Steemit Open Mic Week 88 - COCO RAMOS - Can't see my love (Original Song)

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Hiii Steemit Community! This is my entry for this week 88!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited to be part of this every week! 

Open Mic in my opinion is way more than a reward, is a way to communicate what we love to do, and connect with awesome and talented people. A very special thanks to all the people who make it possible @pfunk @luzcypher and @soundlegion@krystle@verbal-d @passion-ground@meno   

I wrote this song a few years back in Brussels. I was very heart broken and found a piano. To me, in my life, writing and composing has always been the best way to heal any pain, for me it works better than therapy.  



I was Wonder why, I was wonder why

Why you being so cold

I can't even taste your soul 

I was praying for, I was praying  for

A little bit of self control, I guess is not your fault

Pre Chorus

You been chasing for the sun 

I was craving for your touch

I end up crying all night long, but you don't give a fuck

And I just wanna be someone else

And be free of my mistakes 

Don't me lonely with myself 

Cause all my spirit needs


Just give me some love, love, love 

Just give me some love, love, love 

Just give me some love, love, love 


I was waiting for I was waiting for

That you give me back my heart, I guess is not enough

Just don't try to pretend, that you never been in love

You hurt me, you hurt me you hurt me!

You, You can't see my love 

You can't see my love 

You can't see my love........

We did this video in a very special studio up in the mountains, is called ''La Maquina de Vapor Estudio'' or  the  (Steam Machine Studio). The Mix and Master is by the producer @alonsonanomoreno  and the video by @josepiccolo. We enjoy a lot making this video because this place is really magical and peaceful. I hope the video can bring to you this same feeling. 


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This is gorgeous. Magical, bittersweet, heartfelt... my heart felt it, anyway. ;) Thank you for sharing your song with us. 💖

Awwww... then I'm doing the right thing! thank you so much for the words! XOXO

I felt like crying after watching this amazing video.
Your voice is so sweet. Your video is so pure. Your song is so cool.
You are amazing.
Love you..

Omg! for comments like this one is why I really love being here... to connect with amazing people! thank youu for your words! lots of loveee!!!! XOXO

Hi lecocoramos,

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Thank youuuu so much!!!! I apreciated a lot! :)


thank you so much!

Great as always Steph, it was a pleasure to record your performance at this amazing studio, beautiful music, beautiful place. :)

Thank you Nanito! We rockkk!!! best team!

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I love, this beautiful your song, the melody, very very beautiful

Thank you I really appreciated! XX

Great music, amazing talent... I like the way you interpret the song and how you hit each notes with ownership I'm glad that steemit has talents like you that gives more color in this platform

WOW! thanks for those amazing words! I really enjoy being here... this is amazing! thanks for recognize all these things that put into it!

Hi @lecocoramos

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Please let me know if you can change the tag, I would really love to mention your post, your voice is amazing!


Hiiii! Thank you so much for those words! I apreciated! Yes! I already change it! That’s very cool! Graciaaaaaasssss!!!! I will stay tunned with you guys! ;)

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You are very welcome! Thank you for using the tag.. You are more than welcome to join our discord server too :)

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Talent amazing! @lecocoramos you music is very pro

Thank you very muchh!! ROCK ONN!!!

Excellent interpretation. Congratulations! @lecocoramos

What a beautiful song and love your voice. Truly great song and lyrics.

Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you enjoy it!

Coco me encantas.

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yeahhhh!!! :)

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Thanksss!!!! :)

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Brutal, eres grande.


GRacias Fernando!!!

Such a beautifully impassioned expression of pain and sorrow. Lovely composition and performance, @lecocoramos!

beautiful words! I enjoy every time you write about what we do here! thank you!

I love your song! it has captivated me. You have a beautiful voice!

Thank you so much! kind words!

yeiii!!! Niceeeeeee!!! thanks!

Hi @lecocoramos ,

As much as I loved the previous video with you and @funkmedia it was amazing to here just your incredible voice isolated with nothing other than the piano. Great song and lyrics.

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WOWWW! So cool! thank you very much! It's a pleasure to be part of it! I will send to you my part ASAP! :)

YAY!!!!!! Big love to everyone at Curie. I'm so glad to see talent like this rewarded. Thank you for doing what you do! 💖💖💖

Yeahhh! This is awesomeeee!!!! Love your talent! amazingggg

thank you bb!!

Congratulations @lecocoramos! Your performance was amazing and very touching. I'm so happy to tell you that you won Open Mic! Go have a look.


Click here to see who won Open Mic this week:

Steemit Open Mic Week 88 Winners See Who Won Open Mic And Join Us This Week --- by @luzcypher

Thank you very much!!! How do I get in the Discord community? I can't find the invitation.. Can you help me with that?

The links are in every Open Mic post but here it is again.

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Felicidades Coco! Tremenda vibra trajiste con esta canción. Siempre hay un nivel con lo tuyo. ¡Sigue así!

Graaaacias graciaaaasss!!!! Igual ustedes son increíbles! Que siga la música!!!



Wow! This is such a beautiful performance!
Definitely a winning performance of a beautfiul song.
You're gonna be a star, sista!
I love the video editing too! Really cool!
You keep dazzling us with your incredible music!
Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy

Thank you so much Nathan!!!! I Really appreciated! Good vibes to youuuu!!