Steemit Openmic Week 111 · Algo Suicida (Original Song)

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Greetings steemians!
This is for Openmic week 111. This time with an original song that escapes the genre that I often expose. I guess it's to get some fresh air and then go back to heavy work.
The next song is called ALGO SUICIDA, I hope you enjoy it.

Saludos steemians!
Esto es para la semana 111 de Openmic. En esta ocasión con una canción original que escapa del género que a menudo expongo. Supongo que es para tomar un poco de aire fresco y volver luego al ruedo.
La siguiente canción la llamé ALGO SUICIDA, espero que la disfruten.


I do not need to know your ideas or your version, I only ask you for a quiet place where you and I are. There is no more time and they look at us, be careful, you ask for speed and my heart speeds up.

It must be something suicidal.

Tied to bare skin, we are the unit that paralyzes the world for the first time. There is no more time and they look at us, be careful, you ask for speed and my heart speeds up.

It must be something suicidal.


Live the moment, I am here.
Live, it's real and you'll know.


No tengo porque saber tus ideas ni tu versión, sólo pido un lugar tranquilo donde seamos tú y yo. No hay más tiempo y nos vigilan, tengamos precaución, tú pides velocidad y mi corazón aceleración.

Debe ser algo suicida.

Atado a tu piel desnuda, somo la unidad que paraliza al mundo por primera vez. No hay más tiempo y nos vigilan, tengamos precaución, tú pides velocidad y mi corazón aceleración.

Debe ser algo suicida.

Por eso...

Vive el momento, estoy aquí.
Vive, es real y lo sabrás.


Hey, @leomolina.

Great music and lyrics. Real liked how the guitar sounded electric.

How long would you say it took to come up with the lyrics and the music? Congratulations on the curie. Are you recording an album or do you have any plans for this son in particular?

Thanks friend. Actually I'm looking for the sound that best suits the song. I tried the electric guitar first, now I like the acoustic sound. I hope to collect enough material to record a demo. Grateful brother.

Whichever you end up choosing, it's going to be good, so as long as you are comfortable with it, that's probably what really matters. Good luck with the demo, too. That sounds fun.

Grateful to you. Greetings friend.

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Thanks to you.

Bien por eso!

Gracias mi bro.

genial balada-rock. Muy de los 90' venezolanos. Propondré este post a @celfmagazine para ser curado, felicidades!

Agradecido amigo. Si, en realidad tiene mucha de la esencia rock de los 90'. Saludos.

Brother excelente tema me gustó mucho buen feeling en la interpretación, buena letra ... felicidades! mi voto y reesteem! te invito humildemente a pasarte por mi blog para seguir dándonos apoyo, un gran saludo y mis respetos, se le desea éxitos!

Hermano, saludos. Oye, muchas gracias por el apoyo, claro que si, cuenta con el mío también. Un abrazo desde Cumaná.

Hi leomolina,

This post has been upvoted by the Curie community curation project and associated vote trail as exceptional content (human curated and reviewed). Have a great day :)

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I feel gratified by this support, thank you curie. Big!

excelente tema pana leo

Gracias pana Carmelo.

I enjoy when musicians share their original music instead of the covers. You can see the real person behind the guitar. Without reading the lyrics I would say that the song is about something sad but after reading I understand that it's a love song :) What has inspired you? I'm always curious to know what makes artists write their songs. I enjoyed your music and the lyrics as well. It's good that you translated them for those who don't speak Spanish :)

Thank you for sharing!

I like to show my original songs because I can get opinions that make me go creating a more solid structure in my compositions. In my opinion, to make a cover, it should be done even better than the original artist, and that in many cases is quite difficult. Talking about love, even if it is a common theme, is a double-edged sword, because you can fall into a trite topic or make a very good song, in a decision. You have to be inspired by positive things, set aside the bad vibes and create an environment in which you feel good and the one that is listening too. It's how to plan a loving encounter, and you have to light the candles, cook the food and put the music in the background.

Hi @leomlina, seldom listen to people sing their own song in the contest. They normally sang some other singer song by composing it differently. Your song lyric so beautiful, love how you sang it together with the guitar. what gave you the inspiration to write such a lovely song. I always heard that a song writer only can deliver a song if they experience it :p is it true?

My songs are fragments that come from the experience of my life. It is a way to materialize those feelings that leave you marked forever. It is interesting to find the reason why an artist composes a song. But more interesting is knowing what the listener felt. It's nice. Thanks.

It nice to have a medium to present your experience to audience. Song writer through song, artist through painting. And I am glad that I have a chance listen to your song.

I'm grateful to interact with you. I'm glad you liked the song. Greetings friend, a hug.

Thank you Leo for this song, like it very much, brilliant voice, strong and pure, sounds very nice and smooth. The songs in Spanish and with guitar that is already a secret of the success. I do not think anyone can resist it, no matter if we understand the language or not but in such cases really the music and voice play dramatic role. You have done it very well. Wish you good luck :)

This makes me happy and makes me proud. I liked how sound the song with acoustic guitar, originally I composed it with electric guitar, and it's another sensation. Thank you very much for your comment and for your support.

Oh wow, own song? Are you somewhere to be found on Spotify? I actually liked it, would like to see the studio version which is on your 100%. I like the rhythm of the song and those "high pitch" parts like e.g. 1:49. There were severa of those but I dunno how's it called haha :D

I'm little bit lost in the lyrics, it first seems it's a love song...but then becomes somehow abstract :D Anyway, who listenes to lyrics anyway haha :D Great song :)

What a funny comment! Hahaha! There are musical compositions where the author takes care of the smallest detail; but sometimes, like this one, I wanted to tell everything. And so it was the experience, what began as something loving ended up feeling abstract. I loved your comment!

Hah glad to hear that :D As already said, I loved those "high pitch" parts hah :D

I will take it very much into account. I am a composer in full training, and all opinions count. And more when they are that natural, that for me has a lot of value. Thank you very much friend!

Glad I could help! :) Cheers!

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