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Greetings Open Mic!

Hope this week finds everyone well. I didn't feel like singing for you guys this week, so decided to do some guitar work instead. I hope you all enjoy :)

A big thank you to all the open mic team @luzcypher @pfunk @meno @soundlegion @verbal-d @krystle @passion-ground!

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Sounded great my man, congrats on the @curie!!!

Thanks man! Glad you liked it <3
Love it when I get @curie d <3<3<3

Really amazing, Loved it :)

Thank you <3 So happy you loved it :)

I enjoyed it thanks so much for sharing

Thank you Troy<3

Hi lk666,

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Your beards though, they really look nice and your music is beautiful too,you good with the guitar. Nice work

Thank you young lady, for both compliments <3
much love back to you <3

Thank you too

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Hi @lk666 thank you for this music,that sounds very romantic and peaceful. I am always impressed with people who can create music and songs that is something that you may have in your head but sometimes it is difficult to sings it loud because then it sounds not like you want. I assume you just take your guitar and try to play the music rather then to zoom it you just try to listen how it sounds. Great and I wish you good luck with Open Mic :)

Thank you <3
I usually just start with a riff that develops in my head and try and come up with a melody. Every now and again the melody will come first. Then I just free hand it over the top.

Wow! I've just seen another very similarpost to this. Could have just copy paste the comment haha but not gonna do it. After the initial speech/intro, I was totally waiting how you start. If you'll be like some beginner who's not really that good. But just those first tree touches with the guitar let me know that you know what you're doing hah :D

Oh just said "thank you guys". I was really enjoying this one. I like the guitar without lyrics actually. Dunno why, it's easier to concetrate on the music. Thx for sharing this and congratz on the biiig boig upvote haha :D

Thank you very much <3
I listen to a lot of instrumental guitar music, like Michael Hedges, Will Ackerman, etc. etc. I'm kinda on the same page as I'm just as if not more entertained and amazed by music sans the vocals. Again thank you very much <3

Another great song from you (I don't even know if you call it a song when you're not singing). I like how you showcased your amazing guitar skills. But it was such a sad song. It was full of pain. I think it's about broken hearts :) I really like that there are no words as it makes me feel the music and emotions much better.

Thank you for sharing. It was very enjoyable :)

Thank you for the very nice comment <3
Unfortunately I do suffer from depression and use music as an outlet for it. I'm glad you felt it. That really is my goal to pack music that I play full of emotions.
Thank you again <3

Do not get it wrong. but the first chord that you played made me think of the song "californication" by Red hot chilli peppers.

you have a great talent I always want to learn to play guitar, someday I will try it as well as a pastime. I loved to listen to your improvisation.

Thank you very much <3
I'm very happy you enjoyed the song. It's been many years since I've heard that RHCP song. I think the last time I heard it was right after it came out on the radio. My late wife Monica really loved that band.

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