Steemit openmic week 88 - Dear deer (Original song)

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Do you remember my post about Hank the roe buck who came visiting us frequently the last months? If not, click here ;)

This song is inspired by him. It talks about the day when I first looked into the eyes of that wild creature and the magic of this encounter made me feel like a child again. For a brief moment I felt like all the world has stopped and despite all the troubles and dangers around we were sharing a bubble of wonder and curiosity. Invincible to the hunters of our kind. Visible to the seekers of love and kindness.

Update: I didn't see Hank in the past two weeks but two days ago I got the news that someone must have sedated him and brought him back to the forest because he was probably bothering people with his fearlessness. Then my grandpa told me he has seen him somewhere in the area. He knew because he never experienced a roe buck who let him and the dog approach until 3 meters of distance. Fearless Hank is still alive and scaring people (like my mum on the pic below!) :D

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Yeey! Thank you so much! :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Beautiful :) Or as they say here in Chateau George Sand - c'est magnifique !
big hug to you :)

I loved the post from before. Yes, sometimes you need to stay away from people to save yourself.

Thank you bananik! <3
Yes sometimes it's better to keep your distance. You met hank too so you know what I'm talking about. :D

Beautiful as always Mel :)
That Hank is really something, so nice you dedicated this song to him and sorry to hear he got shooed away, but he'll be all right :) he's a tough dude

Hvala Ivan! Yes he is indeed! :)
I think maybe he will come back. We're not far from the forest. I will try to visit meanwhile. :)

Yes, bring him walnuts haha :) in my last deer experience our deer friend nom nom nom on that walnuts

Always beautiful and touching, that voice, soothes everything. By the way I've made friends with a deer myself, we named him Hirvi. We go every week now to feed him and he does recognizes her, he has a family. At the beginning he wouldn't get close, but now the female eat from our hands. So majestic and so beautiful, he appears now in one of my videoclips and we filmed footage to include in future ones. Here is a photo of Hirvi made by @hedac
I think you will understand why this song touched me to the core. It's an old post of Héctor but there is a close up of Hirvi.

Wow I just saw the beautiful picture! This is truly majestic! It's amazing how the connection with animals can transform us. Moments like these feel like magic to me. Thank you so much for sharing your story beautiful yidneth!

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks to you for your sensitivity and empathy and being able to convey it to others with your beautiful voice. @hedac come here to listen to this!! you'll know why!!

so so lovely. forgiveness and love for the hunters. Im on board with that.
its lovely to hear the birds in the background too, and what a handsome deer hank is! x

Thank you for listening basil! Yes the hunters... if you can't defeat them confuse them with kindness. muahaha. :)

Lovely, Melavie! You are also one such element of special beauty and magic in this world! If only more of us were able to look upon each other in the same way that we appreciate and gaze upon the majestic simplicity and beauty of animals, the world would be a better place. Your performance and message here go a long way in helping us all to realize that - at least to the seekers of love and kindness anyway. :-) .x

Yes! The deers the butterflies, all the others and us were all one tribe. You're definitely a messenger of love and kindness to me (and I'm sue the whole openmic family agrees with me on that) :)
Thank you once again for your words and your beautiful energy! Lots of love!

Hi melavie,

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Thank you so much! You just made my day! :)

That's so cool. I have pet wild baby deer in the woods a few times. It's a magical experience.

Yes that was pretty cool. But then again it's so simple. It's just about acknowledging all the magic that is happening around us. All. The. Time. We're often just too busy to see that. Sometimes it takes an encounter with a deer to recognize the beauty again. :)

This was so beautiful. You have such a soothing voice!

Thank you for listening! :)

Girl, you are amazing! Such a beautiful voice! Thank you so much for sharing with us <3

Thank you so much for listening! I've kept these songs to myself for many years and now it feels like I finally found a place where they belong.

Wow!, I am out of words. This is touching. Would love to work with you on some music.

Thank you a lot! If you have an idea for a collaboration find me on discord. Same username.

I loved that performance! I like the lyrics and sentiment, but your moving voice really brought the performance home. Upvoted and followed. Will be watching for more!

Thank you so much for stopping by and listening! :)

I love you song! your voice is great and very sweet...

Thanks a lot for listening! :)

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Dear Mela,
such a touching song and story!
Fingers crossed for Hank.
I‘m really glad to met you last week in Salzburg.
dania aka kreisender bussard