OCD is looking for international curators! KR/GER/JAP

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The Operation Curation Delegation a.k.a. @ocd started off 199 issues ago with 20 curators looking for underrated posts from new Steemians. After seeing the good feedback and response from the community, we started to curate other languages.

At first we started curating posts in five languages but now, we are already curating one post a day for ten languages. We find them and supported them with a large trail of votes while incentivizing the curators to do their best job at it and helping authors get noticed and driving more attention to their amazing posts.

OCD needs community driven Steemians!

As any project that strive for excellence, we need to renovate and to add more curators every now and then. Adding more people gives us the opportunity to have more opinions, ideas and to keep promoting inclusion towards Steemians who are interested in supporting their language communities.

The languages we will be needing more curators is defined by the workload and manpower needed to always be able to curate one post from said language.

The languages in which we need new curators are:

  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • German

We already have a curators for these languages but we want to get more people involved due to the workload these languages have.

What your daily activities are as a curator

  • You search for original content posts (no plagiarism) that are undervalued (under $10 rewards) and nominate them for curation on our discord channel.
  • You vote on other posts by the other curators in the team to choose which ones make the daily compilation post. (also on the discord channel)
  • Since only the people on the team will be able to understand that language, the person in charge of writing the post that week won't be able to write descriptions to the post themselves so the curators will have to add short descriptions when nominating it. This description should be in both the native language and in english. (More info on that on discord later)

Reward distribution

20% of the SBD from the daily multi language compilation goes for the post author, 40% go to all (language) curators and 40% to the ones whose nominations make the compilation post.

100% of the SP remains with the account but you get a stake in it depending on your nominations and activity. When you decide to leave the project you will receive your share in Steem/SP.

How to apply as a curator for these posts

Leave a comment in english here telling us thoroughly why you would make a good curator for the project and we will look over your application during the week. Please state what language will you be able to curate in.

We are looking for 1 curator for the next language:

German, Korean and Japanese.

We are looking forward to your applications! Bear in mind that we will be looking for more curators in the future! Good luck!

Hello @ocd -Team :)

I would like to apply as a curator for the German Community, because this is almost exactly what I do on Steemit in general, just a little bit different from how you do it :D

I know that this statement may sound a bit strange and all of this could be a bit short for an application, but looking at my profile should clear up most of the questions that may have arisen :)

German is my native language and English is not a problem for me at all.

I would be glad to hear from you, you can reach me via Discord under the same name I use here for detailed questions or simply a chat :D

Have a nice day :)

Even though I applied myself - I have to say that he would be an excellent pick :)

even as a german curator i strongly support @schlees as the best choice for this job. greetings

Both, @schlees and @theaustrianguy, would be good candidates.

Both of them are promoting great content since months and also they keep an eye on the Minnows.

Also @obvious does a great job for the community (free proofreading).

Greetings from Germany

PS: There are many more, not that anyone feels stepped on their feet!

Thanks for applying, I will be making an announcement soon with chosen curators.

yeah, propably the best pick. can i be second?

Great to see the Germans are on a role for you Eric lol! Happy to help you with selecting the right ones - ask me on steemit.chat - I take SBD and Steem as Bestechung - war Spass - Fun!

Have to up vote the comment for visibility even I am the only one that thinks it is funny.....

Thanks Uwe! For sure, once we have "finalists" I´ll reach out :D

Lol this comments lacks votes :P

Hahahha geil! - Na dann sag mal nix Falsches ;)

Since I am quite active in the German community anyways, I have decided to apply as well. Here are a few things which I think would make me a good pic:

  • I have been around and been active for over half a year.
  • With my newbie curation program @welcoming that has been running smoothly for over 2 months, I have proven myself as reliable curator and got experience in it.
  • I am quite active in the german community (helping as admin in the Discord server with 800+ members, organising online meetups together with @jedigeiss, attending various live meetups, making newbie tutorials + challenges)
  • I vote a lot on german posts from newbies with 100% anyways, so I see a lot of those posts and also support them

If you have any questions, don‘t hestitate to ask via reply or on Discord!

Greets, Martin

Hello Eric, dear OCD team,

I would like to support you and the community as a curator. I have been active on Steemit for a long time and I am glad by the versatility of the topics and the often very thoroughly researched contributions.

