STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK #110: Letter To My Unborn (Original Song)

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Hello steemians and open mic community, it is a pleasure to participate in this week’s open mic contest with an original song written by me. Many thanks and appreciations @curie for making my ride so far, on this platform an incredible one through their upvotes. Words can't really express my gratitude. I did the recording of this performance right inside my home studio. I had to use the guitar pickup microphone because I wanted to get the best of the vocals with the condenser microphone and I also wanted to avoid overdubbing. The guitar pickup mic did not give me the best of quality but I still had to use it and also the shock mount to my condenser microphone got shattered and I had to carefully place the microphone in my absorber. I had also had to add some ambiance noise to the vocals to give it the feel I wanted.


I'm here strumming on these broken strings
I just wanna send a word out
I could write a thousand songs
I just wanna let it all out
I saw an angel the other day and
I wanted to send a message
I wrote a twelve bar blues
She said no blues in heaven
I did the Texas blues
She said no blues in heaven
I sent an afro lullaby the other day
But still, haven't heard from heaven
I have a message for a pretty black angel
So open up the gates of heaven


I want to talk to my baby
My beautiful baby (talk to my baby)
My unborn baby (×2)

(Verse two)

You are the reason that I wake up every morning
I coulda let this all down for long
You are the reason that I get on the road
Your smile got me holding on for long
Oh the thought of you gives me this crazy little feeling
Oh the thought of you makes me feel like I'm winning
Like I always say baby don't have no fear
Like I always say don't worry about nothing
Oh the thought of you gives me this crazy little feeling
Oh the thought of you makes me feel like I'm winning
I wanna send a message to a pretty black angel
So open up the gates of heaven

(Repeat Chorus)

I want to thank @misterakpan for this awesome video. I really do appreciate.

Thanks for listening, you can also listen to more of my sounds here
I hope you enjoy it.


Beautiful song! Are you expecting a baby?

The video quality is great! I am super impressed! Love - Carl

Thank you @carlgnash. I am happy you stopped by. Lol, I am expecting a baby ( in a couple of years time).

Ah so this song is a twinkle in your eye :)

Definitely.. Lol

great sing, by practicing you will improve yourself :)

You are right there, thank you for stopping by.

Great decision to make video with your song, It is difficult to set up everything right for recording and you are right the guitar is vary vaguely to hear but for that we can hear your voice very well. Like the way you put the lyrics in the post, sound very romantic. I wish you success in Open Mic :)

Thank you so much. Wish you the best too.

I already showered my praise for this music in private, but let me get it out here on the indellible blockchain: this is great music. I loved it. I still do. Cheers, man!

Thank you bro. God bless you.

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I love listening to music in English to draw, and your song will help me a lot to create art. Your voice was very relaxing and calm, you play the guitar very well and it is great that you write your own songs. I do not know why, but your voice in this song reminded me of the song by Phil Collins - "In my heart you will live". Greetings from Venezuela friend.

That is so amazing. I am glad that my music can be of use to you. Thank you, greetings and love from over here, wish you the best.

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How tender to hear a song inspired by a being who has not yet been born but already full of energy your being as to compose a theme with a beautiful lyrics, claiming to want to see your babe.

I don't have children yet, but it's one of the things I want most in this life, to bring someone to life and share my rest of life with that special little person.

I like the tones, they are a little different from what I'm used to hearing. however the guitar is tuned in E?

thank you for sharing such a delicate and motivating song.

greetings colleague <3 peace and love

Oh, thank you very much. I wish you the best and I pray you have beautiful kids someday. The guitar is tuned in E with a capo on.

I really love how you sing the word 'baby' :) I'm surprised that you are not expecting a baby at the moment (read it in the comments) as I would expect that if you wrote these lyrics you must be expecting one :) They are so emotional and full of love. Maybe it's a preparation for your future baby then :D

I like your voice and how you sing. It is so special. I can't even describe it but I'm sure you know what I mean :) And there is so much pleasure in your face when you sing :) Your music is beautiful.

Thank you for sharing it with us :)

Wow, that was heart warming. Lol, sometimes we just cant tell what life plans for us, so we always have to be prepared. Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you liked it.

At least you have the poem that you will once read to your unborn in belly :) I'm sure it will be happy to read it and it will give the belly a little kick to say: Hi Daddy! :D

Hi papaudeme,

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Wow, you really are an expert with what you do ... Your voice is very powerful, it's AMAZING, you sing really good friend, your performance was excellent, God bless your tango as much to sing as to play the guitar.. A big hug @papaudeme

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Fantastic song, @papaudeme. I have yet to father a child but I am looking forward to sharing that love in the same way that shows through in this song. I can tell how much your child (or unborn child) means to you and I wish you luck as father.

God job on making it go right even if you were having problems with your equipment. I think it's better to just do it and get it done rather than make excuses for why it won't work. Your decision to go with the former makes you a true musician.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you man, you will definitely be a dad someday and I wish you luck with that. Yes, as musicians the world expects music from us and not excuses so we always have to try every possible means to deliver and jump above the odds. Thank you for stopping by.

Absolutely man! Plus I think overcoming those obstacles and doing things anyway is what makes life worth living. If it wasn't such a game it would be extremely boring. Good luck to you in the future!

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