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Well guys we somehow made it to week 99, how insane is that peoples??

I am currently in a little bit of shock, week 100 will be an epic milestone - but whats more insane to me is that just four weeks later Open Mic will celebrate it's 2nd Birthday!

How brilliant and completely insane is that, I am so honoured to be a part of such an amazing contest and family - I have never before had such the privilege of being surrounded by such immensely talented musicians, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have such a dream job.

You guys make each and every week an absolute honour and privilege, I consider myself blessed to be a part of this amazing community and I know as time continues - Open Mic will only grow and evolve, I can't wait to see where we all are at the end of next year!

Anyways enough of my mad ramblings, you guys kicked some serious ass this week - as always you make the job for the judging team difficult to say the least.

I wasn't gone for long but I had managed to block that aspect from my mind, now I'm back here and knee deep in it and I couldn't be happier - but again I am delayed by my own indecisive nature and just the sheer competition out there in this contest.

So without further delays, here is my top 5 selection for Open Mic week 99!

This week's top 5:

1st Place - @paintingangels - Shotgun Ravens, Pale Night

It's moments like these I love Open Mic even more than usual, what an absolutely breathtaking song and performance lovely - this was just next level kick arse!

I can't count the number of re-listens and I don't care one little bit, in fact I'm keen to restart it over again - this is just phenomenal music, the composition alone is brilliant.

But when you add that with the impeccable vocals, with such chilling lyrics that just captivate the listener - I would love to be able to pull off something like this, but it is a song so uniquely crafted by and for you I would destroy all fond memories you created.

I love it when music tells a story and you have done that so beautifully here today, it really is a next level song hun - I can see the film clip that goes with it, but I can see this working in film as well.

This song is the epitome of perfection, the structure is absolutely as it should be - any changes to tempo would destroy the tension you create throughout the music.

Then I need to mention your absolutely insanely brilliant vocals lovely, you have one of the most compelling and naturally interesting sounds around - best yet you know how to use it to massive effect, creating moments of transcendence as the piece continued.

Now for me the absolute highlight if I had to pick just one, would be that fucking amazing high note you hit then slide on - just fucking wow, you blew me away and it just took this already outstanding song to another level of epic and fantastic.

I have been a fan of yours for a while now, each and every time I hear a new song I think she couldn't possibly top the last one I adored - but boom you go and show me.

Please keep giving us more, you never cease to impress and amaze - it really is such an honour to have you with us and I cannot wait to hear more!

2nd Place - @dianakyv - MI TODO

I remember you caught my attention just before my leave of absence, I am so thrilled to see you still with us this week - and yet again another breathtaking brilliant performance you present us with.

The playing is truly impeccable, the perfect accompaniment for this piece and executed with such amazing precision - it really bought the whole song together, embellishing and highlighting the vocals perfectly.

Now as for the vocals, what an absolute delight - you have a phenomenal vocal range and your control is simply amazing, I absolutely love watching and hearing you perform.

This was such a captivating entry for me and a perfect example of a softer piece of music that capture attention, you have both done outstanding and don't worry about production quality - Open Mic is all about bare bones music, what you can create as if we were sitting in the same room (and wow I would be speechless if I saw this in real life).

I think you both have a great future in Open Mic and with music in general, we are so lucky to have such gifted musicians here with us - hope to see more soon, but understand that life can get messy and stressful so no pressure.

3rd Place - @addiesworld - Avalanche

Seriously fucking brilliant lovely, just a kick ass performance all round - but as always for me it's your stunning vocals that steal the show.

Don't get me wrong your playing is perfect, you do so well playing and performing together (easier said than done) - but more so you mix the volume brilliantly, whilst it isn't the sole focus it doesn't drown out the brilliance of your vocals.

I am so excited when I see your face pop up in @luzcypher's post's, you never fail to entertain or impress - your young and already so capable and confident, rightly so but damn.

My only pointer would be to wrap the mic cord around your mic stand, that way it won't block you while you play (not like it was a big issue, just thought I'd mention it) - also if you get yourself a tripod for your camera, you could do the same direction but raise the height and include the piano as well as all of you.

I think it's important not to crop your face out, your very emotive in your performances - it's actually one of the things I love about your entries, you pick or make music that you feel and it shows so brilliantly.

You have next level vocal control, I know I have said this before but it needs to be said - the range you sing in is intense generally (I would so struggle to hold it up there for as long as you do that way you do), but you also have kick arse power behind it all.

You have the vocal trifecta - range, control and power, you use it with such precision - I would love to hear some more originals when you can, your music never fails to impress.