  • my native language is German
  • I spend a lot of time online, because I am my own boss
  • I have a good general knowledge, I can judge the quality of the articles very well, especially in scientific topics.
  • in former years I was active in education
  • I speak and understand the English language

kind regards @germansailor

Thanks for applying, I will be making an announcement soon with chosen curators.

Hi fellows, I would like to curate for the German community. Through my daily work on Steemit I have a good eye for good content. In addition, I have been offering a proofreading service for several weeks now. I am fluent in German and English, both spoken and written. br, obvious

Schön zu sehen dass du dich bewirbst.

Application for German OCD-Curator

First of all I want to introduce myself. I am naturicia, 17 years old and around Steemit for a few months.
Being interested in Steemit I taught myself about most of your options in this platform, so I am able to understand how it works. Also I am fighting spam and abuse and published some articles to this topics aswell.
As I did all this I came accross lots of different accounts on Steemit, commented a lot and also curated as well as I can.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-27 um 17.47.19.png

Being active mostly in the german community I voted for 31 different accounts the past seven days.
This means that I read many more posts to curate just the best ones.

Additionally I would say that I can recognize original content having interests in many different directions as for example nature and environment.
Engaging myself for a better Steemit I am trying to publish high quality by myself and trying to curate this quality content aswell.

And of course I would never curate spam or plagiarism as I flagged already lots of people for spamming and using sometimes plag scanners to be able to flag them correctly.
Knowing some systems how to abuse Steemit is the other side of researching a lot here but not the topic of this application.

Summarizing I want to describe the reasons for me in three sentences:

Good articles on steemit are usually as frequent as spam. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize good articles that are lost in the mass and make them accessible to others.
Especially in the German community this is the case with the current strong growth, which is why I would like to give more value to my previous efforts to support good articles and to promote my daily favourite via OCD.

Greets Naturicia

I really like your application. I applied too, but you have some really good arguments why to be a curator. I would vote you for if i could.

Thanks a lot.
I appreciate it. ^^

Greets Naturicia

Thanks for applying, I will be making an announcement soon with chosen curators.

Hello People!
I'm Sandro and i'm from Germany. I'm not the oldest one here and neither am I the one who's been here for a long time, but everyone starts at some point and unfortunately it was a few months later with me than with most people here.

I think the project is really great because it helped me a lot at the beginning and I want to give this great feeling to other new and great authors.
At any rate, I would have enough time to curate every day, as I spend several hours on Steemit every day anyway. My interests are not specifically fixed, I read everything that looks appealing and where you notice it was given effort.

I think I'm pretty good in English. German anyway that’s why I would like to join as a German Curator.

I think that's everything from me!
x Misomaniac

Thanks for applying, I will be making an announcement soon with chosen curators.

Hey everybody at the OCD Team,
I would love to join your curating team for the German community! Since the beginning at this platform (almost one year ago) I helped to make this community grow by searching new promising steemians and helping them find their way. Also I have a lot of free time, that I can use to curate, as currently I am staying in Paris with friends, just for learning french. I am fluent in German, English, Spanish and have already reached B1 level in French, in case sb needs help in that languages too. Also I regulary attend german meetups in Munich and Vienna to have a good connection to the Austrian and German Community and know more about their newcomers. As current host of the BeachWednesday and SunThursday initiative I have already experience in valuating content. For me it would be just awesome to be able to give back something to the OCD team, because you guys also helped me a lot when I started and I know how important it is for newcomers to do a good job as a curator. Cheers, Liz
PS: I also have´t seen a lot of women curating here lately.. maybe it´s also time to change this..

Thanks for applying, I will be making an announcement soon with chosen curators.


whenever I find a well written post on steemit my heart does a little leap of joy. Let me help to find these linguistic gold nuggets in the plethora of German postings. I will bring the following assets to the table:

  • As an engineer I understand light and technical postings.
  • As a ghostwriter I have an eye for spotting topics of interest.
  • Writing regularly about travel, food and architecture I am versed in a variety of topics.
  • As a copywriter I notice when a text is just trying to sell something.
  • Writing the equivalent of about three novels a year I know the ins and outs of German grammar and spelling.
  • Having lived in the USA, UK, Germany and Austria I know each country's cultural intricacies.
  • Having traveled four different continents I developed quite a bit of curiosity towards different cultures.
  • My life experience reaches to the deepest depths and to the highest skies - I served on a submarine and built satellites for space.
  • Last but not least I like helping the community, as you can see from my ongoing German tutorials better writing - tips from a ghostwriter.

