🎶 Open Mic Week 103 - My Top 5 Judges Selection 🎶

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Eeeeep were almost there people, one more week and were finally at the two year birthday for Open Mic!

I can't quiet believe it myself and I was here from week 15 if you can believe it, I feel old now ... at least in steemit time.

It was a smaller week this week, with the site being down we saw fewer entries than I remember seeing in a long ass time - I'm sure next week with the 2 year anniversary (and hopefully no downtime) we will see our old favourites back with us again.

That's not to say we didn't have some all round amazing entries this week, no not at all - this week we had yet another phenomenal round of entries, I again struggled to make my choices (it's almost 5 am and I haven't slept yet O_O ).

But with time I soon found my footing and figured out how I wanted to move ahead this week, so without further delays - here is my top 5 selection for week 103!

This week's top 5:

1st Place - @paintingangels - Revelation

Well lovely I have to say that this song spoke to me on so many levels today, I generally suffer from manic depression - but I have to add I recently lost my grandfather (an absolutely amazing man, who was more like a father) and I am struggling on a whole new level.

It's music like this that lets me feel less alone in my own emotional state, it perfectly captures my current state in every sense - and yes this song makes me feel sad and want to cry more, but great music should make a powerful emotional connection.

I found myself singing along with you (yes in spite of my tears and wailing vocals), it just hit me right in the feels - and best of all it felt like I was finally expressing a small portion of the sorrow I feel.

You have such an amazing way of capturing an emotion or feeling, a moment in time immortalised perfectly - the playing is just perfection for this song, it adds to the emotion and is the subtle backing when you require it.

I ache while trying to sing along with this song, my throat fighting back the pain of crying - choking out the words (it sounds as bad as you think lmao), but its beautiful in it's sweet melancholy.

Your vocals just always steal the show for me, you have the most phenomenal vocals and in this entry you didn't fail to impress - the texture and tone was haunting and just captured the feeling perfectly.

Just a stunningly beautifully sad song, that broke my heart and helped to maybe start some healing - you are so brilliant and you have no idea, it's not just this song... it's all of them you're an artist and the music is your canvas.

I am a massive fan of your music, this is a perfect example why - I cannot thank you enough for sharing this song, or for such a brilliant performance... as always I want more!

2nd Place - @dianakyv - Es la Historia de un Amor

Ohhh my.... this is almost beyond words for me - you are both such amazingly talented musicians, you never cease to amaze and impress.

Firstly the playing again is just utter perfection, there is no other words for it here - there is not a thing to fault or alter, I would never change a thing it's just stunning on every level.

I know I always focus on the vocals but there is really good reason (besides I myself being a vocalist), the vocals here were also stunning and the absolute epitome of perfection.

Every time I see your entries, I get excited to see what brilliance you have in store for us that week - not once have you faltered in any way, it's truly spectacular to watch the two of you perform together.

I am simply enthralled by your stunning performances and incomprehensible talent and skill, the two of you are both phenomenal artists and we are so lucky to have you with us - as always I look forward to hearing more and soon!

3rd Place - @cristmounicou - Aire

From the instance that you started I was hooked, your playing was just divine and absolutely hooked my attention - then your stunning vocals came in and stole the show, just an all round brilliant entry.

I could not get enough of this entry, I had to listen to it about 30+ times by now (and this has happened a few times this week) - but just wow on every level here.

The playing was just spectacular, especially in your intro it really helped to capture and captivate an audience - setting the mood perfectly.

Then you go and smash it out of the park with just next level amazing vocals, I was held there listening to the tone and texture of your voice it is just stunning.

I honestly cannot wait to hear more from you in the coming weeks and months, you have some seriously impressive skills - and I hope you do stay with us and continue to amaze us with such stunning entries.

4th Place - @juliolunar - Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Hell yes on all fronts mate, firstly great song choice and secondly brilliant rendition of this classic song - I absolutely loved this entry so much, I kept listening to it and getting way to into it...

But to me the signs of a great performance and entry is just that, making people forget its a cover and loose control/wail out the tune with you - or maybe I'm just making up excuses as to why I was dancing round to this..

I loved watching you layer in all the different tracks that you performed, seeing and hearing it come together into something just awesome.

Now the vocals were just brilliant man, this is a song that you can't half ass - it needs a committed vocalist to ensure the feel is right and you did just that, I couldn't ask for more.

5th Place - @abelfernandez - Im Yours

I really love this song and this rendition just hit the spot perfectly for me this week, what a stunning performance you gave us here - taking the song down to a slightly softer smoother feel, really changed it up a lot for me.

I have to mention how awesome it is that you played all the instruments this week, what a kick ass job mate - the sound you created was full and textured perfectly, I absolutely loved every second of it.

Now as always for me I focus on the vocals and I have to say you did not fail to impress, whilst again a softer more gentle approach - it nonetheless was fricken spot on and just what I wanted to hear.

I have been getting hooked on a few of your entries of late, I hope you continue to impress and entertain us all here - I absolutely love hearing your music and hope to see and hear more soon!

