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RE: New Group Exclusively for Steemit Musicians on "The Devil's Network" for networking, questions, tips, and post promoting

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Nice. Even tho fuck facebook... :D Can't wait for Steemit communities. Maybe I'll come say hi anyways.


I very much agree on the "fuck FB" front...however, for a lot of folks it's still a necessary evil, and I want to bring us together there especially for the n00bs who are still spending time on FB...we can collectively collab, share, network, bounce ideas, promote, and campaign Steemit as a unified group of musicians, and that potential makes me very happy.

I know. But honestly fb is dead to me. I used ifttt to automatically post stuff for me on facebook. It was quality content. But nothing happened in a very long time. So I decided to pause my efforts. I also think that Steemit is not mature enough. Not yet anyway. So bringing more people into steemit is not the best idea right now. But when the next fork comes and communities are introduced, then... Then, this site might really start to get appealing.

And then, we only need to start linking articles on steemit to facebook. People will learn in time. It is even possible to post things automatically with ifttt. And Youtubers are already raving about Steem.

Exciting times... Anyhow, my thoughts. Thanks for the upvote. Wish you good harmonies and pleasant tones. :)

Were I not a regionally-performing artist in my real life, I would abandon FB altogether, because I hate it. Thus, "The Devil's Network."

However unfortunate for me, it's a necessary evil. I wish I could be done with it, but then my area would stop knowing when and where I'm playing, etc. etc., and I need that at this point in my career.

I wish to alien jesus that I could be done with it. I deleted the app months ago, but keep Pages Manager and Messenger on there for business purposes, and have a few professional groups in which I am a part as well...I use my browser to access it that way, but try to stay away from general newsfeed in general because it's garbage for the most part.

Too many people are brainwashed by the current social media model, and I hope that as musicians, we come together to show people that we have been getting fucked...not only by venues in our real lives, but also by the entire social media model from the beginning.

Yeah it's true. But honestly I have found better engagement on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube. Bandcamp is also awesome for music makers and fans. Soundcloud used to be the best, but is now also turned to the dark side. But yeah, maybe (let's hope) someday facebook will just fuck off. :D