What might count against me:

  • I will not hide, I am fairly new on Steemit (joined in January)
  • Sometimes I tend to be a little picky when it comes to good content.

What do you think, do you want me on the team? Then let's make OCD together the number one tag to visit in EVERY language.

Thanks for applying, I will be making an announcement soon with chosen curators.

Hi. I wouldI like to apply for the Japanese curater position. One of the big reason why I apply to the position is that I feel appreciate and respect about O.C.D's policy that you will support newbies whose post might be buried even though the post has a lot of potential to be useful to the steemit community.

To tell my personal story, because your one of japanese curater @fukako found one of my art post when I just started the steemit then it gave me a lot of motivation to keep post on the steemit. I'm still newbie here but I would like to support and encourage new newbies.

• I can speak Japanese and English.
•My English grammar isn't perfect , but I can improve my English writing skill day by day.
•I love spending time online.
•I'm good at drawing a digital illustration.
•I love travel around the world. I know about many cultural differences.

I will find a good potential useful article to be the steemit society.And newbies will know about O.C.D. Then O.C.D will connect new newbies to the beteran steemian. We can make better steemit society through fair O.C.D policy.
Thus O.C.D will last forever.:)

Thank you for reading.:)
By @happyleona

hi there, I'm interested in doing this job. I'm a self-employed web developer and photograph, activist on social media and about to set up a blog on steemit writing about various subjects and topics.
As I bought my first computer in 1980, I have grown up with social media from the very beginning. (Not only because of my age) I have a lot of computer experience, competence in reading and media competence - and all in all, one can call it life experience :-)
To fill the potential gap that may exist with regard to the youth generation I like to work together with my 18-y'old daughter who is also an expert in social media with extense experience and just about finishing high-school. Thus, we can be a perfect team :-)
German is our native language, we both speak english and spanish.

thanks and best regards!

Thanks for applying, I will be making an announcement soon with chosen curators.

Hello OCD team!

I would like to apply as a curator for the Korean community~

The reason why you should want me to be the curator for the Korean community is that I happen to love and enjoy posts that are easily shunned by the Korean community.

While topics such as coin investing, steemit, and economy usually get the largest attention as well as upvotes from many people, topics such as poetry, literature, and movies often get neglected.

I have big passion for those topics. Throughout my somewhat short Steemit life I have continuously dedicated myself to enriching those categories through creating posts, making replies, and upvoting. With the help of OCD team, I believe that the KR Steemit community can have way more different colors and voices. These will subsequently put KR Steemit off the "zone for coinmasters and technocrats" and induce more people from various fields to participate in.

Thank you so much for reading my comment and thank you for such benevolent activities. I hope I can be a part of your team and encourage more voices :D

Thanks for applying, I will be making an announcement soon with chosen curators.

thanks for the heads-up!
have a wonderful day :D

Hello :D
I would like to apply as a curator for the Korean Community. I've been posting in steemit since Sep 2017. I am very honored to be a part of steemit members and I have always thought about how I can have a good effect on steemit.

@normalbro is my friend and I have seen him on alot of posts related with @ocd.

I know that there are a lot of KR steemers who don't get vote much even though the posting qualities are good enough. I would love to be a part of that team and help discover underrated content in the steemit community.

Thanks for applying, I will be making an announcement soon with chosen curators.

It's actually one of my Steemit dreams to be a curator either of @ocd or @curie. However, I have no idea who turn to. Since, the team is looking for Japanese, Korean, German proficient Steemians, I won't surely pass the test since I am from Philippines. Maybe I will try again next time. :)

hi, I'm a german media-economics student willing to do this job . Right now i am writing my bachelor thesis about the steemit plattform and have to spend my time reading and comparing articles without getting rewarded for it. I would be happy to make this a win-win situation for both of us.

Hallo @propellertime, herzlich willkommen auf Steemit.

Wenn Du Fragen zu Steemit hast, oder Dich mit anderen deutschen „Steemians“ austauschen magst, schau einfach mal auf unserem Discord-Server https://discord.gg/g6ktN45 vorbei.

