as curators easier, but it will also let your readers know that the images are original – adding a personal touch that may better connect you with your readers and followers.

Formatting – Posts that take advantage of Markdown and HTML to increase personalization and style will be more noticeable, not only to us as curators, but for readers in general. Formatted posts with good and relevant titles and headers will receive more consideration than others that have not been formatted. This is important for search engine optimization (SEO), but there is a balance to be reached and there are many options available to customize the formatting, so it may take some time to figure out what works best for you. Again – we will offer guidance for this, if needed. You can also visit #steemprentice in RocketChat for additional assistance with this. They have a good team and there is a lot of information for new and old users alike pinned in that channel.

Good Writing – We really don’t want to nitpick spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation errors, but a well-written post is important for readers. Multiple spelling and grammatical errors can diminish the perceived value of a post. Give your posts a read before publishing them and correct any mistakes you find. Then give it another read! Your followers will appreciate the effort – and so will your curators here. Mistake-free posts will certainly help with our selection process.

These are recommended guidelines for our curation team. We are not commanding everyone to conform to these guidelines. You may post as you wish and offer whatever content you desire, however you desire. This is only an attempt to help organize and curate the Travel category – to help with creating and rewarding quality posts and to attract and retain content creators to the Travel community on the platform. There are no penalties imposed on any user for not adopting these guidelines.

Join Our Curating Trail!

If you post regularly in the Travel category or enjoy reading posts on the topic, please consider joining our curation trail. The number of followers on the trail will impact the amount of rewards for the chosen posts. If you want to support our community initiative, following this trail will help accomplish our goals – and also earn you additional Steem Power rewards. This option would be especially ideal for those users who do not currently reach the daily 40-vote target.

This account will initially target a minimum of 20 posts per day for curation. As the team and platform grow and improve, those numbers will be adjusted. Likewise, as Steem Power increases, voting weights may be adjusted.

Updates on Progress, Changes, Curating, and Contests

We will publish a weekly post about our curating statistics and related information. Any changes to our curating habits and targets will be posted as necessary to keep the community informed. The rewards from our information and update posts will be used for increasing the Steem Power of this account and for covering costs of development and the curating teams.

We are also discussing contests and other ideas for community engagement. If you have any suggestions for contests, please let us know in the comments below.

Encourage People to Join Our Travel Community!

Bringing new users to the platform is one of the objectives for the @steemtrail project. If this is one of your favorite topics or categories, then tell people about it! If you know anyone who wants to share their travel stories and adventures, encourage them to join us and participate in the Travel community. They don’t need to know everything about Steemit to enjoy themselves here. We want to tailor this community for travelers, travel enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys reading about it.

The same applies to existing users. Tell us your stories. Engage with us. Support others in the category. Join our curation trail. When you join us, you’ll know that 100% of our efforts will be focused on the category and topics you love. You – the users – will ultimately shape the future of @travel-trail and the Travel community on Steemit! Bring your friends, your family, and bloggers that might enjoy reading and posting, and may want to contribute to what we’re trying to accomplish!

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave us a comment. Curation for @travel-trail has now officially begun!

Don’t forget to follow us: @travel-trail


Cool, I used to travel frequently and I look forward to hearing from fellow travellers as well as sharing a few of my own posts and travel tips.

That would be wonderful! We hope to have a very engaging community and will do our best to make it happen. Make sure you follow @travel-trail to stay up-to-date on the happenings in these parts!

oops, I'm now following @travel-trail

Travel is wonderful. If more people travelled (or even googled) the world would be a much better place. I stopped counting some time but I think that I've visited close to 80 countries now and I have spent half of my life living in other countries.

So little time and so much to blog about

We would be more than happy to read all about it. Help us grow the Travel community. It's all about people like you sharing your experiences and engaging with others who do the same!

I'm excited about being on the @travel-trail team and look forward to reading travel stories from Steemians. “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Great community initiative! Looking forward to the development of this project!

Thanks, @gardenofeden! We're excited to see where this goes! We're open to any suggestions, if anyone wants to share.

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Upvoted, followed, and reblogged. This sounds like a great initiative.

CanI join your trail??


I have joined discord please explain how I can get upvotes on my poats

You should introduce yourself first in #introduce_yourself_to_steemtrail. For more questions, go to the text channel, #ask-rick-and-joe. They would definitely help you.