Honourable Mentions:

@manuelmusic - Trainer

I really enjoyed this entry so much, you have an awesome tone to your vocals - not to mention the beautiful sound you created throughout this song, looking forward to more soon.

@maximilianoflute - Alfonsina Y El Mar

This was just an absolute pleasure to hear, just clear and clean and compelling - I really enjoyed this entry, hope to see more in the coming weeks.

@victoria15 - See you again

I thought you all did really well this week, I really enjoyed this performance - the playing was great and the singing was brilliant, I really hope to see you all again on here soon.

@wilins - Lost and found

I just have to say how amazingly emotive your voice is, I cannot get over how much you pack into your lyrics - the texture and feel is just amazing, I always love hearing your music and can't wait for more!

@kayclarity - Unsexy

Oh lovely I just love hearing you play, I didn't now this song - but I absolutely adored that entry, just brilliant as always :D

@carlosgu - Adelita

This just goes to show you that fast and loud doesn't always steal the show, this entry was sublime - I absolutely enjoyed your ability to make that guitar sing, can't wait to hear more and soon!

@mariajruizb - Caruso

What a stunning entry from you both, I love the playing it is utter perfection - as is the incredible singing you displayed in this entry, amazing and awesome looking forward to more.

@minuetoacademy - Como la Brisa

This was amazing to hear and watch, just so full of emotion and feeling - I thoroughly enjoyed this entry, especially the stunning playing and brilliant vocals.

@eugelys - Palabreo de La Loca Luz Caraballo

You have a really captivating voice and the playing was just perfect, I absolutely enjoyed every moment of this performance - keep it up and I hope to see more soon.

So as I said what an amazing week of entries people, you guys never let us down - I cannot thank you all enough for joining with us each and every week, without you guys none of this would be possible.

I was blown away again by the sheer talent we have on board in this competition, you guys really are amazingly talented musicians and we are so honoured to have you share your amazing music with us.

It's insanely late so I will keep it short and sweet, hope to see you all with us next week for the big birthday celebrations!

Songwriters Shoptalk:

Everyone involved in Open Mic or a fan of some of our amazingly talented entrants, should know about the Songwriters Shoptalk - it's a radio show that @meno and I co-host on a weekly basis.

During our two hour show we interview amazing musicians on Steemit, we play some of their original music and get involved in all manner of conversations - I'm not kidding here people, some of the topics are so far from the realm of music I often wonder how we got there.

It's an amazing show and I am thrilled to be a part of it, we have an amazing time each and every week - not to mention we share some amazing music and get to know some of the faces behind the tunes.

Join us 2am UTC Thursdays, it would be great to have you all along for the ride with us - get to know your fellow musicians and as always hear some kick arse music!

Steemit Musicians:

I'd also like to remind everyone again that all top five nominations from this week, will feature in the Steemit Musicians live radio show on MSP-Waves every week - hosted on the Peace Abundance and Liberty discord server, through the Minnow Support Project.

A massive congratulations to all of those to be featured in the show, it is going to be great opportunity to get to further share the awesome entries we receive each week - I can't wait to hear the audience's feedback on all our judges selections and your entries.

I hope you can all drop by and support those who made this week's lists, I'm sure they'd appreciate the support - not to mention if you join you get to help choose the weekly 30 SBD winning entry!

Please join us for Steemit Musicians this Sunday 12-1 UTC!

Time Zone Converter

You can listen live at the mspwaves website- http://mspwaves.com/home/listen
You can listen on twitch-

You can join broadcast hosts in a special chat room on the MSP Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/kNxM7T6
You can check out http://mspwaves.com/ for more information

MSP waves logo.gif

Open Mic's New Discord Server:

I'd like to officially welcome you all to the new Open Mic Discord server, we have been open a little while now - with many of you having already joined.

But it's still a little quiet and I blame myself partly (I didn't know the world of crazy would set in just after opening it up and I just haven't been there to engage with everyone properly or promptly), I hope to remedy this in the coming weeks and months with some big plans we have in the works.

For now it's very hush hush, as plans are finalised and things evolve - you a can be sure you guys will hear all about it.

In the meantime however, there are heaps of amazing musicians already on there - it's a tool and you guys need to use it to get full advantage.

Ask a question, request a collaboration the world is yours - hell even just go in there and play around listening to some tunes in the jukebox room!

I will be trying to make myself more available on the server as time continues, so feel free to drop by even just for a chat.

Again a big thanks to @soundlegion, @meno, @verbal-d and @passion-ground for all they do as judges, please remember to go and check out their top five selections each week and to @luzcypher and @pfunk thank you so much for making all of this possible - until next week.

Which was your favourite entry this week?

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I did not enter. Why? Because I am a FOOL! :)

But if I had...I don't think I could have taken any kind of spotlight from your winners here. I'm going to go back and enjoy your choices, and then I'm going to hopefully learn from them and write even better songs. Thanks for your never ending dedication to a wonderful musical showcase!

Great picks this week!

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I am very happy to be in your honorable mentions, thanks for the support :)