Unter dem folgenden Link findest Du einige Anleitungen, die Dir den Einstieg in das Steem-Universum deutlich erleichtern werden: Deutschsprachige Tutorials für Steemit-Neulinge: Ein Überblick

I would like to apply for a curator in Japan!
I am not very good at English, but I would like to challenge.

HI ..I want to participate for daily curator activity as OCD member. I believe that this activity is so meaningful to me and steemit community. Thanks.

  • I am good at in Korean(Native), Japanese(Professional),English(Intermediate).
  • I support to KR and Japanese community
  • I support to culturevulture tag as volunteer to expand differentiated contents on steemit
  • I do my best to contribution Steemit Community

Look forward to hearing.

Thanks for applying, I will be making an announcement soon with chosen curators.

Cheer Up! 댓글이 많은걸 보고 궁금해서 왔습니다!

  • from Clean STEEM activity supporter

I am native Korean speaker and Steem developer. I speak some English. I have a skill to find plagiarism. I want to join your team.

I would like to apply for a curator.

I participated in steemit last July. Since then I have posted almost everyday. I think that it was possible thanks to the #japanese community.

I once recommended my post to @djynn once. I was very happy.

As a curator, I would like to contribute to the #japanese community. Even a little, I would like to repay #japanese community.

I am not good at English, but I would like to challenge. I would like to have the opportunity. Thank you.

Thanks for applying, I will be making an announcement soon with chosen curators.

Thank you for informing me.

In creating my post of today, I have quoted this anomadsoul's post.Thank you.


I always do my best and post articles.
Because Steemit wants more excitement!

I would like to apply for a curator in Japanese community.

I check their post every day to support Japanese newbies. I'd like to help people with small rewards who are writing good articles in the japanese community.

I am not good at English, but I'd like to try it.

Hi , @ocd Team
I want to apply curator.
but I don't know Wnglish well
I can use Japanese and Korean.

I'm interested in curator for japanese!

I would like to apply for a curator in Japan ^ ^

Currently, there are present conditions that Japanese communities are gathering votes a lot since a long time ago, there are present conditions that popular people receive more income than good articles, and it is becoming difficult for new people to enter I feel it.

If I become a curator, I would like to find the people who started as soon as possible and raise the profit.

I will apply for the Japanese Curator!

Recently Japanese steamian is increasing and there are many people who are not attracted though it is a good article.

I find it fun to search articles of those people and I am doing it on a daily basis.

I'm not good at English, but I will try my hardest, so please.

As someone who speaks English, Korean, and Japanese fluently (among some others) I wish to join this project! I can either join the Korean team or the Japanese.

I used to work as a critic and have worked as a writer all my life, so I feel pretty confident in browsing undervalued content and "mining" them out, per se :)

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Hello @anomadsoul! Are there any curator for Filipinos? I would love to be part of your team and help my co-Filipinos get rewarded for their high quality and amazing content. It will literally uplift and encourage them to contribute more on Steemit. I hope you can add more curators to @ocd with other languages. Thank you!

Hello everbody, i apply as a new german curator, because i see so many good posts not being rewarded, like good tutorials, posts that actually train you or even good artist. Most of the feed is full of vlogs and the topics crypto and steemit in general, i'd like to change that. I want steemit to become a source of knowledge and entertainment, where people come to who search for help on specific topics and those who want to get the best entertainment. Therefore rewarding good content is essential, because talented people know talented people and bring them to steemit if it pays for them. I speak German and Englisch.

@sujisyndrome hey give it a shot!!

Wow, this is a creat opportunity.. though am new here i know i might not qualify to be a curator but ill share this post to some of my friends in our group chat.. So they will apply

I know some of them can qualify for this @anomadsoul.. Also peace @ocd

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this proposal is very interesting! It must be a great job, unfortunately I don't speak those languages, but I consider myself objective and critical as for that position, good luck with the search, if I need in Spanish here I am.

What about russian? I could work...

Man, I wish I could talk japanese...

Perhaps you need a curator for the Turkish community. ?
I can.

