Steemit Openmic Week #99: My Cover of "Say Something" (A Great Big World) ❤

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Hi Everyone!

Today I'm sharing the song "Say Something" by A Great Big World and it is a song that hits me in the feels every. single. time.
I feel like this song has such passion and emotion behind it, and I encourage you to look up the original 😏

I also sing and play some other songs and they are posted on my blog, so feel free to check out those as well!

As always, thank you for watching!
Sarah Nicole ❤


This was sweet!! I am actually quite amazed

You have a beautiful voice, Sarah!

Thank you! I appreciate your encouragement! :)

Really enjoyed your voice! So much talent worth developing to its fullest potential! Wishing you all the best.

Thank you! I feel like there are always areas to improve in and I'm looking forward to continue improving in my music :)

Lovely rendition, Sarah Nicole!

Thank you! 😏

I would so love it if your videos would show your keyboards as you are playing...

I've actually recorded a few where the keyboard is visible when I am playing, but I'll definitely take that into consideration whenever I record my next song and share it here!

10000% This song has hit home for me many time. Your rendition was beautiful, Sarah. You're so talented. Resteemed

Thank you so much, Chelsea!
There are just some songs that have such an emotional pull and feeling in them, and I feel this song definitely has that.

It definitely does and hits me in different ways at different stages in life

Isn't it crazy how some songs can have such an impact and effect on people at different times of life?
I understand what you mean!

Bravo! Really beautiful :D
Suuuper :D