Steemit Open Mic Week 88 - A Jesters Tale - Original - Modern Day Jester

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Hey guys, this will be my last entry to openmic as unfortunately I can no longer afford the travel and efforts I give to this contest, as the last 5 weeks of entries, I barely struggle to make a few dollors.

I traveled to a different location and a different church this time and boy, what a church this is. The ceilings are so high and the front window is absolutely amazing. I was really impressed with this church and what a place to have a grand piano situated.

Anyways, to those who take the time to watch, I really hope you appreciate this entry.

Much love to you all

Take care

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Hi moderndayjester,

Your post has been upvoted by the Curie community curation project and associated vote trail as exceptional content (human curated and reviewed). Keep creating awesome stuff! Have a great day :)

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you are cool af

Dude. That was epic. The beatboxing really brought that shit to the next level. Is there a story behind the idea of recording in churches?

Hey man, cheers for this bro. The story is that, I find my most tranquil of states, while playing a church. I'm not religious but the ambience, serenity and pure beauty of being inside such an amazing building, is the main reasons behind these recordings. Glad you liked the beatboxing, I'm looking to acquire some more equipment so I can record synths and loops etc etc. Just wait for that bro !!! Peace out for now : )

Really awesome venue and music... great idea to play in those spaces brother..

Yeah these types of buildings are just incredible. Not even buildings more like inside a beautiful art piece : ) cheers for the appreciation bro

Must be cool to get to play in different churches. I can only imagine the acoustics.

Yeah the acoustics are seriously awesome in these buildings (especially this one!!!)

  ·  last year (edited)

Looks like you got picked by @curie again. I really think you should hang in there a bit longer until you get a following, but hey, you got to do what's right for you.

You're doing a lot better on Steemit than I did when I first started. My first few months I made almost nothing. It takes a while to get traction and you are doing really well.

In fact, this post made more than Open Mic makes on a post and I've been posting for almost 2 years.

Hey man, yeah Ive been voted by curie a few times which is great, but they have a time schedule like every 17/18 days in terms of upvoting. Which is fair Enough. I think your right in terms of hanging in there. I need a bit more patience with this platform so I can build up a solid following and I have to also realise that I am actually doing well (considering the time frame I've been using this). Have a great day mate

I like to think of growing a Steemit account like growing a plant, especially if one doesn't have money to buy SP. Starting from scratch is like planting a seed.

It takes time for it to grow. One wouldn't plant an apple seed and rip it out by the roots if it didn't produce apples the first season. It takes time for it to grow, set its roots, grow branches and flowers, and then with care and nurturing produce fruit.

A Steemit account grows in a very similar, organic way and takes time to start producing and even when it does start to produce there are good seasons and not so good seasons, but once established it keeps producing.

Such Beautiful work, mate. Congrats on getting in the Top 5!
Yeah, @luzcypher is right. You have to be in it for the long game. It can take time.
If it takes longer time than you'd hoped, it doesn't mean you're not talented, or more importantly, that others don't see and hear your talent. It just means that things can take time to get traction here. You've only been here since March. I think you're doing great.
You should read Luz's recent post about growing your steemit account. It is spot on!

Looking forward to hearing more from you, mate.
Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy


Really cool how you added that beatboxing in there - came as a complete but mind-blowing surprise. Nice touch!

Such a shame that you're not participating in the open mic contests anymore :( I really liked your church videos and the quality of the audio - even within a big space and put on the piano - is great!

Hey man, cheers for this, unfortunatley I just can't continue with the money and effort I spend to create these entertaining posts. Not to mention that it's bad for the moral constantly getting a poor amount of upvotes for such creative content, I don't xpect every post to get $100s of upvotes (for now anyways) but I also can't be just getting a couple of dollors either. Anyways gals you appreciated my vibes and who knows, maybe when I've built up more of a following and Steem power, I can back refreshed : )

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Maybe you can try uploading to dLive in addition to YouTube aswell. They curate what is uploaded through their platform, so maybe you can reel in some extra bucks through there too.

We are keeping an eye out for you. Hopefully you're not completely shutting down your music videos though.

WHOA! Just noticed Curie found you! :D

Hey mate, cheers for this. I wanted to ask you what to actually upload on dlive??? Do I upload original file ? Or YouTube version ????

Actually, dLive is supposed to be more similar to whereas dTube's concept is based on YouTube. Basically, I would suggest you to upload the same video on dTube and YouTube. However, you post through dTube and then add the embedded YouTube video in there :)

Bravo! it is a singular, energizing and special entry. I loved it!! thanks for sharing!!

Hey! We just stopped by to let you know we featured you in our Sunday Collections

Happy Sunday!

Hey man, really appreciate you featuring me in your article. I think what your doing is really good for the community and its really awesome you helping others gain more exposure on this platform. Cheers bro : )

You're very welcome! Happy to help out anyone struggling a bit - eventhough it's not much, it's still something!

Hopefully you haven't lost faith in making music completely, so we're looking forward to more music videos :)

I'm so happy to inform you that you have won in Open Mic this week. Cool! Congratulation @moderndayjester!


Click here to see who won Open Mic this week:

Steemit Open Mic Week 88 Winners See Who Won Open Mic And Join Us This Week --- by @luzcypher

Woooahhhh! I finally got in the top 5!!! Awesome news bro and thank you for your support and encouragement through my confusing states. I really do appreciate it bro, much love : )

Have you heard what @soundlegion has done with your performance? It's really cool. Great collaboration.