Am happy and grateful about the input and additions you're making in the steemit platform, am not speaking any of those languages, but I would have loved to be a curator working with this vision. I hope you find the best hands. Thanks for your motivations

Hey my friend. I just want to reach out to let you know about a new weekly contest that I launched. I am hoping to gather restaurant reviews from around the world. It will be great to see the delicious local restaurants from everyone... and eventually I would like to create a decentralized database of reviews (sort of like Yelp) on the STEEM blockchain! Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think :)


Ohh, no Philippines? Sad...

i am fluent in english.. still learning Arabic..

Interesting topice...!!
Steem blockchain is extending love across all spheres of a global ethnicity.i am from bangladesh & i am fluent in bangla and english also. we have a team & need your support to build up our steemit carrer.

Kudos to the effort @ocd is taking to help the undervalued steemians. Only such projects help people survive here in steemit and allow whales not to dominate the overall platform.


I cant understand korean, german or Japanese but would love to be a part of this project if possible anyhow. Thank you

And Keep it up guys 😃

good writing.

Hello amomadsoul,
I am from myanmar. If you need curator for myanmar please let me know. I want to participate in your team. I am fighting plagiarism and copy/paste. I also hate abusing curation trail. I am working at translator project in CrowdIn. I understand both english and myanmar very well. So I hope I will get a place in your team for myanmar language.

as I said in the comment of @ocd and I return it
to repeat because I appreciate your work ..
it's good that @ocd helps new ones like me ...
this contribution helps a person a lot
Each of us makes our great effort
grow in steemit and this is not possible if
the help of the curators, without their help one would not arrive
from nowhere ... thanks for your contribution and help to the cumity
and the new ones that come to Steemit with the hope of improving
his life ... like Steemit, I improved my life ...

@ocd and team is really doing a good job especially now that we have a high influx of people. I think you guys should also consider taking in African curators to.

good post
follow me and like / vote @fahmirt

I want to try it, in principle people will never succeed in doing something if not sure and if not try it

Good luck my friend @anomadsoul 👍👍😉

:( quisiera aprender más sobre este tipo de actividades dentro de la página... saludos!!

Wow that's so nice @anomadsoul but so bad that my language is English and not one of the listed languages. Anyway congratulations to those that will apply.

In my bid to help newbies, i created a detailed post from my 30 days experience on steemit which i feel every newbie should read.
It has gotten the attention of some curators and i guess it will help many newbies


Wow!!! Interesting
Steem blockchain is extending love across all spheres of a global ethnicity.
Wish to see my local dialect soon

I'd like to nominate @whatamidoing for the Japanese position.
He's really good in that language so, do consider him! :D

Perhaps a good addition next time is a curator from the Philippines. Filipinos are now using the platform and many are making good and exceptional posts. I hope you will have time to look into this invitation as well :)😊

Can I suggest a complete, well-made post that was missed by curators?
I'm really mad why it's only 0.7$.


hey @qanomadsoul,
would love to join in for the German community. Anything specific yo urequire?

kind regards

"Simply leave a comment in english here telling us why you would make a good curator for the project and we will look over your application during the week. Please state what language will you be able to curate in." and have time to nominate 1 post per day.

thank you @jeanpi1908... I would be able to curate in German language. Why would I be a good choice? well, am looking averyday for good content anyways - especially in the german community. This became even more a topic to me as new members were faced with the bandwith issues so it pretty much became my personal aim to look for good quality posts which might be overlooked and resteem them so people get aware if these users.
What else can I bring in? I do have quite some time during the day checking out the German posts as I´m always kind of interested in what´s new and what issues maybe raised there.

If anything more may be in need just let me know


Thanks for applying, I will be making an announcement soon with chosen curators.

hey @anomadsoul,
thanks for the update. To be honest I did not expect that many people applying here for being part of the ocd-team ... but hey, this is good news and shows the community is growing and focus been given now to qualtiy rather then quantity.

The other guys of the German community are great picks as well providing good quality posts on a regular basis.

In any given way we all will profit from that :)


Hallo @ocd I´m interesting I´ve been studying German since 2012, my post are in english, german and spanish. My new goal in languages is French, I´m studying French. Mein Liebling sprache ist natürlich Deutsch, I´m phD student of polymer chemistry but I love the languages, thank you very much.

German, I dont spend many time for Internet, but I will help Steemit to search for better Autors.

I'm sorry
This account was hacked
I'll make a correction

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