The peacock of my dreams.

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Hello everyone! How are you spending the day?
A few days ago I was a little asleep and awake and I imagined a girl who was something like a combination of human and peacock part, I'm not good at that of fashion dress designs but I didn't want it to be just a feather dress and already, because that goes against the cute animal. So she is the same peacock. That idea was several days in my mind and when I found the free time I made a small sketch.


As you can see the sketch of this drawing and the last ones I've done are tiny, I don't know why? it will be easier for me heheheh.


What did happen is that when I changed it to the sheet I was going to use, I made some changes to the main sketch..


To start painting the girl, I started with the eyes of the feathers, then continue with the rest of the tail.


The peacock is dominated with the green and blue color on its head, so the top of the girl decided to use that color. In the umbrella I made some small designs, they would be like little eyes.


After I had the girl ready, I was deciding what to do in the background, when I finally decided what to do, so as not to leave it blank, I made a sketch with a light color to paint and not be seen after the stroke..


by yanrs.jpg

Making this drawing took me about 6 or 7 hours


A recycled sheet.
Sheet for drawing.
Prismacolor colors.
Watercolors sheet.

Rains have dominated the day! I hope everyone is well and have a nice day.

To publish I have to do it quickly, for security reasons, but I could see that today is the anniversary of @Stef1 I would like to see the publication but it is great to be able to meet an artist like her, her drawings are an inspiration to many. Uns great person and artist🎨💪.
Greetings and congratulations dear Stef for your two years in Steemit. Success 🤗🤗👍!

Thank you all as always for the support and for seeing what I do! I hope to answer your comments soon.

Greetings! Kisses 😘😘 😍.

Copyright @yanes94 - All rights reserved.


Well how i spend my day? Just found my way to your wonderful painting. My compliments to your summer mood. The painting takes my on a strall through the park and wonder what she is like? Her character and looks and, and, and ... Its so nice

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Greetings dear @gunnarheilmann, I am glad that you go hand in hand with my girl on that path, you will realize that she is a very calm girl who likes to feel nature and enjoy the good moments of life. ;)

Este es simplemente HERMOSO! Querida @yanes94 es todo un honor ver que cada día desarrolas más cada una de tus técnicas y te abres camino a nuevos horizontes. Es que ese talento y creatividad tuya no tiene comparación, y qué interesante combinación de colores y ambiente, de una preciosa chica pavo real (hmm bastante creativo). Estamos muy orgullosas de ti ❤️

Éxito y un abrazo!

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Hola queridas chicas, ya saben el problema con mi Internet y no he podido verlas como quisiera. :(

Gracias por el lindo comentario y por siempre apoyarme queridas amigas... me alegra mucho saber que cada una de las locuras que hago les guste a ustedes, quizás están igual de locas que yo. hehehehehe

Saludos, besos y muchos abrazos. <3 <3 <3

That is very creative!

Thank you very much @celestal, I appreciate your comment and support for my work. <3 <3 <3


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Keep up the great work!


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I like it!!! but then it disappears and leaves me wanting. :(

Someone ate it for me. XD

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Thank you. ;)

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Thank you!!! I appreciate the support. <3 <3 <3

Very beautiful work!

Thank you!!! ;)

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