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RE: New Group Exclusively for Steemit Musicians on "The Devil's Network" for networking, questions, tips, and post promoting

in #originalmusic4 years ago

Hey I love this idea. I'm very active on Discord already so let me know if you need help with the administrative side of things. Happy to help.


Awesome. I will definitely be in touch when we get that set up. Especially if the community grows in the positive way I hope it does. :)

Sounds great! Do you have a personal Discord that I could link up with you at? Might just be an easier way for you to reach me in the future!
Let's start here just to toss ideas around...especially in regard to the Discord server. I want to maximize networking across genres as well as maximize original music performances across we may need a few different rooms for that...but I just created this sub in my Jessamyn Orchard Music server that anyone is welcome to come in and shoot some ideas our direction.