I am a massive fan and I honestly believe you can go far, I will always help amazing musicians however I can - even if it's just highlighting your brilliant entries in Open Mic, but it's always such a pleasure and always looking forward to more and soon!

4th Place - @lillywilton - How Loved You Are

Oh Lilly I have missed the melodic sweetness of your lovely vocals, there is a softness in your music you just don't hear enough these days - you capture the moment and feel perfectly.

Your playing is the perfect accompaniment, for you I hear more vocals than playing - but with your music it's all about the lyric and melody (at least it is for me), it just perfectly creates the moment your aiming for.

There is something about your music and voice that I just find captivating, there is a clarity to your tone that I just find divine - it's always so clear and perfect, just stunning in every way possible.

You have such a unique sound I can't get enough of, I am already such a fan of your brilliant music and I cannot wait to hear more soon!

5th Place - @alcoholisedbsoul - Unbreak my heart-Toni Braxton

What a brilliant entry guys massive congratulations, just got my attention and held it throughout - you have a great dynamic and I love the sound with the dual vocals.

The playing is perfect and really filled the sound out nicely, balanced well with the vocals and all round sounding brilliant.

Now for the vocals you both did amazing, I really like how you split it up and each bought your own subtle differences to the performance - you both have rather amazing vocal ranges, not to mention precision control.

It was a brilliant entry and I absolutely enjoyed it, the subtle changes you've made from the original really made it work well for the two of you - I should also mention I really loved the harmonies, it really added a nice additional layer to the sound.

Great entry guys I absolutely loved it and hope to see more from you all soon!

Honourable Mentions:

@itslobianco - The School of Velocity

Wow just phenomenal playing here, I absolutely love hearing pianists in the zone and in their element - you have some brilliant skills and I absolutely cannot wait to hear more soon!

@kayclarity - Feels Like Home

Ohh I have missed that voice lovely, so great to be back so I can hear moments like this one - your have an amazing voice and I always want more.

@orianabarreto - Culpables

This was absolutely beautiful, I simply couldn't let it go without a mention - you have a truly amazing voice and I really hope to see more from the two of you again soon!

@drewley - Closer

You are one of my absolute all time fav's @drewley, you have never had an off week - ever entry you do is outstanding and I cannot thank you enough for bringing us your epic music each week, when it comes to you and your composition I always want more!

@honeymoon-1611 - Marinero de luces

Oh this is just lovely hun, I absolutely enjoyed it so very much - the only pointer I have to make is (and it's a rather minor suggestion), but find something to do in the moments when you aren't singing.

You're super emotive when singing you perform, but in those lull's try moving around interact with the other musicians - a mic and mic stand can really help with this, giving you something to work with and help you use the space to full effect.

Otherwise this was brilliant, well done and hope to see more of you soon!

@enazirma - YOU ARE THE REASON

I just really thoroughly enjoyed that performance, you have a brilliant voice and I really couldn't get enough of it - I kept coming back to this entry, really well done and I hope to see more from you soon.

@melor9 - Como quien pierde una estrella

Holly wow I really got into this performance, you have incredible vocal control - I really loved it when you all came into chorus together, but seriously amazing vocals, great energy guys I want to see more!

@minuetoacademy - Es Por Tu Gracia

Absolutely stunning playing and singing, I just loved every moment of this performance - you have such a gentle beautiful voice, can't wait to hear more soon.

@lifetipsbysn - Say Something

I am really loving your entries of late, I think you've found your sound here - just so powerful, your vocals are truly hauntingly beautiful... I just couldn't get enough of this entry and really look forward to see what you have for us next week!

@k0wsk1 - We're Gonna Be Friends

Oh mate you are killing it lately, I just love how clear this is - you have absolutely smashed this cover, you know what songs show your voice to greatest effect and I really loved this.

Master Shortlist:

A major shout out to everyone that caught my attention this week, as I try to write lengthy reviews in my posts - I have started to narrow the number I allow into my honourable mentions, this is mainly due to the considerable time it takes me to re-listen and review each entry times.

I want you all to know how much I love your music and I wish I could write you all amazing reviews, but if I did I'd never get a post out on time.

If you made it here you were in my shortlist, this means you caught my attention, your performance stood out in the crowd, showed great promise, technically perfect and just all round kick ass.

There are so many of you these days it can be hard to narrow a selection down to 5, 15 or even 30 at times, the race is always tight and we appreciate you all for your brilliant contributions.

This weeks shortlist included:
@orbital753, @cpereira, @manuelmusic, @nadabrahmasounds, @shephard, @luna21, @andreamaestre1, @tarotbyfergus, @elisonr13, @abelfernandez, @mayneth, @samjgonz, @adreini, @ingridkorneelia, @juliolunar, @nior.

