OpenMic Week 88 - @soundlegion TOP 5 Judges Pickes - Honorable Mentions - Top Picks List

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 See all who performed this week on Steemit OpenMic - Week 88

Steemit Open Mic Week 88 - See Who Played - Part 1

Steemit Open Mic Week 88 - See Who Played - Part 2

 Steemit Open Mic Week 88 - See Who Played - Part 3

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Official Judges: @luzcypher @meno @passion-ground @verbal-d @krystle @soundlegion


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Top Picks List - OpenMic Week 88

@darrenclaxton @fax4u @kantos @samidbarid @michaeldietrich @manurodriguez @camuel @guifaquetti @guerreroots @eugelys @lyon89 @mocinn1993 @siomarasalmeron @leomolina @daily-musing @alcoholisedbsoul @mcmusic @andreabortone @p4rogon @rjcha @lk666 @elliotjgardner @joseacabrerav @lincolnofblood @mooliner @veckinon @lecocoramos @shookriya @elisonr13 @beeflomein @lorenzopistolesi @drewley @honeymoon-1611 @armoniritmia @esteliopadilla @graceleon @melavie @camporr @dustinseth @breatoutthecrazy @steembirds @marcosjerjes @nvictt @giselemusic @dinoromanelli @minuetoacademy @wilins @dianakyv @thebugiq @carljohn @belenlopr @mfxae86 @moderndayjester @cesaramos @nathankaye @tribedownsouth @musiccircle @merygron1 @claudio727 @nilssonleiva @thesimpson @duocover @carlosvidal @edwardstobia @johannesburghart @yrmaleza @dreamrafa 

Honorable Mentions Week 88

 Sami D. Barid - You would love me no more - Original song --- by @samidbarid 

Top 5 - Week 88


 / Hello ma baby (Cover Vintage Style) --- by @belenlopr 

"What a fun entry for openmic.  Fantastic vocals and great look that totally pulled a fun energy out and rocked it.  Loved this top to bottom ;) The video edit was wonderful "


 A Jesters Tale - Original - Modern Day Jester --- by @moderndayjester 

"This guy is inspiration gold, I love that he just randomly goes into churchs and plays, that is Golden Ace of awesome in my book.  What a killer piano performance and voice beatbox.  I loved the outro nailed that right into my soul" 


 Break Out The Crazy - Everywhere (Original Song) --- by @breakoutthecrazy 

"I love me some break out the crazy!!!! This was another great performance entry from you guys.  Love the song absolutely fantastic feel, amazing vocals and playing and then those harms woooo, the two of you rain down pleasure to my ears.  Incredible work. "


 COCO RAMOS - Can't see my love (Original Song) --- by @lecocoramos 

"What a wonderful feeling right here, this inspired me greatly, that vocal those lyrics the playing.  I love love this song, and will def be going back to it later on cause this was a feeler for me, very glad to see @lecocoramos performing here openmic with us and hope she continues to bless us with gems like this one. WOOO" 


 Cover Elastic Heart - Sia --- by @p4ragon 

"Without a doubt this was sang even better than Sia herself.  It takes a lot for a cover to hit my number 1 spot but this was so easy.  I have listened now half dozen times with goosebumps up and down my arms.  What a voice.  One of the best vocalists we have seen on openmic.  Exciting!! I hope to see and hear much more from @p4ragon"

 Thanks for checking out my top picks this week guys.  Hope to see you all next week for Steemit OpenMic hosted by @luzcypher with sponsors @pfunk @ausbitbank @curie @aggroed and open mic judges @meno @luzcypher @passion-ground @krystle @verbal-d @soundlegion.   

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I smell real talent. Thank you @soundlegion for your efforts in showcasing artists and creating the music culture here on Steemit.

What an honor for me to appear on the list of your best selections. Thank you very much @soundlegion for taking me into account.

nice music image source photo. I enjoyed your music video.
Nice view!!

Very happy to be present in your post! but you wrote carlosuidal, it's carlosvidal hehe

sorry about that my friend, always an error in these long posts, will fix that . much love to you

Ty, @soundlegion. Hugs!

Thank you so much! ❤️ I'm so excited for to be in your top. I love The things fun and creative. I'm enjoyed it so much! And i'm really happy that you like my entry this week! It's a honor for me. Thanks! 🙌🏻❤️

I love music .I am guitarist .My leisure time spend playing song..

I love music .I
Am guitarist .My leisure
Time spend playing song..

                 - masterfoo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

P4ragon has a perfect voice, agreed. Congrats.

Loved melavie Dear Deer cos I made a deer friend I am feeding recently
Happy to see thebugiq Fields of Gold mentioned, love that song and out of spontaneus fun we tried to duet on dicord, oh the latency made impossible no matter what, it was hilarious and sweet but he does a lovely renditions.

And my fav this week maybe was break out the crazy raw performance cos the lyrics touched a soul in a sensitive time.

Luck to all

i'm so happy to be here!!! Thanks a lot!!! A lot of talented people! CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!

Great choice on the Elastic Heart cover by @p4ragon . It was amazing! It was one of my favorites from this week for sure.

Woahhh! Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to express myself for the community! Thanks for those amazing words! I appreciated!! XX

Hey Coco... are you on discord by any chance? I would like to have you come to a show as a guest. send me a DM if you are...


Hey Meno! Yes I am but I don't know how to use it so good... send me the invitation if you can.

im always on MSP, click here!

I'm absolutely stunned by all the support I'm getting and I feel so very honored to have made it to the top of your list. 🙏 It's still very surreal. 🙃