It has been another amazing week, I am still thrilled to be back - but I am starting to remember how hard this job was!

But the good news is it's worth it, I absolutely love being a judge and getting to hear all of this amazing music each and every week - I have missed you all so much, I don't know what I did before Open Mic but the absence has been felt.

You guys are all incredible and I cannot thank you all enough for joining us week after week, it's insane to think I've been an Open Mic judge for over a year and the contest is about to go into week 100 WTF O_O

But while I pick myself back up from that insane realisation, I want to wish you all the very best for this next week - hope to see you back again next week and thanks again for joining us!

Songwriters Shoptalk:

Everyone involved in Open Mic or a fan of some of our amazingly talented entrants, should know about the Songwriters Shoptalk - it's a radio show that @meno and I co-host on a weekly basis.

During our two hour show we interview amazing musicians on Steemit, we play some of their original music and get involved in all manner of conversations - I'm not kidding here people, some of the topics are so far from the realm of music I often wonder how we got there.

It's an amazing show and I am thrilled to be a part of it, we have an amazing time each and every week - not to mention we share some amazing music and get to know some of the faces behind the tunes.

Join us 2am UTC Thursdays, it would be great to have you all along for the ride with us - get to know your fellow musicians and as always hear some kick arse music!

Steemit Musicians:

I'd also like to remind everyone again that all top five nominations from this week, will feature in the Steemit Musicians live radio show on MSP-Waves every week - hosted on the Peace Abundance and Liberty discord server, through the Minnow Support Project.

A massive congratulations to all of those to be featured in the show, it is going to be great opportunity to get to further share the awesome entries we receive each week - I can't wait to hear the audience's feedback on all our judges selections and your entries.

I hope you can all drop by and support those who made this week's lists, I'm sure they'd appreciate the support - not to mention if you join you get to help choose the weekly 30 Steem and the three winning entries!

Please join us for Steemit Musicians this Sunday 12-1 UTC!

Time Zone Converter

You can listen live at the mspwaves website- http://mspwaves.com/home/listen
You can listen on twitch-

You can join broadcast hosts in a special chat room on the MSP Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/kNxM7T6
You can check out http://mspwaves.com/ for more information

MSP waves logo.gif

Open Mic's New Discord Server:

I'd like to officially welcome you all to the new Open Mic Discord server, we have been open a little while now - with many of you having already joined.

But it's still a little quiet and I blame myself partly (I didn't know the world of crazy would set in just after opening it up and I just haven't been there to engage with everyone properly or promptly), I hope to remedy this in the coming weeks and months with some big plans we have in the works.

For now it's very hush hush, as plans are finalised and things evolve - you a can be sure you guys will hear all about it.

In the meantime however, there are heaps of amazing musicians already on there - it's a tool and you guys need to use it to get full advantage.

Ask a question, request a collaboration the world is yours - hell even just go in there and play around listening to some tunes in the jukebox room!

I will be trying to make myself more available on the server as time continues, so feel free to drop by even just for a chat.

Again a big thanks to @soundlegion, @meno, @verbal-d and @passion-ground for all they do as judges, please remember to go and check out their top five selections each week and to @luzcypher and @pfunk thank you so much for making all of this possible - until next week.

Which was your favourite entry this week?

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Awesome, yeah, it is crazy be on the 100 and remember all cool stuff.

Thank you!! ღღ Good vibes to everyone!

Thank you thank you thank you krystle ❤️❤️❤️I'm so happy you're back.

So good to have your vibe back here on Open Mic @krystle!

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Oh, dear Krystle, those are some of the most flattering words anyone has ever said to me, for real I mean it.

You really really touched me because I was feeling actually embarrassed by the high notes this whole week and thought they fell short a lot, to me sounded quite awkward I can't even watch the video it is so strange to me.

You've made me just so insanely happy, thank you so much. And I want so badly to see YOU perform a song. If I dig way back in your steemit blog will I find anything like that?

Lots of love to you and big big hugs! Thank you!!!! And so so happy you're back!!!


First off... I am so terrible at staying up to date on steemit so I thank you for your patience lol... @krystle you honestly made me cry with this post. Never has anyone paid so much attention to detail when it comes to my voice and I thank you SO much for that. I’m so blessed to have such a fan;) haha but seriously thank you. You put so much time and effort into your choices and it shows how much you care about the music! I’m so honored to be in your top 5... truly. Thank you so much for the sweetest compliments, and advice. I’ll definitely be working on creating a better video next time! So thank you for that:) You’re honesty and loyalty to this brings me so much joy! Can’t thank you enough girl